Collection: Nursery Swaddles

Swaddling your baby is a great technique to help them feel safe and secure to aid sleep. Swaddling is where your baby is 'cocooned' inside a cosy swaddling blanket or swaddling muslin, wrapping them securely to reduce their startle reflex and ensure they feel supported. Using a swaddle can help to comfort your baby particularly in the newborn stage as they make the transition from the safety of a womb into the world.

There are many techniques you can use to swaddle your baby and this is all down to preference and how your baby seems most comfortable and at ease. At Direct4Baby, we stock a huge variety of baby swaddles with options for all year round and many different sizes to suit you and your baby.

Choose from lightweight swaddles, medium swaddles, cosy swaddles and more from a variety of trusted brands like Gro UK, Love to Swaddle, Ergobaby and many more. Our collection of baby swaddles features a range of styles and designs, so you can find the swaddle that works best for you.