differences between pushchair and a stroller

Differences between a Stroller and a Pushchair

Navigating yourself and your little one to-and-fro isn’t an issue when you’re equipped with the right travel system. But the sheer volume of baby travel products alone is enough to confuse even the most experienced parents. Whilst choosing between a stroller and pushchair sounds like a reasonably simple task when it comes to working out what you and your baby actually require, it can gradually turn into a stressful process. Keep reading below as we crack the baby lingo at Direct4Baby and explain the differences between a pram and pushchair - so you can be confident you’re choosing the best travel system for you and your little one.

What defines a pushchair and a stroller?

One of the key characteristics that set both a pushchair and stroller apart as two different travel systems - is the suitability for your child depending on age. Technically, pushchairs can be suitable for newborns, as they regularly feature a reclining position and can be used straight from birth. As well as being ideal for a child over six months, who has started to sit up unaided and has outgrown their newborn, reclining model - as pushchairs can be adjustable and feature different properties to suit a variety of ages. A stroller, on the other hand, is more catered towards a toddler, as the simplistic, lightweight design is perfect for transporting your toddler from A to B and can be easily at-hand for when your child grows restless and is tired of walking. This may seem fairly straight-forward, but convertible travel systems that can transform and recline to suit new-borns, babies and toddlers is where things can become a little complicated. At Direct4Baby, we dive into the key characteristics of both pushchairs, strollers and every convertible variation in-between, as well as recommending a few of our most-loved pushchairs and strollers available to purchase online at Direct4Baby based on your child’s age and what they’ll need as they grow older.

Which travel system is suitable for my child at 0-6 months?

At this stage in your child’s life, your main concern as a parent is to keep your baby safe, supported and secure whilst travelling - and pushchairs are the recommended method of travel. Direct4Baby advise parents to consider several safety features when it comes to choosing which style is right for your baby, and an important safety feature to base your decision on is the suitability of the pushchair’s suspension. The suspension provides a smooth, jostle free ride that keeps both you and your child happy whilst on foot and our Silvercross Pioneer pushchair is an excellent example of a travel system built for maximum comfort. silvercross pioneer pushchair The multi-award-winning adaptable system features 4-wheel suspension, with an added soft drive feature, that provides both mother and child with the smoothest of rides even across bumpy terrains. Whilst the Silvercross Pioneer ticks the suspension safety box, it also includes another must-have feature, a comfy seat that fully reclines, so your young child can lie flat on their back in the recommended position. Along with all the essential safety necessities, this 10-piece bundle includes a carrycot, hood and apron, seat liner, change bag and plenty of space for all the baby paraphernalia that comes with having a young family. At this young age, parents may want to invest in a pushchair that can also accommodate an infant car seat - so you don’t have to disturb your child each time you transport them out of the car and into the pushchair. This can also inevitably save parents money too, as investing in an adaptable pushchair can provide three products in one, as opposed to buying each item individually. The Mima Xari 3-in-1 Pushchair has everything a family needs to get around comfortably and in style too. This model, in particular, conceals a hidden carrycot that can zip into the seat and tidy away neatly, along with a BeSafe i-Size car seat for easy transportation.

Which travel system is suitable for my child at 6-12 months?

Now that your child is 6-12 months old and is comfortably sitting upright without your help, investing in the right travel system is more important than ever. It’s at this stage in their lives that excellent head and neck support is of utmost importance. As your baby grows, parents should look to purchase a pushchair or stroller that can be adjusted and amended to your child’s growing measurements. Look for a travel system that offers multiple reclining positions and a sturdy harness to keep your child snug and secure whilst strolling. A popular, affordable product that features both reclining positions and a strong 5 point harness, is the Familidoo Air Compact pushchair at Direct4Baby. This pushchair has all the features your child needs at this vital stage in life, along with a detachable T-Bar for added safety and practicality. As well as being completely safe and secure, the Familidoo pushchair is both lightweight and compact, with an easy folding structure - to offer parents ease of comfort and practicality too. Whilst you’ve had a couple of months to grow confidence taking your child out and about with you, most parents tend to overlook how walking with your baby in its pushchair is the perfect opportunity to bond. Consider investing in a pushchair, or stroller, where your child’s position can be adjusted to face backward, so you can see each other and bond simultaneously as you travel. The Egg Quail stroller combines practicality and style, with a neat compact fold and luxurious design that is fully customisable. Behind the seat panels is a harness adjustment system that can be amended as your child grows - along with the quail seat that can be attached in either parent or world-facing position.

Which travel system is suitable for my child at 18-24 Months?

At this stage in your little one’s life, they are quickly growing to become a lot more curious, independent and are likely to be able to roam unaided for a certain amount of time. A lightweight, adaptable stroller is a must-have product for life on the go with a growing toddler. With your child likely wanting to walk alongside you and explore, nine out of ten times parents will wind up carrying the stroller. Look for a compact folding stroller, such as the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, as this model folds compactly to just 19”, ensuring you can comfortably carry the stroller along with you on your family adventures. The stroller is also built to be travel-ready, as the lightweight, efficient composite tires provide your toddler with a smooth and nimble ride. It also features rear and front storage basket to store all your travelling essentials without stress, to ensure all the parent necessities are well within reach at all times. If you're still unsure which travel system is best for your family, take a look at our YouTube product demonstrations at Direct4Baby. Our detailed, thorough product demonstrations take you through all the essential product features and specifications, so you can be sure you’re confidently making the correct decision. Or, if you’re close to the Lancashire area, why not visit us in-store? Take a trip to our Baby Showroom and let our team of experts guide you through our winning range of pushchairs and strollers. Our staff are fully trained and at hand to offer parents help when it comes to choosing the right travel system for your family.