Direct4Baby’s Guide to the Egg2 Baby Stroller

Direct4Baby’s Guide to the Egg2 Baby Stroller

When BabyStyle introduced the world to the first Egg stroller collection five years ago, they set the benchmark for stylish, safe and comfortable baby travel systems. From prams and carrycots to car seats and accessories, the designers of the Egg reimagined not only how a pushchair should look by creating sophisticated colourways and a sleek finish to all of their products, but they also reinvented how baby travel systems should be engineered. 

Winning awards for each of their innovative pushchair designs, five years later, Babystyleare set to do it again with the introduction of the brand new Egg2 stroller collection. In this post, we will take you through this incredible collection of essential travel systems, pushchairs and accessories for 2021, all of which are now available to pre-order online at Direct4Baby. 

What are the differences between the Egg and the Egg2 pram?

While there are many traits that the Egg and Egg2 pushchair and travel systems share, it is clear from the intelligent and innovative improvements of the latest model that the designers of the Egg2 have not been idle these last few years, and that they have worked exceedingly hard on the evolution of this best-selling stroller. Below, Babystyle’s hard work is spelled out simply in three separate categories, so that parents know exactly why the Egg2 stroller and its accompanying baby accessories are hugely anticipated by parents and expectant parents alike.


Babystyle have always expended all of their efforts to ensure that their collection of Egg strollers are both durable and long-lasting. Beyond making their collection robust enough to tackle the natural tumbles and bumps of life, they were determined that your little one could remain comfortable and enjoy travelling in the Egg pushchair for as long as possible, which is likely why the original Egg stroller has won countless awards for ‘best pushchair design’. This is something they were commended for but, with the new Egg2 collection, adaptability has been taken to a whole new level.

Babystyle’s new Egg2 travel systems are each suitable from birth onwards, with the Egg2 carrycot covering newborns to 9kg, the Egg2 car seat from birth to 13kg (or 40 to 80cm) and the Egg2 seat from approximately 6 months old. Aside from this, the collection is designed to conveniently grow with your baby to ensure maximum safety and comfort, no matter their age. The Egg2 car seat, for example, includes additional padding which can be removed as your baby grows. Similarly, the Egg2 baby stroller has a number of considerations in place based on age and size, including a fully adaptable harness and leg rest to allow optimum comfort at all times, with both forward and world-facing capabilities so that you can keep a close eye on your newborn, or let your growing little one see the world as you travel. 

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Just as they’ve extended the life of the Egg2 stroller through allowing it to grow with your baby, the new Egg2 collection also features improved maneuverability in comparison to the original Egg model, making it a smoother, more enjoyable experience for both parent and baby. 

These changes start with new three-spoke wheels which, beyond being sleeker and more stylish, have been engineered with greater comfort, better durability and superior handling at the forefront of inspiration. After this important change, it seems the Babystyle team has also listened to valuable customer feedback, as the Egg2 pram also has improved the folding mechanism to ensure the stroller handle is no longer scuffed when in a standing position. Other additional features that improve the Egg2 strollers maneuverability include a new release handle for the carrycot, for easy separation from the pram frame and a new clasp for unlocking the folded frame for a smoother, more efficient assembly. 

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One of the best qualities of Babystyle’s new  Egg2 collection is the long list of quality of life improvements - which include a 2cm larger carrycot, a 7cm larger seat unit for longer-lasting comfort and a higher seat unit for easier interaction between baby and parent. These changes from the first Babystyle Egg stroller have been brought about to allow for many things, but they have also increased the pram’s capability to provide a safe, comfortable environment for little ones to enjoy.

For hotter months when the sun is at its strongest, Babystyle’s Egg2 carrycots and seat units are made from sun-resistant materials that are UPF50+, to provide the ultimate protection for your little ones. These unique baby carrycots also have a new ventilation panel on the hood to allow your baby to remain safe and cool, regardless of weather conditions. For days where parents may wish to configure the Egg2 pushchair to be world-facing, this innovative panel also acts as a convenient window for you to see your child through.

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New Egg2 Colourways for 2021

Babystyle pride themselves on Egg’s innate style and sleek design and, with the new release of the Egg2 collection, it's easy to see why. From the stroller itself all the way down to their beautiful co-ordinating stroller accessories, almost everything in the Egg2 collection can be purchased in sophisticated, on-trend colourways so that your stroller, car seat, carrycot and backpack all match perfectly. 

For fans of the original Egg stroller, the popular Just Black and Black Diamond colourways are also an available colour preference for the new Egg2 pushchair, along with six brand new sophisticated colourways. From a soft and creamy Feather with a Champagne frame, the earthy and muted Olive with a Gunmetal Grey frame and the bold and warm Paprika with a Chrome frame. There are plenty more exciting colourways to choose from so whether you prefer stylish simplicity or eye-catching colours, there’s something to suit all parent’s preferences in the new Egg2 collection of baby strollers and travel systems.

New Egg2 Pram Accessories

While the Egg2 is set to provide parents with a whole host of new innovative features to enjoy, Babystyle’s new collection of coordinating stroller accessories are also an exciting new addition to the Egg2 range. Beginning with impossibly soft, reversible fleece liners that will keep your baby cosy in winter and cool in summer, these liners also come in four new colours (grey, cream, blush and black) so you can choose the colour that best matches your pram.

Next in the Egg2 collection of travel accessories, are the luxurious footmuffs that are both durable and safe, perfect for keeping your baby snuggled up and cosy. Again, remaining consistent with the rest of Egg’s new colourways, these footmuffs are also available in four new corresponding colours to match your stroller. Lastly are the brand new range of Egg2 backpacks which, having been intelligently designed to contain plenty of usable space and smaller pockets, are perfect for storing all of your daily parenting essentials whilst travelling from A to B.

Pre-order the new 2021 Egg2 Pram at Direct4Baby 

Looking to be one of the first to experience the new, innovative Egg2 travel system? Babystyle’s stunning new collection of Egg2 strollers, travel systems and baby accessories are each ready to pre-order online at Direct4Baby. Simply visit our Egg2 collection page for further information on our pre-order service. Can’t wait that long? Take a look at our extensive collection of award-winning pushchairs, strollers, baby car seats and more, available to purchase today.