The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Chairs

The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Chairs

One of the most exhausting yet rewarding parts of motherhood is nursing your newborn. Creating that intimate bond with your baby from the get-go is so special, but can often be very tiresome, particularly in the early stages of your little one’s life. For the first few months of motherhood, it’s critical that parents have a calming and comfortable spot in their homes to comfortably nurse a child, and a great addition to this space is a nursing chair. Nursing chairs offer parents the ability to carve out a comfortable place to rest during long night time feeds and can also add an inviting and warming environment to a nursery.

What is a nursing chair?

A nursing chair is typically a padded armchair with a rocking or gliding feature used to provide comfort and support for parents when feeding their baby. Some nursing chairs, such as the OBaby Nursing Chair, often come with an extra footrest or ottoman that can be helpful to elevate the parent’s feet, to take pressure off their lower back and settle into the chair more comfortably when feeding.

Nursing chairs are often available in a variety of styles, sizes, colours and materials, and the right nursing chair for you depends on what features you’re looking for and what aesthetic you prefer for your nursery. Browse our full collection of nursing chairs at Direct4Baby to discover the perfect one to fit your family’s needs.

Benefits of a nursing chair

  • Extra support when feeding. Nursing can be tricky and finding the right position for you and the baby can be hard to navigate at first, but with the support of a nursing chair that features handy padded armrests, you can find additional stability and comfort. Nursing Chairs with armrests allow you to find a better position to nurse in that not only takes the pressure off your arms from holding your little one, but can also encourage a good, successful latch if you choose to breastfeed.

  • Soothing for the baby. Most nursing chairs offer a gliding or rocking motion that can be soothing for babies, the gentle repetitive motion of the chair rocking is similar to that of swaying your baby to sleep and can help calm them to help promote a better sleep for both you and your baby.

  • Encourages bonding. Having a designated area in the baby’s nursery to sit together and feed allows parents a chance to build a strong bond with their little one. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, all caregivers can make use of a nursing chair as a place to relax and spend some one-on-one time with their baby. They can also be a nice inviting and comfortable space to have some beneficial skin-to-skin time with your baby.

  • Helps to develop a routine. Having a nursing chair in a designated space will help to establish a routine with your baby. They will begin to associate the nursing chair with a time to sleep and relax which can be beneficial to encourage a better night’s sleep, especially as they grow and begin to sleep in the nursery alone - as they will already have the positive associations of this routine.

  • Grows with your baby. A nursing chair is a lifetime investment purchase, not only is it beneficial for nursing in the early stages of parenthood, but is also a great addition to any nursery to provide a comforting, inviting environment. It can be used as a place to sit and read with your child, to play with them and to spend some quality time from birth to toddler, and, then as they grow, your little one can make use of the chair themselves. Perfect for those decorating a nursery on a budget, the longevity and hard-wearing quality of nursing chairs often makes them a very affordable, practical purchase in the long run.
  • What makes a good nursing chair?

    Ideally, a good nursing chair should offer enough support to rest your arms on during long feeds and should feature soft, cushioning padding to provide optimum comfort for parent and baby. The height and width of the nursing chair should also be easy enough to get in and out of so that you do not disturb your baby. When on the market for a nursing chair, parents should also look out for an additional gliding or rocking chair motion - as this will double up as a helping hand to help soothe your little one during feeding times. 

    Looking for a range of stylish, comfortable nursing chairs? Take a look at some of our recommended baby nursing chairs for 2023 available to purchase at Direct4Baby below. 

    Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair in White & Grey £258.75

    A simple take on a nursing chair, the Obaby round back rocking chair is designed to fit easily into any nursery setting, with its simple design and neutral-shade. Featuring a deep foam seat and cushioning, this nursing chair provides maximum comfort to sit back and relax with your little one. Whether you’re reading a night-time story, relaxing or feeding, this Obaby rocking chair provides a gentle rocking motion to help you and your baby settle and unwind.

    Obaby High Back Rocking Chair in White & Oatmeal £269.99

    Similar to the Obaby round back rocking chair, this Obaby high back rocking chair is designed to blend into any nursery setting with a sleek design and natural oatmeal upholstery, bringing a calm and warming tone to the room. Featuring a taller backrest and a deeper seat, this nursing chair is ideal for settling into those long night-time feeds, and, complete with a soothing rocking motion to help your little one to sleep soundly, this rocking chair makes for an inviting, comfortable addition to any nursery.

    Obaby Savannah Swivel Glider Recliner Chair in Pebble £479.99

    If you’re looking to add a more contemporary, stylish nursing chair to your modern nursery interiors, this Obaby savannah swivel glider recliner nursing chair is ideal. Designed with your comfort in mind, this nursing chair features soft foam cushions, for parents who need a little extra-support when feeding. With a handy, 360-degree swivel and gliding motion, this chair provides the perfect comfort to not only feed and bond with your little one but to also enjoy some well-deserved ‘me’ time.

    Obaby Deluxe Reclining Glider Chair & Stool in White & Sand £206.25

    If you’re looking for a nursing chair that provides a little extra-support, this Obaby deluxe reclining glider chair and stool is the one for you. Featuring luxurious padded cushions to support your back, this chair is an idyllic place for you and your baby to spend some quality time together. With additional handy storage pockets located on the arm rest to keep important items close-by and easy to reach without disturbing your baby, and a simple lifting of the arm ends to recline the chair, you’ll find yourself never wanting to leave this nursing chair!

    The gentle gliding motion of this chair can help soothe your little one to sleep whilst also helping you unwind, with the additional stool perfectly mimicking the rocking motion too. Easily adjusted into several different positions, the reclining wooden frame blends traditional design with modern construction with a convenient gliding lock handle to make the chair both static and rocking - whatever suits your needs.

    Ready to create the ultimate nursing set-up?

    Now that you’re aware of the endless possibilities and benefits of nursing chairs, it’s time to find the right one to support you and your baby's needs. Browse our full collection of nursing chairs and other nursery furniture online at Direct4Baby to discover the perfect nursing set-up for you.