Direct4baby takes part in Radio One’s Tour de Dance!

Direct4baby takes part in Radio One’s Tour de Dance!

This week, Radio One DJ Arielle Free, is raising money for Comic Relief by cycling around 5 UK cities for a total of 50 hours whilst DJing on a 10 person bike. Direct4baby and our sister company Direct4Pet were thrilled to take part in the Liverpool leg, with our Customer Services Supervisor, Kate, and Product Manager, Harriet, both heading down to Liverpool Museum on Thursday 9th March.

Harriet and Kate from Direct4baby next to the bike at Radio One's Tour de Dance Liverpool

This amazing Red Nose Day challenge is raising money for Comic Relief. The money raised will help support people struggling with cost-of-life crisis as well as homelessness and mental health problems. To find out more head over to Radio One’s website to read about the challenge.

 Despite the awful snowy conditions, Kate and Harriet headed down to the meeting point, and kitted out in thick gloves and waterproof ponchos to protect them from the weather. They were thrilled to bump into Radio One DJ Jordan North and grab a quick picture with him before heading out to the bike itself.

Direct4baby's Kate and Direct4Pet's Harriet with DJ Jordan North

The 90 minute ride was a tough slog, especially up the hills around the Liverpool cathedrals, but Arielle’s tunes and fellow Radio One DJ Charley Hedges were on hand throughout to keep up everyone’s spirits. Highlights included a ‘Hey Jude’ singalong (we’re in Liverpool after all!) and trying on Arielle’s headphones so they could take to the decks themselves. 


After they had finished their leg of the 50 hour cycle for Comic Relief we asked them a few questions about the day. 

What were your highlights of the experience?

Kate:- Taking part in such a fun activity for such a good cause, supporting Arielle and helping to raise so much money which we were told had hit 300k during our bike ride!

Harriet:- The highlight of the day was seeing how everyone came together and helped her complete the bike ride, it was amazing to see everyone singing together and smiling and just bringing some great positive energy.

What was the hardest part of the day?

Kate:- Two words... HILL STARTS

Harriet:- The most challenging part of the day was the hills, omg I don’t know how she’s done it for so long. As well as the snow, it was freezing. 

How can people support Arielle and the Tour de Dance?

Kate:- Donate donate donate! It was lovely to see how much each and every donation means to Arielle and it's a great feeling to know that all the donations also go towards Comic Relief.

Harriet:- You can support Arielle and Comic Relief by getting online and donating, however much you can, every little bit really does help!!


We know that times are tough for a lot of people at the moment, but if you can spare a few pounds to donate to the cause, just follow the link here. Direct4baby and Direct4Pet are so proud of Kate and Harriet and are making sure they are looked after this afternoon with plenty of hot chocolate!