International Babywearing Week 2023

International Babywearing Week 2023

This week (1st-7th October), Direct4baby are celebrating International Babywearing Week, which is an annual event celebrated across the world to promote the practice of babywearing, which involves carrying babies and young children in a baby carrier or sling close to the body.

This week-long celebration highlights the benefits of babywearing for both parents and babies and encourages a sense of community for those parents and caregivers that practice babywearing. 

There are many reasons to try out babywearing for yourself, let’s look at some of the reasons why we love babywearing. 


Carrying is always possible

Babies love to be carried from day one. When placed in a baby carrier such as the Ergobaby Omni Breeze, which are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for baby and for you so you can wear them for as long as you wish. This carrier can be used until the child is 20kg and in 4 different positions to adapt to as they grow from tiny babies to active toddlers!

Promotes bonding in the fourth trimester

What’s a fourth trimester you may ask? The fourth trimester refers to the first three months of your baby’s life. It is during this time that your little one moves from the familiar snugness of their mothers womb into a new environment full of unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. During this time, your baby is adjusting to a period of enormous change and development. Babywearing can make this transition easier for your baby, because they need a lot of touch, security, and support. A baby carrier promotes the crucial bond between you and your child. It allows you to stay connected to your baby throughout the day, whilst at the same time being able to sense your little ones needs and signals immediately. Direct4baby love the BabyBjorn Mini 2D Jersey carrier for this stage of your baby’s life as it is suitable from birth to 11kg and the high up positioning on your chest means they are close to you as can be.


Baby carrying helps keep your hands-free

If you have older children, you will appreciate having your hands free as they are still your big babies too who needs their hands holding at times! Babywearing allows you to multi-task around the home or when you are out and about.  allowing you to support both children at the same time.


Getting out & about is less stressful  

Whether you are rushing through a hectic airport, walking along a narrow street, taking a stroll in the countryside, or discovering new holiday destination, using a baby carrier can make your life a little more flexible to negotiate.

For example, when travelling on holiday with your family, walking through a busy airport using a baby carrying makes carrying your luggage around that much easier. It’s also a life-saver on that long walk from the aeroplane to the baggage collection as you can simply strap you baby to your chest. And if you need the toilet whilst your little one is asleep on you, you can walk down the aeroplane aisle with ease while carrying your little one. 

A carrier can also make things easier when out and about in a city once you get to your destination. You can arrive at a train station to find the lift is out of use, instead you have 100 steps to climb with a heavy pushchair and no help, a carrier avoids that issue.

You can fold a baby carrier compactly or simply stow it away in your change bag if you need to. Using a baby carrier on the go allows you to grab a coffee or do your shopping with ease. And when you get home, you don’t have to worry about where to store a stroller. It’s a great option for city living. 


Calmer babies who cry less

Evidence has suggested that while babywearing may not prevent colic, babies who are carried tend to cry less. A much-cited study published in the journal Paediatrics found that baby-wearing for just three hours a day reduced crying significantly by 43% overall and 51% at night.

In addition, babywearing and breastfeeding go hand in hand. The physical closeness between you and your little one encourages milk production and therefore breastfeeding. Baby carrying also makes breastfeeding easier because when you’re on the go, you can easily feed in a baby carrier. Why not try one of Ergobaby’s Embrace Baby Carriers, which are made of soft jersey and easy to loosen for feeding on the move.

There are some great deals on baby carriers this month to celebrate International Babywearing Week on our website, or alternatively pop into our Aintree or Ormskirk showrooms to try them out for yourself and get some top babywearing tips from our highly trained staff.