Direct4Baby's Guide to Baby Milestones

The first few months with your newborn can be exhausting, but there's so much to look forward to.
Over the next few months your little one is going to learn so much and it’s going to be absolutely incredible to watch. From their first smile, to holding their head up and even their first steps, this is going to be your greatest adventure yet!
Here, we explain some of the baby milestones you can expect from your little one over the next few months, but please keep in mind that all babies develop differently and if you’re ever concerned, you should speak to or visit your GP.

0-3 Months

Feeding and Bonding

Here at Direct4Baby, we offer parents and parents-to-be an array of baby swaddles and snuggles, each with its own set of properties designed to help soothe your baby. We particularly love the Tommee Tippee 0-3M GroBag, designed to be used from birth, this swaddle is designed to keep your little one’s arms close to their chest, to mimic that feeling of being safe and secure in the womb. This settling swaddle allows them to rest and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Baby's First Bath

It's entirely your decision when to wash your newborn. You might prefer to wait a few days. Your baby’s first bath is one of the earliest milestones in your parenting journey, and a moment to treasure. Especially as those baths will become regular bonding moments you’ll soon cherish. Looking for a baby bath or other bath time accessories? At Direct4Baby, our Bathtime and Changing collectionsupplies parents with everything they could possibly need to prepare for baby bath time ahead of arrival. From baby baths such as the award-winning Shnuggle Baby Bath designed to make bathtime a comfortable experience, to baby towel swaddles, baby brushes and more - make bath time bonding time with our collection of bathtime essentials.


You've likely seen plenty of baby tears after months of restless nights. Maybe you caught a slight glimpse of a brief grin, but then again, it was probably gas? But, by now it's time for a little reward. Your infant will likely begin to smile around the age of two months. This happy moment is often triggered in reaction to your familiar voice or the sight of your face.

4-6 months


During the first three months of your baby’s life, it’s all about sleeping, eating and maybe a little crying. However, during this time you can also look forward to another sound - maybe one of the sweetest you've ever heard - your baby’s laugh! The best part of this special moment is how easily a baby laughs. Either from silly faces, tickling, or a fun round of peek a boo - these popular activities are usually more than enough to set off a lot of squeals and giggles.

Rolling Over

At 4 months your baby might start to grow more curious about their growing body and start to roll over. Normally, they start by making a rocking motion before they actually roll over. However, your baby may take you by surprise by suddenly getting the hang of rolling over. That’s why it’s so important to never leave your baby unattended when you’re changing a nappy on a raised surface. Just in case, it may be a good idea to get into the habit of changing their nappies while they are lying on the floor. For ease of use while your baby is going through a rocking and rolling phase, a baby play mat is recommended to keep your little one safe and stimulated as you carry out those all important nappy changes.


After around 6 months babies are ready to start trying some solid foods. When weaning your child you'll want to get a highchair to make it much easier to feed your little one. Around this age babies want to try tastes and texture so food is not the only thing they want to pop in their mouths. Environmental safety should therefore be a big concern at this age.

Not sure where to start with baby proofing. Check out the Home Safety section on our website to find all the things you'll need to toddler proof your home.

7-10 months


You might want to put your gym membership on hold if you have an 8 month old. You're going to burn a lot of calories chasing your suddenly mobile infant around the home. Most babies crawl by 9 months using both hands and feet, while others never crawl and prefer to bum shuffle instead. Crawling is not a necessary baby milestone, and babies who choose to scoot or crawl still have a tendency to reach other milestones on schedule.


Waving isn't only a charming trick; it's also a language expression. Most newborns begin to make the connection between noises, gestures, and their meaning by the age of nine months. Waving is associated with the term "bye-bye," which they can comprehend.

12 Months


By around 12 months many babies have started to stand briefly without support. They also take small steps while holding onto furniture and other objects, this is referred to as cruising. In the weeks before they take their first steps, babies may spend a bit of time doing this to practice walking independently.

First Steps

The crown jewel of baby milestones. Perhaps no moment has more anticipation than a baby's first steps. But not all babies walk before their first birthday. The normal range is anywhere from 9-18 months, with most babies taking at least a few steps by about 13 months.

First Words

There's nothing like hearing your baby call your name and it's usually somewhere around the one-year mark. By this time most babies can say at least one real word and actively try to imitate others. It won't be long before you finally hear what goes on in your little one's mind.

Remember there is no set time for a baby to reach their development milestones so try not to panic if they're a couple months out from other babies. Your little one will reach their milestone when they are ready. As a parent just look forward in anticipation and enjoy it.

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