The Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair has arrived

The Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair has arrived

Back in October, retailers from all over the world, including Direct4baby, were invited to a global Bugaboo event held in Amsterdam to unveil their latest products, including the new and improved Fox 5! The 4th generation of the Fox stroller has so many new improvements that we can’t wait to share with you.

The Bugaboo Fox 5 is the ultimate all-terrain stroller for your baby, with its advanced suspension and extra large puncture proof wheels for a smooth ride. The designers have worked hard to make it the most comfortable ride possible and by moving centre of gravity back slightly it improves the manoeuvrability of the pushchair further. The frame is sturdy yet so lightweight you can push it with just a fingertip!


Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair | New Chassis Shape

The Bugaboo Fox 5 grows with your child. The roomy bassinet will last for the first 6 months of your baby’s life, then move to the seat unit. This now has an extending footrest and canopy which increases the length by 10cm, meaning it will take a taller child than previously. The seat unit can hold a child weighing up to 22kg which is approximately 5 years.

One of our favourite and most requested features, is the ONE HAND FOLD! You can also recline the seat unit, and adjust the handlebar height with just one hand. This brings the Fox 5 right up to date with what the modern parent demands from their Travel System as well as meaning you can fold it away whilst holding your baby. The folded chassis is self-standing with the new improved bridge meaning none of the fabrics touch the floor.

 Bugaboo Fox 5 | Stroller Fold

Aesthetically, there have been small updates too. The wheels on the new Fox 5 have been changed to Black or Graphite depending on which chassis colour you choose. There are also less white buttons on the chassis to indicate touchpoints, small details like this are a response to consumer feedback and give the Fox 5 a real premium look. The bumper bar has a gorgeous embossed logo on the leather as does the leg rest.

 Bugaboo Fox 5 | Bumper Bar Detail 

A new colourway been launched for the Fox 5, Astro Purple, for those parents who want to stand out from the crowd! Only available at independent retailers, Direct4baby are proud to be able to showcase this stunning tone.

 Bugaboo Fox 5 | Astro Purple Colourway | Family Lifestyle Shot

Best of all, even with all these amazing improvements the price has not increased and the Fox 5 Pushchair & Carrycot starts at £1115.

There is a Carrycot Stand (£124.95) also launching which combined with the spacious Fox 5 breezy bassinet means your baby can snooze interrupted while in the comfort of your own home. The stand requires Bugaboo Fox 5 Carrycot Adaptors which can be purchased separately or as part of this Carrycot Stand & Adaptors Bundle bundle. The telescopic legs are easy to fold and away and store it the specially designed bag when not in use.

 Bugaboo Bassinet Carrycot Stand | Lifestyle shot 

Why not add some of the beautiful Bugaboo accessories to your order? Shop Bugaboo Fox 5 Travel Systems on our website or simply explore the wide range of parasols, footmuffs, change bags and other Bugaboo Accessories.

As families become more aware of how their actions affect global warming, we are all taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. With that in mind the Bugaboo Fox 5 is made with bio-based materials, which reduce the carbon emissions of making this product by 20%. Their Push to Zero campaign ensures that going forward all Bugaboo pushchairs will be produced with this game-changing innovative plastic which upcycles plant-based waste instead of using fossil-based plastic.

Both the Aintree and Ormskirk Direct4baby showrooms have samples of the new Fox 5 for you to try out yourself. Practise the nifty one-hand fold, admire the new design details and wonder over the smooth push. Alternatively, the Bugaboo Fox 5 is available to shop online now and will ship from mid-March 2023.