5 Pushchair accessories to invest in

No matter your intentions of nipping out to the shops, quickly picking up some groceries and heading straight home - when you have a little one coming along, those speedy journeys can quickly become tricky to juggle. Whether your baby is crying from a sudden chilly burst of wind, your toddler can’t keep up with the pace or you’re struggling to carry all your essentials, it's all too easy to just give up and go home. Fortunately, most of the stresses of traveling with children and babies can be counteracted by cleverly designed and incredibly useful pushchair accessories.

Here at Direct4Baby, we understand the daily struggles of parents taking their little ones out. So, whether you’re heading to the park to play, need to run to the shops or are in charge of the daily school run, keep everything running smoothly with our list of 5 essential pram accessories.

Comfort essentials: baby footmuff and pram liner

First of all, let's tackle that all important matter of comfort. If your little one is cold, tired or uncomfortable, they are significantly more likely to cause a fuss when they’re out in their pram. In order to keep them comfortable and warm when you’re on the go, there are two pram accessories that you can’t be without: a baby footmuff and pram liner. Both dedicated to providing an additional layer of padding as well as a soft, fluffy material to keep them warm on colder days, these pushchair accessories are an absolute must for autumn and winter months.

When it comes to finding the right pram accessories for you, whether that be a pushchair footmuff, pram liner or anything else, always make sure the accessory fits your specific brand and model of pram first. For example, if you have the stylish new Egg2 pram by BabyStyle, we recommend buying the matching Egg2 pushchair footmuff and pram liner. This will ensure a perfect fit, both in size and style, leaving you with a cosy pram and a happy baby!

Traveling with toddlers: buggy boards

Top of the pram accessories wish lists of parents with more than one little one, a buggy board can be securely attached to your pushchair, so your toddler can also be taken along for the ride! Not only is this very fun for your older child, it can also take the stress out of moving through busy crowds with two children to look after! Instead of clutching tightly to your child’s hand while steering your pram single-handed, let your child hop on their buggy board and stay safely huddled between your arms.

While many reputable baby brands have designed safe and useful buggy boards, one of our favourite universal stroller buggy boards is made by Lascal. Well known for producing super safe and durable pushchair accessories, Lascal’s buggy board design is adaptable to almost any pram or pushchair. Available in maxi and mini sizes, and with an attachable saddle which is perfect for parents looking for a buggy board with seat, the Lascal buggy board is ready to take you and your little ones from A to B, with the added reassurance that if your toddler gets tired, they can take a seat whilst you continue your journey.

Weather protection: pram rain cover and pushchair parasol

Come rain or shine, it's always important to try and keep your little one as safe and protected from volatile weather conditions as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of weather protection pram accessories to choose from that have been designed for the express purpose of shielding your child from the harsh rays of the sun and the chilling drops of rain.

As with other pram accessories, some brands will produce a pram rain cover and parasol that fits specifically to their own pushchairs models and, if you’re looking for the safest, purpose-built fit, your best course of action is to find pram accessories specific to your pram model - such as Mima’s pram parasol and matching pushchair rain cover! Brand specific pram accessories are the safest way to shop as they’re built specifically to complement an individual stroller design, and, for things as important as a pushchair parasol and rain cover, compromising isn’t worth it. However, there are a number of universal stroller accessories that can adapt to a number of pram designs and styles, but we would always recommend looking for available branded accessories first.

Baby pram accessories: pram blanket

Speaking of staying safe and cosy on journeys, another essential that sits firmly on our list of favourite pushchair accessories is a classic baby pram blanket. Perfect for keeping little ones cosy on long and short journeys alike, pram blankets perform the dual functions of keeping babies warm in colder months, as well as providing a comforting layer of protection they can hold on to.

When searching for a security blanket for your little one to take on journeys, it's important to pay attention to the material it's made of. As it comes into contact with your little one’s skin, choosing an organic cotton or fleece material is best. Once you’re sure the pram blanket is ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin, you can make your choice based on other factors such as style and softness. The Mima baby pram blanket is one of our favourites for this, the neutral tones of the furry duck or beige colourway are designed to subtly match almost any pram style.

Eating and drinking: pram cup holder and buggy tray

Make long journeys and days out with the family a comfortable, effortless obstacle to navigate with eating and drinking pram accessories. Making on the go feeding a breeze: pram cup holders and buggy trays are essential pram accessories for busy parents. Both designed to limit spillages when stopping for a coffee or feeding your little ones, having a pram cup holder and buggy tray reduces the amount of cleaning needed to a simple wipe - particularly useful for parents of little messy eaters!

Unlike a pram tray, which will need to be bought according to the brand and model of pram you have, purchasing a universal pram cup holder is simple. The iCandy universal pram cup holder, for example, can be used with all iCandy pram models, or can be fit onto almost all other prams with the right adapter.

Find baby pushchair & pram accessories at Direct4Baby

Wherever you’re headed with your little ones, make sure your trip goes smoothly with the convenient pushchair accessories available at Direct4Baby. We have everything from cosy pram blankets to attachable pram rain covers in our complete collection of baby pram accessories so, whatever you’re looking for, add the perfect finishing touches to your travel system online at Direct4Baby.