Direct4Baby’s Silver Cross Brand Review

Direct4Baby’s Silver Cross Brand Review

At Direct4Baby, we pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about leading baby brands and their incredible selection of prams, nursery furniture, baby accessories and more. Our experts have been learning, testing and reviewing the world’s leading strollers for years now, and it is our ongoing mission to help our customers navigate this sometimes confusing world, to help them pinpoint the right pram, travel system or car seat for them.

Over the years, we’ve grown familiar with reputable baby brands who never fail to impress us with their intelligent designs, clever upgrades and stunning colourways, and at the very top of that list is the award-winning brand, Silver Cross. There are so many reasons to be in awe of Silver Cross’s innovative prams, nursery furniture and more and, in order to help you make that all important decision of what brand to entrust with the safety and comfort of your baby, we’ve put together a full Silver Cross brand guide, reviewing everything from award-winning products, average price points, brand attributes and more.

An introduction to Silver Cross

Having been founded almost 150 years ago in 1877, Silver Cross is one of the oldest surviving manufacturers of beautifully crafted British baby carriages, and their talent and experience is displayed in every new model they release. The brand has come a long way since their classic coach built design, producing industry leading pushchairs such as the city-dwelling Silver Cross Wayfarer, the adventurous Silver Cross Pioneer and the all-rounder Silver Cross Reflex.

Which Silver Cross pram is right for you?

There’s a long list of considerations to make when going through the process of choosing the perfect pram for you, and an even longer list of questions to ask yourself to make absolutely certain you’re happy with your choice. A pram is a big investment for many parents and is likely going to be the most important piece of baby equipment you invest in, so be sure to think about your options and follow our advice:

  • What is your budget? Everyone wants the most for their money so, whichever Silver Cross pram has caught your eye, check to see if a bundle option is available as they will include additional products such as car seats, carrycots and accessories that you’re likely to also need at a lower price. Buying a Silver Cross Bundle at Direct4Baby also allows you to try out additional add-on accessories that you may not have accounted for in your additional research. For example, the Silver Cross 11-piece bundles at Direct4Baby are thoughtfully prepared to ensure parents have everything they need to make the most out of their brand new stroller. Including car seats and adaptors (which are often overlooked!) cup holders, changing bags and more.
  • What age is your baby? During your search, pay close attention to the age suitability of the Silver Cross strollers on your wish list. In order to make the most of your money, you’ll want something suitable from birth and that has the capacity to grow with your baby, extending the life of the entire pram. Most of the Silver Cross models are designed to offer parents plenty of wear right from birth, as most of our Silver Cross bundles each include the Silver Cross Carrycot and Car Seat, which can be positioned rear-facing, as well as providing additional nest-like cushioned support, so parents are 100% sure their little bundle of joy is safe and secure.
  • What are the specific demands of your lifestyle? As part of their mission to create beautiful, functional strollers for every type of parent, the Silver Cross pram models all cater to specific needs such as extra durability for adventurers and super lightweight chassis designs for city-dwelling parents.


To help give you a head start on your hunt for the perfect Silver Cross pram or pushchair for you, we’ve put together a thorough overview of their top three best selling strollers below.

The Silver Cross Wayfarer

Perhaps the most popular Silver Cross model on the market, the Silver Cross Wayfarer is a stunning lightweight pram that has been specifically tailored to suit the busy lifestyle of city-dwelling parents, the intelligent and thoughtful pushchair design features are purposely built to take all the stress out of navigating busy urban streets with a little one.

Starting with the award-winning advantages that set the Silver Cross Wayfarer pram above its competitors, this versatile stroller allows parents to tackle all types of terrain with confidence, thanks to its inline wheels with full suspension and compact design which come together to provide unrivalled manoeuvrability. The increased control, which is perfect for moving through crowded stores, streets and tight spaces, is improved upon further thanks to the Wayfarer’s super lightweight chassis. Weighing an impressively light 6.5kgs, the Wayfarer is remarkably easy to lift and, with its convenient one-piece fold mechanism, it can be conveniently folded and stored away whenever necessary, freeing up an arm for doting little ones.

While specially designed compact prams often sacrifice style in favour of functionality, Silver Cross continue to live up to their reputation as leaders in luxurious style, even in the lightweight Wayfarer pram. With sleek lines, beautiful textured fabrics and subtle styling details that Silver Cross are favoured for, every colourway available in the Wayfarer range at Direct4Baby is in a league of its own. A particular favourite of ours, the Silver Cross Wayfarer Camden colourway features variations of grey tones on luxurious fabrics, tan leatherette handles and a beautiful champagne-coloured chassis.

At Direct4Baby, the Silver Cross Wayfarer stroller is available in a number of different bundles and colourways, with some of the most popular ones including the Silver Cross Wayfarer Travel System Bundle and the Wayfarer 11-Piece Bundle with the Dream i-Size car seat, perfect for making your money go further in a bundle complete with products you can trust.

The Silver Cross Pioneer

While the Wayfarer excels in the city, for parents that love embarking on adventures with their little one, a more robust, enduring pram is required - and the Silver Cross Pioneer is the perfect pram for the job.

Capable of facing almost anything busy parents can throw at it, the Silver Cross Pioneer features oversized wheels, a four-way suspension system and a sturdy, hard wearing chassis. All of this equates not only to an adventuring pushchair that can handle the bumps and scrapes of an adventurous life, but ensures that you and your baby enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter the terrain!

Available to purchase as a standalone stroller for those seeking an upgrade to meet their adventurous lifestyle, or as part of a larger bundle, the Silver Cross Pioneer is available in a variety of stunning colourways, including the ever-popular and beautifully sleek Pioneer Eclipse colourway. Featuring a high gloss black chassis that is perfectly complemented by the 3D sculptured fabric with rose gold embellishments that shine beautifully in daylight, the Silver Cross Pioneer Eclipse is available in a travel system bundle alongside the Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat, letting you travel even further with your little explorer.

The Silver Cross Reflex

Striking the perfect middle ground between both compact and durable designs, the Silver Cross Reflex stroller is designed for parents leading lifestyles that swing between the comfortably relaxed and the budding adventurer mark, all while prioritising the safety and comfort of your little one.

Suitable from birth due to the uniquely designed newborn insert which, with deep padding, creates a lie-flat environment to grant your newborn optimum conditions for a safe, deep sleep, the Reflex stroller is designed for longevity - and will last you and your family for years to come. Perfect for parents who prefer to make their money stretch further, when your baby outgrows the newborn insert, they’ll graduate to the ergonomically designed Silver Cross seat unit which, thanks to its clever curved shape that separates your little one from the chassis, ensures comfort and suitable air flow up until they reach 25kg!

An investment buy with style, the Reflex pram also benefits from all the stylish trimmings typical of a Silver Cross model. From the beautiful leatherette bumper bar to the Silver Cross branded embellishments, this stylish pram is ready to help parents tackle the world - and look good doing it.

As always, the Reflex stroller is available in a number of different sleek colour preferences, allowing you to choose the perfect pram for you so, if you’re looking for a dark colour scheme, we recommend taking a closer look at the Silver Cross Reflex Stroller in Onyx Black. Alternatively, if you prefer a more classic, sophisticated look, the grey textured fabrics and high gloss chassis of the Silver Cross Reflex Brompton may be the better choice for you.

The Direct4Baby verdict on Silver Cross

Designers of some of the most stunning baby strollers, accessories and car seats on the market, Silver Cross never fail to impress us in both style and functionality. We’re constantly surprised by the incredible functionality, innate style and attention to detail that runs across the entire range of Silver Cross products and we’re always excited to see their industry leading work.

While we may be slightly biased, one thing remains certain; for style-conscious parents that refuse to compromise on safety and comfort for their little one, a fashionable Silver Cross pushchair will always be at the top of our recommendations.

Looking for additional Silver Cross information? Head over to our helpful guide to Silver Cross for expectant parents blog post for more information or take a look through our entire Silver Cross collection online at Direct4Baby. Alternatively, our team of friendly ‘baby experts’ at Direct4Baby are always at hand to help with any budding baby-related concerns you may have. From how to fit a car seat comfortably, to offering help and advice on any particular products, simply give our friendly team a call or pay one of our Direct4Baby local showrooms a visit and we’d be more than happy to assist.