The Direct4Baby Guide to Joie

The Direct4Baby Guide to Joie

For new parents, facing the challenge of buying what they need for their baby for the first time can be overwhelming. Of course, there are big named brands that non-parents may already be familiar with such as Bugaboo and Silver Cross but, with higher price points cutting off these options for some, trying to identify the best, affordable baby brand can be tricky.

At Direct4Baby, we consider it to be our mission to educate new and expectant parents on which baby brands are trustworthy and recommended by both parents and experts alike. As part of our continuous research, we’d like to introduce you to one of our most well-loved brands available on the market: Joie.

To help you understand just what has made Joie’s collection of baby products popular among parents, we’ve put together a guide in which we introduce their ethics, answer some of the most asked questions about the brand and recommend some of Joie’s best sellers, such as the Joie Stages baby car seat and the Joie Versatrax pushchair.

An introduction to leading baby brand, Joie

As a baby brand, Joie’s driving force is the desire to create moments of childhood joy in every family’s life. Whether that be simple, wholesome family moments gathered around the dinner table, with babies and toddlers included through Joie’s baby high chairs, or through memorable family adventures made easier with a Joie infant car seat, every Joie design is made with that goal in mind. If you’re looking for a baby brand that puts you and your family before anything else, Joie is one of the best options available.

Full of practical, stylish designs that make family life that little bit easier, creating moments of joy with your newborn, toddler or young child is made easy with Joie.

Which Joie car seat is best?

Joie recognises the incredibly diverse range of parents and, in order to meet their equally diverse needs, Joie have a number of innovative baby car seat designs to choose from. In order to give you an introduction to the various Joie car seats available, and the clever safety features they have, let us share with you two of Joie’s most popular designs.

Joie Stages Car Seat and the Joie Every Stage Car Seat

The Joie Stages car seat and its big brother the Joie Every Stage car seat have long been a favourite of parents. Beloved for their long list of safety features and practical design tweaks, the Joie Stages car seat models are perfect for cautious parents who want to keep their newborns as safe and comfortable as possible every time they’re in the car.

As is recommended by safety experts, the Joie Stages newborn car seat range has both forwards and rear facing capabilities, meaning that your baby can be held in a rear-facing position up until they reach 18kg. With the Joie Stages car seat range, you are also given the additional ability to sit your child in the forward facing position from 9kg-18kg and in the forward-facing booster seat mode after 18kg.

What is the difference between Joie Stages and Every Stage car seat?

While there are some subtle styling differences between the two Joie car seat models, the primary difference is size. The smaller of the two models, the Joie Stages car seat, covers car seat groups 0+/1/2, which equates to newborn suitability up to 25kg (around 7 years old). As the name suggests, the Joie Every Stage car seat ups that by one more group, making it a certified 0+/1/2/3 group car seat. The last car seat group adds another 5 years to its life, making it suitable up to 36kg (around 12 years old).

The additional years catered for by the Joie Every Stage car seat makes it a clever investment purchase for parents who have a larger budget upfront but, if you’re hoping to spend a little less, the cheaper Joie Stages car seat is still an excellent and long-lasting choice.

How to adjust straps on Joie car seat

Important for both safety and comfort, knowing how to secure your little one into their Joie travel seat is a vital part of any car journey. Fortunately, with a Joie car seat half the work is already done. The Joie Every Stage car seat, for example, features a super comfortable 5-point harness safety system with front tension adjustment that can be tightened and loosened easily as required. We would also recommend loosening the straps on your Joie car seat after each use to reduce the risk of leaving the harness straps in a too tight position, either through your baby out-growing the current tightness or by wearing more layers.

This is an easily made mistake that can leave a little one in discomfort so getting into the habit of completely loosening and tightening the car seat straps before each drive is important.

Are Joie strollers good?

While Joie’s stellar brand reputation has largely been established through their fantastic infant and toddler car seats, their attention to detail and clever designs extend into the very different arena of pushchairs and strollers. The Joie Versatrax pushchair in particular benefits from an array of innovative features that allow it to stand out from the competition - even those at a higher price point.

As the name suggests, the Joie Versatrax pushchair has been designed to give parents complete control. With 4 in 1 versatility, the Joie Versatrax pushchair seat can be arranged as world or parent facing and the frame itself is compatible with a range of Joie car seats (including the Joie Gemm, i-Gemm, i-Level, i-Snug car seats) or a carrycot, giving you a range of options when travelling.

The Joie Versatrax baby pushchair also features an instant fold mechanism that can be worked with only one hand, an adjustable calf support for additional comfort and safety and a large storage basket.

At Direct4Baby, we’ve also given parents more versatility in buying the Joie Versatrax pushchair as it is available not only as a single pushchair, but also in two bundles. The first bundle contains the Joie Versatrax pushchair with matching carrycot, giving you age suitability from birth, while the second bundle includes the pushchair, carrycot and the fully compatible i-snug car seat.

The Direct4Baby Verdict on Joie

As a brand, Joie has impressed us time and time again with their family-focussed designs. By occupying a middle ground in the market, Joie also offers an affordable option to many parents who are shopping under a specific budget, without ever compromising on safety. Overall, if you’re looking for a trustworthy baby brand to find your parenting essentials, we can confidently recommend Joie as one of the best.

Tick off everything on your newborn baby checklist; from a Joie car seat to a Joie pushchair by browsing through our full Joie baby range online at Direct4Baby.