How to create the best nursery layout

How to create the best nursery layout

Preparing to bring your little one into the world can be both exciting and daunting when you’re thinking about getting your baby’s nursery ready in time for their arrival. Creating a nursery layout that is not only fun and aesthetically pleasing but also functional is vital in designing a space that will work as your baby grows. To get started in designing a nursery layout plan that works for you, read our top tips below on how to get the most out of your space.

Coming up with fun nursery ideas is so exciting and creating a plan for your baby’s nursery layout gives you something to work on and look forward to while pregnant. The key to designing a nursery layout that fulfils both you and your baby’s needs is to consider how and when you will be using the room and the ways you can adapt the space to still be practical as your child grows. When designing a functional and fun nursery layout you first need to assess the space you have and the furniture you wish to put in it, to do this, we would recommend measuring your space with your desired nursery furniture in mind, so that you can figure out the best way to maximise the space you have to work with. As well as this, it’s also important to consider how the space will be used over time. At first it will be used predominantly for changing and feeding your baby, however, as they grow up, carving out space for a baby cot, bed, play zone or nursing chair will need to be kept in mind. 

How do I set up a nursery layout?

Looking for inspiration on how best to create the ultimate nursery layout? Below, we  have created a simple step-by-step guide for first-time parents to follow when it comes to planning your nursery. 

Step One: Find practical storage solutions - This is by far the most important factor to consider for your baby’s nursery. From the constant stock of nappies, baby clothes and toys, to gifts from family and friends, you can never have too much storage. 

To make light work of this, we would recommend planning out how and where you will store your baby’s clothes, toys, and accessories. Consider investing in space saving nursery furniture, such as the Obaby Stamford 2 piece set, which includes a cot and changing table with extra storage drawers underneath. 

While it’s completely down to personal preference, we would also recommend being creative with your storage solutions! Think about adding hooks to the back of your nursery door, find cute storage bins for toys or blankets or incorporate baby bookcases that also offer toy storage

Step Two: Create a cosy sleeping zone - Deciding on the position of a cot in your nursery layout is vital to ensuring both you and baby get the best night’s sleep possible. To do this, we would recommend placing the cot in a space away from any radiator to prevent excessive heat that may cause your baby to become uncomfortable and irritable through the night. As well as this, we would also suggest addressing any draughts in the room, or placing the cot away from a window so that your baby can sleep undisturbed. A baby cot is often the main focus of the room, so consider placing it in view of the door so that it is the centrepiece of the nursery and in prime position for quietly checking in on your baby when they’re sleeping. 

An important tip to remember when it comes to planning your nursery layout, is to not place any other furniture close to the cot. Growing babies are both smart and curious, and any additional furniture near the cot babies may try to touch and use to climb out, so by positioning the cot in its own space you eliminate the chances of them easily climbing out.

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Step Three: Allocate a play zone -  Keeping sleep time and play time distinctly separate for your child ensures a healthy sleep routine. To do this, assign a space in your nursery layout that is fun and stimulating for them to play with their toys and interact with others. Add a soft rug to this area so that the space is comfortable and choose toy storage that is easily accessible for your little one to encourage independent play. 

Why not add a foldaway playpen and playmat to this area as a safe space for your little one to stay occupied whilst you get on with chores?

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Step Four: Create a reading corner - If space allows for it, consider creating a calm space with a comfy chair for you and your baby to sit and read together. Reading to your baby is a great way to get them interested in books at a young age and, as they grow, reading encourages development of their words. Having a corner designated to this activity is a great way to bond with your child and it can also be a nice corner of the nursery to feed your baby before bedtime.

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Step Five: Don’t forget lighting - Nursery lighting is often overlooked, but is an important factor in nursery planning - especially when it comes to creating a calming environment at night-time. Whether you opt for dimmable light switches, lamps or night lights, incorporating ambient lighting is a great way to create an ideal, relaxing environment for both parent and baby. Choosing a variety of nursery lights will also make changing or feeding your baby in the middle of the night a whole lot easier, as it allows for children to be kept in a dimly lit environment - instead of bright lights disturbing their sleep routine.

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How do you style a baby nursery?

Now that you’re aware of the most important things to consider when creating your nursery, it’s time to think about what kind of style you want the nursery to be. Whether you want something fun and colourful or simple and neutral, we’ve got a great range of nursery furniture options here at Direct4Baby and our friendly experts are here to assist you in styling your nursery to fit your style.

If you’re a first time parent and find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of decisions you have to make when it comes to buying nursery furniture, a great place to start is with a nursery furniture set. Nursery sets, such as the Obaby sets, available as two, three, or five piece sets, are each designed purposely to offer a plethora of nursery storage needs in one convenient purchase.  

Obaby Stamford Classic 5 Piece Room Set

The Obaby range offers furniture that combines style, quality and practicality in one. This five piece set consists of a classic cot bed with under drawer, changing unit, double wardrobe, chest of drawers and a reclining chair - perfect for first time parents who need as much storage space as possible. This elegantly designed sleigh style furniture is featured throughout the whole Stamford range and is a great simple choice for any nursery. Available in both white and grey colourways, this nursery furniture set is a great starting point for decorating a nursery. Thanks to Obaby’s refined colour palettes, parents are free to have as much fun with colour and pattern throughout the room, without furniture causing a distraction.   

The Obaby Stamford Classic bed can also be transformed to fit your child as they grow, thanks to an adjustable mattress base and transformable sides that can be taken off to turn the cot into a bed for a toddler up until 4 years of age. This bed also features handy under bed drawers for extra storage space, perfect for storing extra baby blankets and bedding.

The Obaby changing table with the addition of an extra three spacious drawers and cupboard is another great storage solution. Combine that with the Obaby double wardrobe design that features two rails and multiple drawers and shelves - you’ve got the perfect nursery storage set. Finish off the nursery set with the super comfy deluxe reclining glider chair and footstool for the perfect place to wind down and share some precious time with your little one.

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Once you’ve found your perfect nursery furniture set and invested in the essentials, it’s then time to think about the soft furnishings for your nursery layout. Whether this involves adding a comfortable rug, a variety of baby blankets, cushions or decorative shelves, soft furnishings present  great ways to put personal touches on a  nursery layout.  


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Adding aesthetically pleasing decorative shelves to a nursery is a great way to add some personality to the room and gives you a spot to place sentimental items, pictures of family, cute toys, plants etc. Shelves that also have built-in clothing rails or hooks also act as a space saving hack, allowing you to display your baby’s cutest clothes.

Reminder: If you’re putting up shelves, picture frames or mirrors in your nursery ensure they are placed away from the cot to prevent any potential danger of them falling onto your child.

Nursery Layout FAQ’s

Where should furniture be placed in a nursery?

It all depends on the size and layout of the room. It can be difficult to fit in all of the things you need if you have a small nursery layout, so keep that in mind whilst planning your nursery, however here are some Do’s and Don’ts;

  • Do: Place a nursing chair or reading chair beside the cot - This is a great layout for a smaller room and also makes it easier when putting your baby back down into the cot if they are sleeping in your arms. Some mothers also find themselves sitting in the chair and watching the baby sleep at times and the placement of the chair is perfect for this.
  • Don’t: Position the cot near a radiator or window - You want to make sure the temperature of your baby’s room is optimal at all times and therefore prevent any excessive heat and draughts.
  • Do: Place the changing table next to the cot - This makes the space more functional and is a great hack for those late-night nappy changes as it allows for a quicker and easier transition back into the cot.

How do I build a good nursery?

Follow our step-by-step guide above! Using our guide on creating the best nursery layouts, our great storage saving furniture sets and soft furnishings, creating your baby’s nursery will be easy. 

Ready to create your ideal nursery layout?

Now that you’ve got an idea of what nursery layout is best and the furniture options you have, you’re ready to start decorating and preparing for your baby’s arrival! If you have any further questions or need advice on all things nursery and baby’s, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals and we will be more than happy to help.