unusual names for a baby girl

What are the most unique names for a baby girl 2020?

The gift of a name is one of the most precious, ever-lasting gifts you can give to your newborn baby. But where to begin? When shopping for a physical gift for someone we hold dear, we often spend hours preparing and planning to ensure our gift is both memorable and personal, and the same planning process holds when it comes to choosing a name for your newborn baby girl. Whilst some parents opt for classic, traditional names, if you’re thinking of something more unique that differs from the typical common name for your baby girl, it can be difficult to know where to start. Some parents can spend months planning the perfect uncommon name for a baby girl, only to find that lots of children have the exact same name. Here at Direct4Baby, we’re here to help you pick the perfect, memorable name for your little girl and have compiled a list of unusual girl names - some with unique, thoughtful meanings.

Rare names for a baby girl


Abra is the soft, feminine form of Abraham that was a favourite of King Solomon in the Bible. Abra is also a rare, West African name used for girls that are born on a Tuesday.


Whilst the English origins of Aviana remain unclear, this name is a mix of popular baby girl names Ava and Anna and creates a beautiful blend of both.


Berdine holds many different, wonderful meanings across a variety of languages. In German, Berdine is referred to as ‘glorious’, whilst it’s Greek origins refers to Berdine as a bright, intelligent maiden. names for a baby girl


If your baby girl is due to be born in spring, Cerelia is a perfect, uncommon name. With its Latin origin meaning ‘relating to Springtime’, Cerelia is a melodic, wonderfully unusual choice of name.


The name Coralie has French origins, translating to ‘Coral’. Whilst this name holds no meaningful, or thoughtful origins, Coralie is a rare and slightly softer version of the popular girl’s name, Caroline.
  • Delphine

Delphine is a French name, with two natural associations. Whilst the first origin refers to Delphine as ‘Dolphin’, the second association is much more appealing as Delphine also represents the flower, Delphinium. A beautiful bluebell-like, towering, vibrant flower.


Emmeline is a lovely relative of common names Emma and Emily and has German, French and English origins. The meaning of Emmeline is industrious and hard-working. If you want a powerful, strong, uncommon name for your baby girl, opt for Emmeline, which also happens to be the name of Emmeline Pankhurst, the famous British suffragette.


Fenella is an uncommon baby girl’s name derived from ancient Celtic legends. The anglicised version of the name means fair or white shoulders.


The free-flowing, floral name Freesia, is an unusual, rare name for a baby girl - for parents who want to move away from common floral names such as ‘rose’ and ‘daisy’. Freesia was named after the German botanist, Friedrich Freese. rare girl names


Pronounced ee-an-thee, or ai-an-thee, Ianthe is a girl’s name with Greek origins meaning ‘Purple Flower’. Similar to, but more uncommon than Lavender and Violet. In an Ancient Myth, Ianthe was the beautiful daughter of the ruler of the sea. So beautiful, that when she died, the Gods adorned her grave with dozens of purple flowers.


Ines, ee-nez evokes a sense of calm and is the perfect name for a peaceful, little one. This Greek name translates to ‘pure, holy and island’ and can also be spelt Inez, but we prefer Ines for it’s a softer, more feminine spelling.


Jolie, is a pretty, feminine choice of name for your baby girl, with a French origin meaning ‘Pretty’. Though most may recognise Jolie from the famous actress, as a first name, Jolie is uniquely uncommon.


Give your baby girl the gift of light, with this Hawaiian baby name meaning ‘Light and Sky’.


This beautiful name comes from Astrology and is the name of a constellation of stars. Lyra is named after the Mythological figure, Orpheus, who creates melodic sounds so beautiful he was able to convince the Gods to bring his wife back to the land of the living. This name is perfect for those who love the pseudoscience of astrology.


The origins of the name Melina remain uncertain, but one sweet suggestion is that Melina comes from the Greek word ‘Meli’ which translates to ‘Honey’. This hidden gem of a baby girl’s name is perfect for any parent wanting a variation of popular names Melissa and Melanie. rare baby girl names


The light and airy Nephele is a girl’s name meaning ‘Cloudy’. With Greek origins, Nephele was the name belonging to the goddess Zeus created from a single cloud. The name Nephele is a uniquely rare variation of more common names Pheobe and Penelope.


Neveah is a compelling anagram of Heaven for parents who want to draw upon their faith for name inspiration for their little girl.


Rosabel has beautiful Latin origins and was first created in the 18th Century. Rosabel is a more distinctive, unusual variation of Isabel and means ‘beautiful rose’ in Latin.


Verena is a girls name of Spanish and Latin origins, meaning ‘Integrity and Truth’. Verena is a pleasant, old-fashioned name that also shares a name with Saint Verena. It can alternatively be spelt ‘Verina’ to add further unique qualities to your little one’s name.


If you’re looking for a unique and equally empowering name for your baby girl, in Greek mythology, Xena (zee-na), was the name given to an immortal that warned Achilles that he was soon to die. In popular, modern-day culture, Xena is also the name given to a fearless warrior princess. If you’re looking for baby name inspiration for a budding little boy, why not take a look at our ‘unusual names for baby boys’ blog at Direct4Baby. If you’re expecting, your little bundle of joy will also come with a long list of gizmos and gadgets. Be sure to check out our newborn checklist blog for inspiration and guidance on what products are essential to invest in for this vital stage of your baby girl’s life. At Direct4Baby, we would recommend purchasing an egg stroller. Perfect for a precious baby girl, the Egg stroller is positively pink and has been finished in soft fabrics and smooth curves for a luxurious look. Whilst both you and your baby will travel in style, be sure to invest in a luxurious, 100% cotton blanket, such as the pink Shnuggle Cotton Blanket to keep your little girl warm and cosy on travels. Take a browse through our whole product directory and discover great offers at Direct4Baby, to make sure you’re prepared ahead of your little one’s arrival.