Best Pushchair Accessories for Winter Walks

Best Pushchair Accessories for Winter Walks

While summer brings the need for minimal accessories, other than sun covers and plenty of sun cream, t-shirts and water, winter presents a brand new challenge of its own. From preventing your little one from catching a chill, to protecting their head, hands and feet from the cold, sleet and snow, it can seem like there’s a lot to remember before taking your infant out during low temperatures and unpredictable conditions, particularly if you’re a first-time parent who’s completely new to the game (don’t worry - we’ve all been there!).

With a lot to remember before heading out with your little one, at Direct4Baby, we have the perfect solution to help you and your infant survive the winter season in warmth and style. Featuring a wide range of pushchair accessories, from footmuffs to keep your child’s feet protected from the cold, to rain covers for shading your infant from the elements, this blog will recommend the best stroller aids to make your winter walks hassle-free.

Do you need a rain cover for a stroller?

Mountain Buggy Swift Bundle in Black with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 - Free Raincover - £949.00

Mountain Buggy Swift Bundle

No matter whether it’s winter, or summer, with the unpredictable weather often faced by the UK, a raincover is a perfect year-round stroller accessory that parents should have on-hand to use at any moment. Many leading brands of pushchairs sold at Direct4Baby arrive with a rain cover to help parents better prepare for facing the elements, such as our Mountain Buggy Swift Bundle in Black with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360, or the double bundle. Another great option, the Britax STRIDER M Essential Bundle (available in multiple colours) also includes a free cover. If you’re looking for a stroller that offers parents the option of a built-in or free rain cover included in the overall purchase, we would recommend taking a look at all of the travel systems and pushchair bundles available to find the right model for your family’s needs.

However, if you already own a pushchair without a suitable cover for the colder months, Direct4Baby sell a wide range of highly durable carrycot and pushchair rain covers, designed to see you through sleet, rain, snow and even provide protection from windy conditions. There are many leading pushchair brands sold on our website that sell rain covers compatible with their strollers, including Doona, Joolz, Baby Monsters, and more.

Koo-di Splish Splosh Universal Stroller Raincover - Rain Cloud - £18.00

If you’re searching for a universal pushchair rain cover, whether your walk is long or short, the Koo-di Splish Splosh Universal Stroller Rain Cover provides comfort and protection all winter long (and during the summer if you need it). Compatible with most leading stroller brands, this durable cover provides the ideal solution for parents who have purchased a stroller without a raincover. With two ventilated panels for increased breathability and air flow, as well as a soft cotton feel, simply pop out the cover once the velcro is unfastened, and place it on your stroller.

Stroller Footmuffs

Another winter necessity, stroller footmuffs will protect your little one’s legs and feet from getting caught in the cold. These can either be used alongside a raincover if conditions are harsh, or if they are milder, the footmuffs can be used as a standalone. From thinner to more thermal options, there are plenty of footmuffs at Direct4Baby from popular baby brands including Bugaboo, Egg, Oyster 3 and more. Although most of the footmuffs sold at Direct4Baby need to be paired with strollers of a particular brand due to size and placement restrictions, there is the option to buy footmuffs and strollers as a pair.

Egg Z Stroller & Footmuff - Black - £484.00

Egg Z Stroller & Footmuff

Providing the ideal option for style-conscious parents looking for a footmuff and stroller combination, the Egg Z Pushchair and Footmuff, available in multiple colours, leads the way in both practicality and class. While the high-end style is bound to make a statement, the stroller offers an assortment of practical features, including an extendable canopy to provide year-round protection from the elements, as well as a secure 5-point harness and bumper bar, which will help to keep your infant extra safe and secure.

Suitable from birth until 22kg, whether you’re on your first winter walk with your new little one, or you have recently purchased this pushchair for your toddler, the seat unit can be reclined to a lie-flat position, as well as two other positions, to make this pushchair suitable for all ages. And, if you’re making use of the footmuff, the convenient front zip allows you to easily lift your little one in and out of the stroller. Made using a durable fabric with a soft feel, the footmuff will keep your infants feet toasty warm.

Infant Ride Ons

Although this accessory can be used year-round, it’s particularly useful for when you have a little one in a pushchair, as well as an infant that may be able to walk but still requires a helping hand. Perfect for icy conditions, which could pose a hazard to those just finding their feet, our ride-on baby boards at Direct4Baby provide the ideal solution for enjoying a winter stroll with two little ones.

Lascal Maxi Plus BuggyBoard with Saddle (Exclusive to Direct4Baby) - Black - £114.99

Lascal Maxi Plus BuggyBoard

To help prevent any accidents when the ground is slippier than usual, the Lascal Maxi Plus BuggyBoard, which is compatible with most buggies, and pushchairs, provides older brothers and sisters protection from icy surfaces while out on walks with you and your younger child. Simply attach it to the pushchair and make use of the innovative weather-ready features.

Offering optimum comfort and security, the board features a large anti-slip platform on large wheels and includes built-in suspension. Easily removable and foldable when not in use, a baby buggy board is the ultimate essential for winter walks.

Pushchair Organiser

As well as ensuring you have the basic, year-round essentials, such as changing accessories, feeding bottles and more, the winter presents the added challenge of packing hats, gloves, and other winter warmers when heading out on a stroll. Whether you’ve stopped at a cafe and need somewhere to store your infant’s bulky weather essentials, or it’s a milder day but you need to pack a few extra layers in case the weather suddenly changes, a stroller organiser will help get you through the season with ease - particularly if you have a pushchair model with limited storage space.

Bugaboo Organiser - Grey Melange - £44.96

bugaboo organiser

Featuring a universal stroller attachment, the Bugaboo Organiser is perfect for storing all your additional winter gear. Ideal for when there’s no more room in your pushchairs storage basket, this convenient extra will provide all the room you need to help prepare you for those chilly walks. Made from water-repellent materials, from short strolls to seasonal trips away, this multi-pocket storage bag provides the ideal pushchair companion for all your kit - no matter how big or small.

Pushchair Accessories for Winter Walks

From cosy footmuffs to extra storage bags, shop our wide range of universal pushchair accessories or bundles available at Direct4Baby. Designed to help you and your little one survive the season, these outdoor winter essentials provide the ultimate solution for all your travelling needs.