Collection: Bathtime & Changing Nappy Bins

A nappy bin is a great addition to any new parent’s nursery, as it allows parents to dispose of any dirty nappies, quickly and efficiently - giving parents extra precious time to spend with their little one. Our range of purpose built nappy disposal systems at Direct4Baby are designed to lock in any nasty odours to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Each designed with a special film containing antibacterial ingredients which work to kill 99% of germs, when you pop the nappies into the disposal systems, they cleverly twist and wrap up the nappy to tightly lock in the odour - and make for an efficient method of disposal, until you have the spare time to dispose of the nappies externally. Our range of disposable nappy systems also feature nappy bin refill liners, but not all bins are compatible with all liners, so be sure to double check which liners fit with your brand's system.