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Unusual Baby Boy Names for 2023

Unusual Baby Boy Names for 2023

One of the most important decisions to make once you’ve received the wondrous news that you’re expecting a baby is their name. The process of choosing a name for your little one shouldn’t be taken lightly, and recent studies have shown that many parents grow to regret their chosen name, with one in five parents saying they began to dislike their child’s name once it became more popular. To avoid joining this group of regretful parents, it might be worth opting for a more unique name for your baby boy.

If you’re looking for ways to relieve the pressure of picking out an uncommon name for your baby boy, we’re here to offer a little help and guidance. Keep reading this post as we round up 40 of the most unusual baby boy names for 2023. We’ve also accompanied each unique baby boy name with its thoughtful origins and meanings, so you can be sure you’re picking a special name for your equally-special bundle of joy.

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Unusual boys' names UK

  1. Anders: A very uncommon boys name for the UK, Anders is of Scandinavian origin and means to be ‘strong and manly’. If you’re looking for a strong-willed, powerful name for your newborn baby boy, Anders is a perfect choice. 
  2. Arlo: Short and very unique, Arlo is an unusual boys name which has its origins in Spain. Meaning ‘fortified hill’ or ‘between two hills’, Arlo has quiet strength to it which is very endearing.
  3. Asaiah: Pronounced ‘aes-ai-ah’, Asaiah is a biblical boys name of Hebrew origin and means ‘the Lord hath made’. This name is an alternative spelling to the popular ‘Isaiah’, yet this alternative spelling still appears several times in the Old Testament.
  4. Asher: A hopeful name which has the joint meanings of ‘fortunate’, ‘blessed’ and ‘happy one’, Asher is a Hebrew name with connotations of joy, making it the perfect choice for any smiling newborn.
  5. August: A unisex name that rarely apears for boys or girls, August takes its origins from the Emporor Augustus, whose ruling name in Latin means ‘magnificent’.
  6. Basil: Previously popular but growing more and more uncommon with each passing year, Basil may feel like a very British name but its origins are actually Greek and the word itself means ‘royal’.
  7. Baxley: A slightly more unusual, masculine alternative to the popular boys name ‘Bailey’, Baxley is a boys name of English origin meaning ‘Baker’s Meadow’.
  8. Boden: A unique boys name which has origins in both England and Germany, Boden is rarely used in the UK today and mirrors the pleasant-sounding two-syllable construction of popular boys names such as Logan or Mason.
  9. Casimir: An incredibly rare boys name, any little Casimir is unlikely to meet another who shares the same name. Casimir is Polish in origin, and has the powerful and unforgiving meaning of ‘destroyer of peace’.
  10. Cassidy: Though popular as a female name, Cassidy is a delightful name for a happy baby boy. Cassidy has Irish origins and means “curly-headed”, which would be an especially relevant name if this runs in the family.
  11. Constantine: A name that can be used for both girls and boys, Constantine, which has Latin roots, has a nice ring to it when pronounced, and means 'constant' and 'steadfast.'
  12. Curtis: Popular in France, Curtis is a charming boys name which is rarely found outside of its country of origin. Meaning ‘courteous’ or ‘polite’, Curtis is an interesting choice.
  13. Dawson: Welsh in origin, Dawson is traditionally a last name meaning ‘son of David’, but is now used as an interesting and different first name for boys.
  14. Dennis: A previously popular baby boys name in the UK, Dennis has fallen out of favour and is becoming a rarity. Taking its origins from Greece, Dennis is derived from ‘Dionysius’, the Greek god of wine and fertility.
  15. Dodge: Another name of German origin, Dodge is the diminutive of Roger and has the underlying meaning of ‘famous warrior’.
  16. Elian: As Elijiah continues to gain popularity, parents looking to choose a unique baby boy name with biblical influence may be drawn to Elian. Pronounced ‘eh-lai-an’, this Hebrew name means ‘the Lord is my God; God is family’.
  17. Ezekiel: With Hebrew origins and biblical roots, the name Ezekiel has both inspirational and religious connotations, meaning 'god strengthens.'
  18. Griffin: A very rare baby boys name, Griffin has the dual historical origin of Latin, for which it means ‘strong lord’, and English where the name becomes a mythological creature which is half lion, half eagle. 
  19. Guy: A name that has been used in the UK for centuries but still remains relatively uncommon, the name 'Guy' is French in origin and means 'guide' and 'leader.'
  20. Harrison: A name of Old English origin, Harrison takes the very literal meaning of ‘son of Harry’, and offers parents an uncommon boys name beginning with H that is a little more unusual than the popular Hank or old fashioned Herb.
  21. Huxley: Perfect for any free-spirited, adventurous young boy, Huxley is of Old English descent meaning ‘Hugh’s Meadow’.
  22. Jace: The diminutive of the common boys name Jason, Jace breathes new life into this traditional name without losing its original meaning of ‘healer’ or ‘the Lord is salvation’.
  23. Jaron: Another interesting boys name of Hebrew origin, Jaron has the joyful, heartfelt meaning ‘to sing out’. Particularly perfect for families with deep musical roots, Jaron is a melodic-yet-masculine name with a suitable, hidden meaning.
  24. Jonah: A biblical name with nature-inspired origins, Jonah is a Hebrew word meaning ‘dove’.
  25. Kaiden: Offering a unique take on the original 'Kaden,' with a sweet meaning behind it, the name translates to a 'loving companion' and 'warrior,' providing the perfect name for affectionate, loving babies. 
  26. Kai: If you’re looking for something a little more tropical, or foresee a future of surfing and sailing for your little explorer, the Hawaiian name Kai might be for you. Meaning ‘sea’, Kai is a beautiful boys name that remains very rare in the boy
  27. Kit: The diminutive of Chrisopher (or Kathrine for girls) Kit is a unique baby boys name of English origin that is only just beginning to grow in popularity.
  28. Laird: A traditional Scottish name which is very uncommonly chosen, Laird translates to ‘lord’ and is the perfect way to honour Scottish heritage. 
  29. Lennox: Perfect for parents searching for a Scottish boys name, Lennox is a rare choice which has the nature-inspired meaning of an ‘elm grove’.
  30. Lyle: Having Scottish roots, the name Lyle is perfect for parents who are keen travellers, meaning 'the island' or 'from the island.'
  31. Micah: Among the more uncommon biblical names for boys, Micah is a Hebrew name which translates to ‘who is like the Lord’.
  32. Milo: An uncommon boys name which has a naturally sweet and kind-hearted feeling to it, Milo is of Latin and Germanic origin and means ‘soldier’ or ‘merciful’.
  33. Nolan: Irish in origin, Nolan is a very British-sounding name which historically means ‘champion’.
  34. Paxon: Paxon is a rare inclusion in the ‘x’ name trend that has recently come into popularity amongst more popular boys’ names - Max, Jaxon, Alex, Maddox. Being a variation of the common name Paxton, Paxon looks and feels very modern, which makes for a pretty cool, yet unique name for your little one.
  35. Raiden: An alluring boys name of Japanese descent, Raiden is a powerful name which translates to ‘the God of Thunder’. Mythological in nature, Raiden is both unique and interesting.
  36. Randall: Having reached its peak of popularity in the 1950s, Randall is an increasingly uncommon baby boy name. Despite this drop, the name has an old English charm to it and means ‘shield-wolf’.
  37. Remi: Remi, the alternative spelling of popular girls name, Remy, feels more masculine than its counterpart. Short and punchy, this uncommon name for a baby boy is a fun, snappy contender.
  38. Ronin: Germanic in origin, Ronin is an unusual boys name which suits little ones destined to be gifted, natural rulers due to its historic meaning of ‘well-advised ruler’.
  39. Sayer: A widely recognised surname and rare boys first name, Sayer is a pleasant, less popular alternative to Sawyer. 
  40. Stellan: A masculin variation of the female name Stella, Stellan has both Latin and Swedish origin and translates to ‘Star’. This unique, modern twist on the feminine name is a wonderful, thoughtful name to consider.
  41. Tanner: A competitor to the host of popular baby boy names beginning with T, Tanner is an uncommon alternative to Tyler, Tayler and Turner. An Old English name in origin, Tanner simply means ‘tannere’, which was the name given to a traditional leather maker.
  42. Tucker: Similar to names such as Tanner or Sawyer, Tucker is an Old English name which comes from the occupation of ‘fabric pleater’.
  43. Wesley: A charming English boys name with connotations of free-spirited wanderings, Wesley translates to ‘western meadow’.
  44. Wilder: One of the most unique baby boy names on our list, Wilder holds German origins and means ‘ferocious hunter’. These days, however, Wilder has connotations of natural strength and fearlessness, excellent qualities for any young man.
  45. Wyatt: With Old English roots, the rare name Wyatt, which means 'brave at war,' is perfect for little ones that are expected to grow into strong, courageous individuals. 

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