The Direct4Baby Guide to Silver Cross for Expectant Parents

No expectant parent ever feels completely ready for the arrival of their little one, but thankfully there are a number of reputable, award-winning baby brands designed to help carve out those all-important purchase decisions well before your due date.

While the road ahead is sure to be one filled with many exciting surprises, it pays to be as prepared as you possibly can be and Silver Cross are dedicated to providing parents with trusted products that care for your bundle of joy every step of the way. From best-selling baby carrycots to sturdy nursery furniture parents can rely on, Silver Cross are one of our best-selling brands with a stellar reputation and an excellent commitment to comfort, innovation and safety.

Keep reading as we break down the baby basics and walk you through our top Silver Cross recommendations to add to your checklist.

Silver Cross Nursery Furniture

Nursery furniture is one of the most important decisions parents should consider well ahead of their little one’s arrival to ensure they’re best prepared, just in case your little one arrives a little earlier than first anticipated.

While Silver Cross are more typically-known among parents for their range of reliable, high-quality pushchairs and strollers, the sleek Silver Cross nursery furniture collection is not to be overlooked.

Minimal in both design and approach, Silver Cross’ collection of bespoke nursery sets at Direct4Baby are each available in bundled sets that have been thoughtfully collated with the intention of providing parents with everything they could possibly need. Available in three minimal colourways designed to complement all types of colour schemes and preferences, the Silver Cross collection of nursery furniture offers plenty of standout-features perfect for busy, expectant parents that favour simplicity over complex furniture designs.

For convenience and sophistication, we would recommend the Silver Cross Finchley 3-PC set, as this bespoke collection of Silver Cross furniture is an affordable nursery solution designed to grow with your little one.

Perfect for parents who are also looking to make smarter purchases to help those all-important pennies stretch further, the Silver Cross Finchley multi-stage cot bed is suitable from birth and can be adjusted as your little one grows, thanks to multi-height and three base adaptors. As easy as it is to assemble, the Finchley collection also boasts a three-drawer dresser and two-door wardrobe creating beautiful, ample storage solutions for a modern nursery.

As well as an integrated changer top to make changing time a total breeze, the Silver Cross Finchley Nursery furniture set is our recommended high-quality, budget-friendly nursery solution. While we may be biased, we’re pretty confident that parents will love our range of Silver Cross nursery furniture - which is why each product in the Silver Cross nursery collection comes with a three-year guarantee, to give parents the confidence they need when it comes to making these all-important decisions.

Looking for a specific colourway, or you’re simply wanting to add to your bundle with additional nursery furniture? Take a look at our full Silver Cross nursery furniture range online.

Silver Cross Newborn Car Seat

Due to the sheer amount of car seats available on the market, picking out a newborn car seat for your little one’s first-ever venture into the real world can seem like quite the task.

It’s important to remember when deciding on a car seat - safety is your top priority, and Silver Cross’s best-selling Simplicity Plus Car Seat offers parents safety and comfort from day one.

After spending four years refining their award-winning Simplicity car seat to not only offer parents ease of use and innovative safety solutions - the new and improved Simplicity Plus Car Seat offers parents all of the Simplicity’s original features, as well as new and improved ergonomics for exceptional comfort. As we’ve often come to expect from Silver Cross, there’s a huge emphasis on both quality and attention to detail, and the Simplicity Plus Car Seat not only looks the part, it also feels robust, safe and effortlessly stylish.

Featuring the new Silver Cross ‘head hugger’ - the super soft and cushioned newborn insert providing all-important support and padding for newborns, this detachable insert is cleverly designed to cocoon your little one’s head and prevent it from tipping forward. As with all of Silver Cross’s innovative baby solutions, this insert can also be removed, to make additional space to keep your little one comfortable as they grow.

While comfort is at the forefront of Silver Cross’ design inspiration, as the name likely suggests, the Simplicity Plus Group 0+ car seat is designed to be quick and easy-to-install with either the purpose-built Simplifix ISOFIX base, or with your existing adult car seat belt.

For parents who prefer additional reassurance (particularly important if this is your first child), the Simplifix ISOFIX base features useful green or red lights to show when parents have successfully secured the car seat properly. You can simply add the Simplifix ISOFIX Car Seat Base to your basket as a standalone purchase at Direct4Baby, or purchase one of our bespoke Silver Cross Travel System bundles which include both the Simplicity Plus Car Seat, ISOFIX base and other additional necessities.

Silver Cross Newborn Travel System Bundle

For parents looking to tick off the all-important baby carrycot, car seat and newborn pushchair purchases in one go, then a Silver Cross Travel System bundle may be exactly what you’re looking for. While each of our bespoke Silver Cross Travel System bundles vary in size and product offerings, for expectant parents looking for style, safety and convenience, we would recommend the Silver Cross Wayfarer Simplicity Plus bundle.

The stunning Silver Cross Wayfarer provides parents with everything they need to travel comfortably with their newborn baby - up to toddler years. Built with convenience and safety in mind, while it may seem like an expensive upfront cost, the Wayfarer newborn bundle is designed for longevity and provides parents with everything they could possibly need to take the stress out of planning for their little one’s arrival. This 10 piece bundle includes the award-winning Simplicity Plus Car Seat, ISOFIX adapters, sleek black Wayfarer chassis and seat unit, hood and apron, detachable UV+ parasol and ventilated rain covers, designer change bag, luxury seat liners, bottle holders and much more.

While the additional features will likely prove their worth for years to come, the newborn stroller alone is a standout purchase decision. Light and compact for better manoeuvrability on all types of terrain thanks to in-line wheels, the Wayfarer newborn pushchair ensures a smooth, safe and completely comfortable ride for both baby and parent. And, while the Wayfarer certainly looks the part in terms of stylish design and sleek branding aesthetics, the quick and compact chassis one-piece folding mechanism also makes light work of travelling and storing, meaning you’re able to head out on family adventures with virtually no effort involved.

Take a look at our full range of Silver Cross Travel Systems online at Direct4Baby.

Silver Cross Baby Accessories

If you’re not looking to purchase a Travel System bundle that is packaged with all additional accessories, then it’s important not to forget to add a number of those accessories to your checklist.

Often overlooked, accessories such as spacious changing bags, cosy-lined footmuffs for colder months and UV+ baby parasols for sunny days are often not prioritised, but are definitely important to remember - especially depending on the season your little one is due to arrive.

For style-conscious expectant parents, Silver Cross offers parents a variety of stylish changing bags that would rival a regular high-street design. As sleek and conspicuous as they are, these innovative changing bags cleverly disguise a number of accessories - including a pull out changing mat, thermal bottle holder and ample pockets perfect for nappies and other baby paraphernalia. One of our favourites is the Silver Cross Pacific Changing Bag, while this bag is designed to complement the Pacific Stroller perfectly, this stylish tote-style bag is made of premium twill-weave fabrics and has a number of leatherette detailing features, including a branded Silver Cross badge. Sophisticated, understated and perfectly practical, Silver Cross’s range of stylish changing bags offer endless on-the-go storage solutions.

Take a look at our full range of Silver Cross baby accessories for further inspiration.

Shop Silver Cross online at Direct4Baby.

From award-winning newborn Group 0+ car seats, to stylish and innovative travel system solutions, British brand Silver Cross provides everything parent’s need to properly prepare for the arrival of their little one. Whether you’re deciding to tackle the nursery first and you’re looking for sturdy, reliable furniture your little one will love, or you’re getting to grips with your new stroller before your little one comes into the world, we’re here to offer our expert guidance to help you be as prepared and comfortable as you possibly can be well ahead of time.

If you’re looking for a complete, comprehensive list of newborn essentials, check out our newborn checklist blog, or simply get in touch with one of our friendly experts who would be delighted to answer any pressing questions or queries you may have.