Direct4baby take a closer look at the iCandy Core Pushchair

Direct4baby take a closer look at the iCandy Core Pushchair

iCandy are renowned for creating future-proof products that can be used now and as your child, or family, grows and their needs change. Launched in 2022, the latest iCandy model is the unique Core pushchair. Designed in Britain to perfectly suit parents tastes and lifestyle, the iCandy Core is a multi-mode stroller that can be used as your child at any age from birth to 4 years. 

Not only does the iCandy Core look great with its luxury fabrics and unique styling, but has an LED Visibility Light which ensures that you and your baby can be seen and increases the safety of the product. The Multi-Mode wheel base ensures you’ll only ever need one pushchair for your child.

Let take a look at the main features of the iCandy Core in closer detail:-

Multi-Mode Wheelbase

Included in the box are 2 sets of wheels, enabling you to change the mode of your pushchair depending on what you are doing. The ‘Rural’ set of wheels are larger and more substantial offering the functionality and stability of your stroller, ideal when out walking in the countryside or tougher terrains. The ‘Urban’ wheels are smaller and are perfect if you are strolling around the city or travelling with your baby.

LED Visibility Hub Light

iCandy’s ability to look out of the box when developing product has led to the revolutionary LED Light on the stroller chassis. The side positioning on the rechargeable USB light ensures you are safely visible when strolling with your baby. It is currently the only pushchair on the market to offer this innovative feature.

Integrated Ride-on Board

Although there are many universal buggy boards on the market, they can be cumbersome and ill-fitting. iCandy have developed an integrated board that is now included on all their strollers, including the Core. This is perfect for toddlers who can’t decide to walk or ride(!) or older siblings if you have two children close in age. Yet another example of iCandy’s dedication to making their products futureproof.


Stylish Looks

iCandy are designed in Britain which means they are always on the pulse when it comes to the UK’s taste in fashion. The knitted jersey fabrics in fashion forward colours such as Moss and Atlantis, as well as classic Black are luxurious and have super soft feel. Stitched details give the pushchair a designer feel. The generous basket has a ‘fan’ effect which allows for the Multi-Mode chassis adjustment without compromising on visual appeal.


Comfortable yet Convenient

The iCandy Core has the largest seat unit in the iCandy range and can be used from birth all the way to 25kg. It faces in both directions, and has four recline angles for complete comfort. The adjustable leg rest ensures your child can travel completely flat of they wish or allows legs to hang as they get taller. The pushchair can be folded with the seat still attached. Perfect for getting in and out of the car or storage.


The iCandy Core can be bought as a Complete bundle with matching accessories and includes a backpack style change bag, footmuff/liner, parasol, sunshade & cupholder as well as your raincovers and car seat adaptors. The carrycot is a generous size and can be used for overnight sleeping. The universal car seat  adaptors can be used for all the major car seat brands including the new Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro, Cybex Cloud T modular system and great value Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix i-Size.


The iCandy Core is in both our Aintree showroom and Ormskirk store for you to try out for yourself, or you can shop online with Free Delivery.