Direct4Baby's Guide to UPPABaby

Direct4Baby's Guide to UPPABaby

A brand committed to creating high quality baby products, UPPAbaby has sold premium infant travel essentials to new parents for almost two decades. Founded in 2006, with years’ of knowledge and experience under their belts, UPPAbaby certainly know a thing or two about creating products that provide everything you and your little one need for every type of outing.

Boasting a number of models that are specifically designed to meet the varying preferences of each individual family, the UPPAbaby collection is guaranteed to have a bundle or stroller that’s perfect for you and your infant. From pushchairs suitable for long journeys and staycations, to strollers built to tackle difficult surfaces and crowded places, make your life easier with an UPPAbaby stroller, car seat or carrycot.

Need a helping hand when it comes to deciding which UPPAbaby travel essentials are right for you and your family? Keep reading as our Direct4Baby experts walk you through our best-selling UPPAbaby travel strollers, car seats and more - as well as shining light on some of our frequently asked questions about this reputable brand.

What is so special about uppababy?

It’s no wonder UPPAbaby remains one of our best-selling baby brands, as their stylish and highly practical baby strollers, car seats and co-ordinating baby accessories remain in high demand among parents across the world. While the range may appear to be on the more expensive side, paired with stellar reviews from real parents, we definitely believe this brand is worth the investment. Compared to lower priced travel essentials on the market, UPPAbaby products include a number of useful, additional features, as well as holding extra capabilities, to justify the additional spend.

Made using materials that are built to last, UPPAbaby’s travel essentials offer the perfect solution for parents looking for a travel system that offers functionality, security and comfort for both parent and baby. From travel strollers, car seats and coordinating accessories, these fashion forward, yet functional, parenting products are designed to make parents' lives easier while travelling from A to B.

Can you put an infant in an uppababy stroller?

The carrycot and stroller bundles available at Direct4Baby, such as the UPPAbaby Vista Pushchair & Carrycot set, allow you to use the Vista pushchair as a lie-flat pram, making this a suitable option for your newborn. However, if you’re looking to buy the pushchair without a carrycot, please wait until your baby is at least 6 months old and can sit up independently to use this.

If you’re going on an overnight stay, the versatile carrycot included in the Vista set features a plush travel mattress with a breathable inner lining, providing a snug bed for your little one. Eliminating the need to bring an additional sleeping option for your child and removing the worry of overpacking, UPPAbaby offers a variety of bundle options complete with a carrycot, such as the Cruz.

UPPAbaby Pushchair

UPPAbaby Pushchair UPPAbaby Ridge All-Terrain Pushchair (Black/Carbon) - £819.99

Whether you’re a keen hiker, or just love exploring the natural world, why not take your little one with you in the UPPAbaby Ridge all terrain pushchair?

From bumpy surfaces to uneven terrains, the Ridge pushchair is designed to be used across all types of settings, making it the ideal option for parents who love adventures. With an assortment of smart, adjustable features, both you and your little one will be kept as comfortable as possible while travelling over surfaces typically found off the beaten path that might otherwise be difficult to tackle using other stroller models.

Featuring no inflation tires, there’s also no need to worry about issues along the way, as the large pushchair wheels allow a smooth, easy ride, while the air pump can be left at home, meaning there is less to carry on long walks. But if you find that the surface does get a little too bumpy when out and about with your little one, the pushchairs’ one hand fold makes it easy for folding and carrying.

Suitable for newborns (thanks to the Ridge Pushchair and Carrycot add-on) children of all ages are able to join family adventures. If you’re also bringing an older child along with you, don’t forget to shop the PiggyBack Ride-on Board. Featuring a non-slip surface, this can be used for young walkers who may get tired legs after walking long distances. And, when not in use, this board can easily be lifted out of the way.

UPPAbaby Cruz Pushchair (Sage Green Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather) - £739.99

A more lightweight option than the Ridge or Vista, the UPPAbaby Cruz pushchair is ideal for parents who prefer a lighter choice with complete flexibility. Providing the freedom to travel almost anywhere in busy towns or cities, the streamlined design of this innovative stroller means it won’t weigh you down while on walks, shopping, or when you’re carefully navigating your way through busy crowds.

Allowing you to manoeuvre around crowded streets and busy supermarkets with ease, as well as comfortably storing whatever you need thanks to an extra large, lower storage compartment, the Cruz ensures a completely hassle-free travel solution for parents. And, if you’re still concerned about taking your infant out in a busy area, the vented peekaboo window gives parents peace of mind that your little one is safe and secure at all times.

If you’re looking to transform this model so it’s suitable for travelling with your newborn, don’t forget to purchase the Cruz and Carrycot Bundle, which enables the pushchair to be adjusted to a lie-flat recline.

Is Uppababy Cruz worth it?

If you’re a keen traveller, the Cruz features an ultra streamlined design that boasts a more compact, lightweight feel than other UPPAbaby models, making this the ideal travelling solution for parents who are always on the go. While the lighter, smaller frame makes the Cruz easier to store on trains, buses and more, it also makes it easier for parents who like to take children on walks, as this design means it can be pushed around long distances effortlessly.

Uppababy Travel System

UPPAbaby Cruz Pushchair & i-Size Mesa Travel System (Black/Carbon/Black Leather) - £1,414.96

If you’re looking for a car seat to attach to the Cruz chassis, or for using on your travels, the Cruz i-size travel system is almost guaranteed to live up to parents’ expectations and travelling needs.

Found to be 5 times safer than forward-facing seats, this rear-facing, fully reversible car seat will keep your infant safe and secure. And, in the unlikely event of a side-on collision, the MESA car seat includes both memory and EPP foam, providing plush side impact protection and effective energy absorption that will help prevent the risk of injuries.

Uppababy Vista

UPPAbaby Vista Pushchair & i-Size Travel System (Jordan) - £1,300.47

Great for parents on the go that need to safely transport their little one from A to B, or have two children of similar ages, or twins, the Vista travel system is designed to make travelling a breeze. Easily adaptable, this practical UPPAbaby bundle can be changed to cater to more than one infant, making it a better option for expanding families than the Cruz or Ridge.

Featuring a wide range of convenient features, the Vista pushchair includes an adjustable seat that can be changed to face you, or world-facing, so your child can have a clear view of the world around them. And, when your little one begins to get tired, the stroller features five different reclining positions, so you’re able to find the best position for your infant to nap comfortably, while the four-wheel suspension makes for a smooth ride and allows your child to enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, wherever you may be.

What is the difference between UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz?

While both are great for parents on the go, deciding whether an UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz pushchair is right for the travelling requirements of both you and your little one can be a challenge.

While there are a few distinguishable differences between these two UPPAbaby models, one of the most significant is that the Cruz features a smaller, lighter frame than the Vista, which might make it easier to push for long periods of time, as well as to fit comfortably on public transport holds if you’re a frequent traveller. Some parents may also opt for the Cruz over the Vista, due to the difference in price points.

However, the Cruz is only able to hold one seat, while the Vista can be doubled up to include two, which means it’s the perfect investment for growing families who have twins or two little ones of a similar age.

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Whether you’re a keen traveller looking for a practical baby travel bundle to suit days out and long staycations, or you’re an avid hiker searching for a pushchair that will safely see you and your little one through a variety of terrains, the UPPAbaby range has something to suit all travelling preferences. Browse through the premium UPPAbaby range at Direct4Baby and find a number of sought-after travel systems, car seats, pushchairs and accessories.