The best strollers, prams and pushchairs 2021

The best strollers, prams and pushchairs 2021

Each new year brings with it a whole new range of brands, makes and models of prams, pushchairs and strollers - all available in a plethora of colour options and designs - but is splurging on the latest pram worth it? It’s easy to assume that there’s very little difference between the latest models and the versions that came the season before, but you can expect many of the following updates from the latest prams on the market:

  • Feature upgrades: Including easier, more compact folding and unfolding, improved storage, suspension and braking mechanisms (hand and foot).
  • Material upgrades: Material upgrades make the pram more lightweight whilst using higher quality, more durable materials for the frame, wheels, and upholstery for maximum comfort.
  • Improved colour and customisation options: More colours, finishes and limited edition options to choose from to really make your pram unique.
  • Safety upgrades: Upgraded strap and harness types, for both safety and baby’s comfort.
  • Optimised for comfort and bonding: For the parent, an improved range of handle and frame adjustments mean the pram sits at the perfect height at all times. Many makes and models also continue to improve the options for the positioning of your baby, providing reversible seats and handles to allow for both forward and rear-facing options.
  • Extra comfort features: Extra padding and cushioning as well as a wider range of reclining seat positions means baby is even more comfortable when out and about. Adjustable footrests, parent and child trays, improved UV-protective shades and canopies and mosquito nets can be found on most modern strollers. Other extra options may include toy attachments for keeping your little one entertained and a dedicated space to store a changing bag while out and about.
  • Safety testing: It’s also important to note that safety rules and regulations are constantly being updated and so the newest models on the market will have been stringently tested against the most up to date safety regulations.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new pram, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Direct4Baby we’re experts when it comes to baby products, and we specialise in strollers and car seats in particular. To help you navigate all of the latest makes and models on the market, we’ve picked some of our predicted best-selling prams, pushchairs and strollers for 2021.

Egg2 Stroller

One of the most anticipated new strollers for 2021, the Egg2 Stroller by Babystyle is a testament to stylish and intelligent design. Featuring countless improvements on the original Egg Stroller, such as the wider seat unit and carrycot for increased comfort, superior folding for ease of transport and a three-spoke wheel upgrade for better handling, the Egg2 pushes the boundaries of innovation to make a truly incredible pushchair.

Available for pre-order, this stunning new collection by Babystyle will be released in early March 2021 in a wide range of beautiful colourways, including the Quartz with a Gunmetal frame, Feather with a Champagne frame and Diamond Black with a Rose Gold frame. Ever at the forefront of stylish innovation, the Egg2 collection also includes matching carrycots, car seats, accessories and more, allowing you to travel in style.

To learn more about all the Egg2 has to offer, take a look at Direct4Baby’s Guide to the Egg2 Baby Stroller!

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Duo Complete Pushchair

Another new stroller for 2021, the Bugaboo Donkey 3 is the perfect pushchair for growing families. With the huge carry capacity of 2 x 22kg, this spacious stroller makes taking two children on adventures much easier and, despite the impressive size, it remains easy to maneuver with one hand and can still fit through most standard doorways.

Like the Egg2 Stroller, the Bugaboo Donkey 3 has also learned from its predecessor and benefits from exciting upgrades that will make the life of any parent easier. From the new rotating carry handle to the updated bassinet, this double pushchair is the perfect example of why Bugaboo is so well loved as a brand - great simply isn’t enough, they will only settle for perfection.

Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller 1.5

Ultra-compact strollers are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with new mums and dads looking for the perfect pram for city living. With the Ergobaby Metro Compact Stroller being so popular, it's incredibly easy fold making it a winner amongst travelling parents, we fully expect the updated model to be just as successful in 2021.

The Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller 1.5 retains its reputation as an ultra-lightweight and compact stroller which is perfect for the bus, tube, when going abroad or when trying to slot it neatly into a small boot, but, for the new model, the improvements go even further. With an increased carry capacity from 18kg to 22kg, an improved canopy made from a more durable material and a chassis that has been reinforced with aluminium, this new stroller will last longer - the perfect investment buy for 2021. 

Cybex Gazelle S Pushchair

One of the most adaptable strollers on the market, the new Cybex Gazelle S Pushchair is made to suit the changing needs of parents. With a detachable basket that lets you carry your necessities with ease, space to adapt to a double stroller for when you’re taking out two little ones and suitable from birth - this is a pram that can be used right from the beginning of your parenting journey and will grow and change alongside your child.

Chameleon-like due to its ability to be configured in over 20 different ways with Cybex carrycots, seat units, baskets and more, this new pushchair is able to suit the exact needs of any parent and be altered as and when you need it to be.

Silver Cross Wave Twin Pushchair

For parents looking for a little bit of luxury in their double stroller, you can’t go far wrong with the stunning Wave Twin Pushchair from Silver Cross. Stylish, cleverly designed and practical, the new Wave pram is perfect for siblings or twins and can easily be configured according to the age of your children and weighs an entire 1kg less than its predecessor - increasing manoeuvrability and handling. The fabrics have also been updated for this new stroller, giving the Wave Twin Pushchair a contemporary, stylish look that is sure to be noticed.

The best new strollers for 2021 from Direct4Baby

In the world of baby strollers, pushchairs and prams, designers are always looking for new ways to improve their designs and ultimately create a safer and more comfortable space for children. Year on year, we see new buggies that will make the lives of parents easier, and we are incredibly excited to see what else is to come this 2021!

To find the perfect new stroller for your and your family this 2021, simply browse through our collection of baby prams, pushchairs and more online at Direct4Baby.