The Direct4Baby Guide to Joie

The Direct4Baby Guide to Joie

Here at Direct4Baby, we take pride in our commitment and dedication to providing parents and parents-to-be a variety of baby brands to invest in. Going the extra mile to work with suppliers we would personally trust and recommend, our team dedicates time to thoroughly research, analyse and get-to-grips with each new product launch, so you can be confident that our recommendations are trusted and up-to-date.

We know all-too-well that the sheer amount of products on the market can be quite overwhelming, even for the most experienced of parents - which is why we aim to educate our readers through shining light on brands we believe are truly exceptional, starting with family brand, Joie.

As we introduce you to the brand, we’ll touch upon some of the reasons why Joie’s innovative baby products are making such a lasting impression on parents. Keep reading as we walk you through Joie’s ethics, answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the brand and provide detail on Joie’s exceptional, award-winning baby products, such as the Joie Versatrax Travel System and the i-Spin Joie Spin 360.

First things first, let’s cover the basics:

An introduction to Joie

As a leading baby brand, Joie’s driving force is to create products designed to offer moments of childhood joy in every family’s life. By creating simple yet functional baby products, each Joie range is designed to make parents’ lives easier, freeing up time to lap up those early childhood memories.

Better still, due to the nature of Joie’s adaptable designs, such as the incredible Joie Mimzy 2-in-1 Highchair that adjusts to multiple positions, investing in Joie’s range of baby products is often a cost-effective choice, as many of the products are designed to adapt with your little one’s growth. Whether it be a car seat that can be used from birth and then adapted into a toddler booster seat, such as the Joie Every Stage, or a convertible high chair that doubles up as an activity table for when your baby grows older, Joie’s range of products offer affordable baby essentials that will see your child through for years to come.

As a baby gear manufacturer, it goes without saying that Joie cares deeply about the wellbeing of children. But it’s more than that – the brand treasures the importance of families and works hard to champion their value, their welfare and their futures. This means that profits take the backseat, and instead Joie’s focus centers not only on its customers’ families, but on its employees’ families, its community’s families, and the earth that we all enjoy.

If you’re looking for a baby brand that puts safety, versatility and your growing family before anything else, then Joie is one of our top recommended brands to invest in. Offering plenty of practical yet stylish solutions to modern life - creating moments of joy with your newborn, toddler or young child is a breeze with Joie.

Keep reading as we shine light on some of our hero products.

The Joie Versatrax Travel System


One of our most frequently asked questions is ‘Are Joie strollers good?’, and whilst Joie’s stellar reputation has largely been established through their impressive range of baby car seats and travel cots, their attention to detail and clever design features also extends into their range of baby pushchairs and strollers.

Taking the award-winning Joie Versatrax travel system as an excellent example, adjusting to your growing baby’s ever-changing needs is an effortless job for this innovative stroller.

As the name suggests, the Joie Versatrax pushchair has been designed to give parents complete control. With 4-in-1 versatility, the Joie Versatrax pushchair seat can be arranged as world or parent facing. And, the frame itself is compatible with a range of Joie car seats (including the Joie Gemm, i-Gemm, i-Level, i-Snug car seats) or a carrycot, giving busy parents on the go plenty of travel solutions to work with. Taking home the Made for Mums Gold award for the Best Travel System under £700, the budget-friendly Versatrax Travel System is available to purchase as a bundle at Direct4Baby, meaning parents have everything they could possibly need to travel from A-to-B safely.

From the Versatrax pushchair itself, to the Joie Ramble Carrycot, i-Snug Car Seat and Joie’s one-of-a-kind car adaptor that can comfortably clip in a carrycot or car seat, this complete bundle is the budget-friendly solution for parents wanting a complete travel system to rely on.

At Direct4Baby, we’ve also given parents more versatility in buying the Joie Versatrax pushchair as it is available not only as a complete travel system, but also in a variety of bundles in on-trend colourways. The first bundle contains the Joie Versatrax pushchair with matching carrycot, giving you age suitability from birth, while the second bundle includes the pushchair, carrycot and the fully compatible i-snug car seat.

The Kubbie Sleep Travel Cot

If you’re a busy family often on the go, whether it be frequent holidays or visiting grandma from time to time, then no journey would be complete without a reliable, portable travel cot.

Designed to offer a simple resting place to either keep your baby sleeping or playing securely at home or on the go, the Joie Kubbie Travel Cot is a clever, convenient travel companion. Winning the Made for Mums Gold Award for best travel cot, the Joie Kubbie Travel Cot is engineered to fit comfortably in small spaces, to provide your baby with a safe, snug spot to sleep or play from almost anywhere.

The innovative raised bassinet also offers a snug sleeping environment for little ones that can be lowered as they grow, giving parents the opportunity to get more wear out of a standard portable travel cot. With a sleek design that can be put up and stowed away in seconds, this compact travel cot folds into a handy travel bag, which makes travelling via plane virtually effortless. Available at Direct4Baby in coal colourway, the Joie Kubbie Travel Cot is perfect for baby sleepovers, holidays and beyond.

The Joie Signature Range: 

Whilst Joie offers plenty of stylish, sophisticated solutions to everyday parenting, no Joie brand review would be complete without mentioning the uber-stylish Joie Signature range. A collection of top-performing designer car seats and pushchairs that don’t compromise on features, the Joie Signature range adds a touch of luxe to everyday outings with premium woven fabrics and vegan-leather accents. Focussing on style and safety, the Joie Signature range features a line of travel systems crafted for style-conscious parents. From rich knits, sophisticated colour palettes and luxuriously soft fabrics for your baby to enjoy, this streamlined range combines Joie’s safety innovation with style.

One of the standout products from the Joie Signature range, is the Joie Signature i-Level Car Seat. A travel companion that was ‘dreamed up for smoother shuteye on the open road’, the i-Level Signature Car Seat offers parents the unique ability to tilt the car seat, allowing your baby to not be disturbed leaving the car, completely eliminating the need for a carrycot. Along with a number of impressive safety features under its belt, such as the Intelli-Foam padding for side impact protection and a Tri-Protect headrest for added layers of security, this hardworking baby car seat is both safe and sophisticated.

Fusing style and supreme safety, it’s no wonder the Joie i-Level Car Seat has received countless accolades, including Made for Mums Gold Award, and ‘Good’ Level in the standard ADAC tests.

Which Joie car seat is best?

Whilst there’s no linear answer to which Joie car seat is best as needs and preferences often differ from family to family, Joie have a number of standout baby car seat designs to choose from. In order to give a brief introduction to the various Joie car seats available, let us walk you through two of the most-loved Joie car seats on the market, the award-winning Joie stages and every stage Car Seat and the Joie Every Stage Car Seat.

The Joie Stages car seat and its big brother the Joie Every Stage car seat have long been a favourite of parents. Favoured for their long list of safety features and practical design tweaks, the Joie Stages Car Seat models are perfect for safety-conscious parents who want to keep their newborns as safe and comfortable as they possibly can be every time they hit the road.

As is recommended by safety experts, the Joie Stages Newborn Car Seat range has both forward and rear-facing capabilities, meaning that your baby can be held in a rear-facing position up until they reach 18kg. With the Joie Stages Car Seat range, you are also given the additional ability to sit your child in the forward-facing position.

What is the difference between Joie Stages and Every Stage car seat?

While there are some subtle styling differences between the two Joie car seat models, the primary difference is size. The smaller of the two models, the Joie Stages car seat, covers car seat groups 0+/1/2, which equates to newborn suitability up to 25kg (around 7 years old). As the name suggests, the Joie Every Stage car seat ups that by one more group, making it a certified 0+/1/2/3 group car seat. The last car seat group adds another 5 years to its life, making it suitable for children up to 36kg (which is often around ~12 years old).

The additional years the Joie Every Stage Car Seat offers makes for a smart investment for parents who have a little extra to spend upfront, however, if you’re looking for a more affordable, yet reliable baby car seat, then the Joie Stages Car Seat remains an excellent, long-lasting choice for parents.

How to adjust straps on Joie car seat

Important for both safety and comfort if you’re in the decision making process of buying a car seat, knowing how to secure your little one into their travel seat is a vital part of any car journey. Fortunately, with a Joie Car Seat, half of the work is already done. The Joie Every Stage Car Seat, for example, features a super comfortable 5-point harness safety system with front tension adjustment that can be tightened and loosened as easily as required.

We would also recommend loosening the straps on your Joie Car Seat after each use to reduce the risk of leaving the harness straps in too tight of a position, either through your baby out-growing the current tightness or by wearing more layers. Thick outer layers, such as padded coats and baby snowsuits should also be removed, as these can affect the safety of your little one’s harness. This is a common mistake that can leave a little one in discomfort, so getting into the habit of loosening and tightening car seat straps before each drive is important.

The Direct4Baby Verdict on Joie

As a leading baby brand, Joie has impressed us time and time again, with their minimal, yet family-focussed designs. By occupying a middle ground, Joie presents themselves as an impressive, budget-friendly brand to invest in, without compromising on innovative product features and safety. Overall, if you’re looking for a trustworthy baby brand to tick off your parenting essentials, we can confidently recommend Joie as one of the best. Tick off everything on your newborn checklist; from a Joie Car Seat to a Joie Pushchair by browsing through our full Joie Baby Range online at Direct4Baby.