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Gifts for New Parents 2022: Babyshower Gift Ideas

Looking for baby shower gift ideas for expectant parents? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Direct4Baby, we have a large selection of baby gift bundles, gift sets and parenting starter kits that are designed to make parenting a breeze. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a newborn baby, or you’re looking for a baby shower gift new parents will cherish for years, our bespoke Direct4Baby gift sets and bundles are thoughtfully designed with parents in mind. Each designed to offer exceptional variety and fit for different purposes, whether it’s feeding or baby bathtime - our Direct4Baby bundles and gift sets combine some of our top selling products to create endless gift inspiration. Keep reading as we walk you through some of our favourite baby bundles below, as well as answering some of our frequently asked questions about gifts for new parents.

What are the best gifts for expectant parents or new parents?

While no two parents are the same, our cleverly curated baby gift sets and bundles are designed to provide solutions to an array of parenting concerns. From bespoke kits built to make baby bottle feeding a breeze, to our baby bathtime bundles complete with snuggly baby grows and baby baths - our tried and tested baby bundles will likely be put to good use right away! While new parents will likely have a huge range of baby grows and cuddly toys due to the nature of having a new baby, thinking outside of the box and providing a new parent with a bespoke baby bundle will be sure to help them navigate early parenthood from the get go.

What do new parents really need?

At Direct4Baby, we know all too well that many parents often end up with a lot of entertainment for their newborn, but often find themselves lacking useful parenting essentials. While many friends and family will often splash out on toys, books and clothing for a little one - more important parenting purchases are often overlooked. Therefore, we would recommend asking new parents what they require and purchase a lasting gift that will be both practical and useful. Baby items, such as blankets, bottles, or nappies, will also save parents from rushing around for all important essentials in the weeks leading up to their little one’s arrival.

How much money should you spend on a baby shower gift?

The price you should spend on gifts for new parents depends on several factors, including how close you are to the expecting parents and the essentials they might want. So, it might be wise to ask them beforehand if there’s anything they need. With our baby gift sets and bundles, prices differ depending on affordability. Our budget friendly options start from just £29.99, or, there are more luxury bundles on offer that are ideal for friends and family looking for a meaningful gift.

Our Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents 2022 Include:

Baby bath products - Luxury Bath Bundle: £89.99; Essential Bath Bundle: £29.99; Ultimate Bath Bundle: £159.99.

Essentials for newborns - Exclusive Direct 4 Baby Starter Bundle: £199.00; 1st Christmas Gift Bundle: £36.00; 1st Christmas Gift Set: £36.00 and Newborn Gift Bundle: £75.00.

Baby bottles - Breastfeeding Starter Kit: £155.00 and Bottlefeeding Starter Kit: £289.00

Days out with baby - Child Gift Bundle - Rose Gold: £175.00; Child’s Gift Bundle - Grey: £175.00

Baby Bath Gift Sets

Essential Bath Bundle

Perfect for those looking for an affordable baby shower gift, the Direct4Baby Essential Bath Bundle includes three basic yet effective essentials for a little one, including a washcloth, snuggly bath towel and the Shnuggle Baby Bath Brush, which has a soothing feel and is made to fit comfortably in parents’ hands.

Luxury Bath Bundle


Curated to make baby bath times a total breeze, our great value Luxury Bath Bundle includes items also featured in the Ultimate Bath Bundle, such as the extra soft bamboo and cotton blend Shnuggle Wash Cloths and Shnuggle Baby Bath Towel. Other essential items in this new parents hamper include the easy-to-read Pebbly® Bath Thermometer, which comes with an in-built sensor that promptly alerts parents when the water hits the right temperature.

Ultimate Bath Bundle

The first bath times with a little one can be a difficult experience for new parents, so why not make things easier for them with the Direct4Baby Ultimate Bath Bundle? Ideal for bigger budgets and featuring the 3-in-1 Next Generation Aqua Scale bathtub, our curated baby bathtime gift set has everything parents need for baby's first bath, making it a great baby shower gift and one they’ll likely be thankful for in the early stages of their baby's life. Keeping newborns safe and supported, the Next Generation tub is complete with ergonomic body support, so parents have peace of mind that their baby is both supported and completely comfortable. Also including an inbuilt thermometer and scales, it’s no surprise that our Direct4Baby bath bundle is a popular product among our customers.

Newborn Gift Sets

Newborn Gift Bundle

newborn gift bundle

One of our most popular baby gift sets available at Direct4baby, the Newborn Gift Bundle has been carefully assembled to support a newborn’s first few months at home. Included in the bundle, the snug Ergobaby Swaddler in Moon Phase provides a cocoon of comfort to help baby sleep soundly, while simultaneously allowing parents to catch up on some rest. Also featured, the Lulujo Single Cotton Swaddle And Cards with the hello world wreath, will capture those treasured moments in several memorable photos, designed to celebrate the early months of your little one’s life.

Exclusive Direct4Baby Starter Bundle

Direct4Baby Starter Bundle

Carefully curated for newborns, our Exclusive Direct4Baby Starter Bundle is the perfect baby shower gift or gift for new parents. Every item featured in this exclusive Direct4Baby gift set is built to last from birth until toddlerhood, meaning parents will reap the benefits of this bespoke bundle for years to come. Thoughtful and practical, the Baby Starter Bundle includes the Babymoov Cosydream, a cosy sleep pod built to mirror being inside the womb, as well as the fashionable Tula Explore Baby Carrier, which has strong adjustable head support ideal for carrying newborns to and fro.

1st Christmas Gift Bundle

1st Christmas Gift Bundle

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a first Christmas, the Direct4Baby 1st Christmas Gift Bundle is cleverly designed to offer gifts they’ll treasure. Featuring the Lulujo Cotton Muslin Comforter and the Leo the Lion Baby Leggings and Socks set, the Direct4Baby First Christmas gift set is great for keeping baby cosy and comfortable through their first festive season.

1st Christmas Gift Set

1st Christmas Gift Set

Featuring the adorable pink Beatrice the Bunny Baby Bath Mit, our 1st Christmas Gift Set is a perfect gift for a budding baby girl. And the soft knit leggings in the Fiona the Fawn Baby Leggings and Socks Set will protect baby’s knees from bruises and scrapes while exploring their surroundings.

Baby Bottles

Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Hand-picked using several of Direct4Baby’s best-selling nursing products, the Breastfeeding Starter Kit will provide parents with exactly what they need in the first few months to make feeding as comfortable as possible. From the Ergobaby Curved Nursing Pillow, made with sturdy foam that will give the baby comfort and support, to the classic Tommee Tippee bottle set, the Direct4Baby Breastfeeding Starter Kit is a thoughtful gift set to consider.

Bottle Feeding Starter Kit

Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Featuring some of our best-selling products from a number of the UK’s most trustworthy brands, our Bottle Feeding Starter Kit has everything new parents need to make the feeding experience as stress-free as possible, such as our award-winning Closer to Nature® bottles.

Days Out With Baby

Child’s Gift Bundle - Rose Gold & Grey 

 child gift bundle rose gold

Ideal for helping a little one’s brother or sister feel included, particularly if you’re expecting a new baby or have just brought a little one into the world, the Direct4Baby Child’s Gift Bundle, available in rose gold and grey, allows children to expand their imagination. Encourage play and let your little one carry the adorable Fabelab Rainbow Fairy Doll in our realistic ABC Design Migno Doll Pram that includes most functions of a real pushchair.

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