Best Toddler Strollers of 2023

Best Toddler Strollers of 2023

With lots of options on the market, parents are often spoilt for choice when it comes to searching for a stroller that will meet the needs of their newborn child. However, once an infant grows and reaches a number of developmental milestones, moving on to the next stage in their life, finding the right toddler stroller to suit your child can seem like a daunting task. At the toddler stage of their lives, your child will now be considerably heavier, developing curiosity and wanting to see more of the world, as well as having gained the ability to move and sit up by themselves. Therefore, it’s important parents purchase a toddler stroller that will meet each of these requirements.

This transition into toddlerhood is no doubt a big step for both you and your toddler, so it’s no surprise that you’ll want to spend time searching for an appropriate pushchair to suit all your travelling needs. Luckily, our parenting experts at Direct4Baby have narrowed down our strollers for toddlers to some top picks we think you’ll love. From lightweight options to double strollers and more, we have compiled a number of pushchairs boasting a range of practical features, and have also answered some frequently asked questions addressing the suitability of strollers for toddlers.

Is a 3 year old too big for a stroller?

While using a stroller during the earlier years makes getting from A to B much easier, as your toddler grows, they may eventually become too heavy for a pushchair, and the last thing you want is for your child to become over reliant on being pushed around. In fact, experts advise that when your infant is around three years old, this is a good time to leave the buggy behind and allow them to find their own feet. This is mainly due to the typical stages of development, as a child should be confidently walking and running by the time they are three. However, if they are not, it’s a good idea to seek further advice from a doctor, or child development expert.

Although the transition from being in a pushchair to walking around might seem like a scary first step for both parent and child, this is the perfect time to allow your little one to gain independence by exploring the world in more depth outside of their stroller, while helping to increase strength and enabling them to stay active.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that your infant only has small legs, which might get tired quickly. Therefore, if you decide to head on a long walk with your toddler and have a newborn, when needed, simply attach one of our buggyboards to your pushchair to help them along. Alternatively, if your infant is an only child, or you’re simply worried about losing them in crowds, the Clippasafe easy wash harness and reins will help to keep them close. Particularly useful in busy areas or cities, the toddler harness and reins offer complete peace of mind that your child is safe and secure at all times. We would also recommend using a lightweight toddler stroller for longer walks, which will mean that it will likely be significantly easier to push for long distances. 

Toddler Strollers

Whether you’re looking for a stroller suitable for everyday use, or you’re searching for a lightweight pushchair that you’re able to carry around for long periods of time, before you begin the search, it’s important to consider the individual needs of you and your little one. To help you decide on the best option for the both of you, we have listed a few points below to consider:

  • Lifestyle: If you could describe your lifestyle in a few words, consider what this would be. If your answer is adventurous, for example, it would be wise to consider an all-terrain stroller, which is suitable for tackling a large range of rough surfaces. You should also consider your living circumstances, for instance, if you live in the city and need a pushchair to get around, you’ll need to consider a stroller with strong maneuverability.
  • Method of Transportation: If you frequently use a car, then a lightweight stroller might be lower on your priority list, as all you’ll need to do is fit this in and out of the boot of your car when necessary. Meanwhile, if you rely on public transport as a method of transportation, it’s probably best to purchase a lightweight or compact stroller that can be carried around and placed in holds with ease.
  • Price: As with any other large purchase you make for your toddler, it’s important to set a price range. If you’re concerned about quality and paying a lower price, rest assured, there are still plenty of strong contenders for the stroller you’ll ultimately end up buying.
  • Number of infants: If you have two or more infants of a similar age, consider doubling up. However, if you only have one infant to look after - or are considering having another child in a few years time - you will only need a single stroller for the time being.

Best Strollers for Toddlers

There were some very strong contenders in the running, but ultimately, the best strollers for toddlers came down to a select few options. High in quality and from a number of established brands, including Baby Jogger, UPPABaby, and more, the parenting experts at Direct4Baby have categorised each stroller by their top features to help you decide on a suitable option. From compact to all-terrain strollers, browse the pushchairs below and find the perfect stroller for you and your infant for 2023.

Best Lightweight Toddler Stroller

Joolz Aer Pushchair - £419.00

Joolz Aer Pushchair

If you’re searching for a toddler stroller that can be easily pushed from A to B and carried around when needed, as well as one that can easily fit into public transport holds, this lightweight stroller follows a compact style, providing the perfect solution for on-the-go parents.

Designed to allow parents who frequently bring their little ones along when travelling by train, bus, or other form of public transport, to travel with complete ease, this convenient stroller weighs only 6kg. Made for infants up to 18kg (around 4 years old) this lightweight toddler stroller features a handy strap that can be placed across your shoulder and easily carried, while allowing you to hold your infant at the same time. Highly functional, if you’re travelling for a long distance, the storage basket allows you to store all the essentials needed for the journey ahead.

Best Cheap Stroller for Toddler

Red Kite Push Me 2U Lightweight Stroller - £59.00

Red Kite Push Me 2U Lightweight Stroller

Suitable from 6 months onwards, if other options seem a little out of budget, this stroller provides the perfect, affordable alternative. Effortlessly lightweight and featuring a 5-point harness, this stroller has a number of secure and convenient features without breaking the bank. Featuring a detachable hood and raincover, this pushchair is great for battling the elements, keeping your infant well sheltered and dry at all times, while the two position recline will allow your toddler to stay comfortable throughout the journey. And, when you’re finished with the stroller for the day, the simple folding mechanism means it can be easily stored away.

Best Double Stroller for Toddlers

Baby Monster Kuki Twin - £385.00

Baby Monster Kuki Twin Stroller



Although suitable from birth, this double stroller can hold two infants that each weigh up to 15kg in weight, making it another perfect choice for toddlers. Designed to feel less like a double stroller, the pushchair boasts an ultra-compact fold and feel. And, making the stressful task of navigating through shopping centres, parks, busy streets, and more, a hassle-free experience for parents compared to other stroller options on the market, this pushchair is designed to be much more manageable than a standard double pushchair, taking the stress out of your travels.

What is the best jogging stroller for toddlers?

With the ability to withstand up to 55 lbs in weight, whether you’re going for a light jog around the local area, or you’re heading further afield to complete a more intense run in the countryside, the UPPABaby Ridge allows you to easily tackle all kinds of rough surfaces.

Best Jogging Buggy

UPPABaby Ridge All-Terrain Pushchair - £819.99

UPPAbaby Ridge All Terrain Stroller

Designed with a high performance build, the durable and puncture resistant tyres on this stroller are made to last through wherever your running endeavours take you and your infant. Allowing you to take your run, or hike, off the beaten path and explore new surroundings with your toddler, without suffering any consequences, such as flat tyres, the ridge is certainly a top contender for the best toddler strollers of 2023.

What is the best stroller for a one year old?

The official transition into toddlerhood, a baby’s first birthday, is one of the most exciting milestones to celebrate. However, now they have become less reliant on a pram, or a carrycot attached to a pram chassis, it may have you thinking about a stroller that will let your little one see more of the world; while keeping them safe and secure. To help ease the transition into toddlerhood, a great toddler stroller option has to be the Baby Jogger City Mini G2.

Best All-Terrain Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini G2 - £489.00

Baby Jogger City Mini G2

Worth the investment, the mini G2 has got parents and expert reviewers alike excited about what it has to offer. An update on the Baby Jogger GT, this latest model now features all-wheel suspension, rather than the previous front-wheel suspension, making it perfect for tackling tough terrains, while the 5-point harness will keep your infant secure when heading over these rough surfaces.

Suitable from birth to infants up to 22kg (around 5 years old) this all-terrain stroller boasts many other much-loved features including a lie-flat recline that allows your infant to nap on the go, a spacious storage basket for storing all the essentials you need, a secure parking break and more.

Baby Jogger City Mini G2 Travel System

The ideal pushchair for parents who love to explore the outdoors, or simply enjoy heading out to town, this stroller has the ability to be transformed into a full travel system. And a car seat purchased from most leading brands will be compatible with this stroller, which can be attached to the G2 using these convenient car seat adapters.

Best Toddler Strollers of 2023 at Direct4Baby

Whether you’re searching for a lightweight stroller to take with you on public transport, or an all-terrain stroller that will see you through a large variety of trails found off the beaten path, there is bound to be a stroller from Direct4Baby that will suit your lifestyle.

Browse through our extensive collection of single strollers and double pushchairs for toddlers, as well as accompanying stroller accessories for toddlers and find the perfect stroller, or travel system, to see you and your toddler through 2023 in complete style.