Best Nursery Room Sets for 2022

Best Nursery Room Sets for 2022

When the time comes to pick out the perfect nursery furniture set for your little one, there are many things to consider. It’s likely you already have a long list of priorities you’re trying to juggle, with comfort, safety, practicality and space all high on that list, and finding a baby nursery set that meets all your needs can be tricky.

At Direct4Baby, we have years of experience helping parents whittle down their choices until they’re left with the best option that fits both their priority list and their budget. If you’re sitting in that all too familiar position, struggling to create the perfect nursery in time for welcoming your little one to the world, we’re here to help.

In this blog, we’ll be imparting a little wisdom by sharing with you everything you need to consider when looking for a new nursery room set, as we introduce you to the best nursery room furniture sets for 2022.

What furniture is best for a nursery?

Before we get into which nursery furniture sets we recommend in 2022, let's go over what you should have on your checklist. There are a few pieces of furniture a nursery can’t do without, and some which are more optional if you have the budget and space to spare, knowing what you’re looking for before buying may even save you a little extra money if you’re shopping in bundles.

  • Sleeping Space: Whether you’re looking for a traditional crib or the more adaptable, long lasting cot bed, you’ll need to have a dedicated space for your little one to sleep. Unlike some other items in a nursery, a cot, cot bed or toddler bed is a complete necessity.
  • Changing Space: While many parents may prefer to use a portable changing mat for all of their nappy changing needs, some prefer a stationary changing table. A convenient, dedicated space, nappy changing tables can save you the strain of kneeling on the floor and provide the perfect opportunity to store all your nappy changing essentials in one place. Many modern nursery sets, like the Silver Cross Finchley furniture collection, include a dresser with a removable changing top, allowing you to save space and money by combining these two nursery furniture pieces.
  • Storage Space: Having numerous storage solutions within a nursery to organise and store all your little one’s clothes, nappies, blankets, toys and all that comes with having a young child is a necessity for parents. Storage spaces can come in all shapes and sizes, from the hyper-organised baby wardrobe to the spacious nursery dresser, as well as other popular solutions such as a toy box or nursery shelving.

What is the best nursery furniture to buy?

As is true for most things designed to enhance the safety and comfort of babies, all the best nursery furniture sets are those that have been released more recently to the market. Designed with innovative features that increase their durability, age suitability and comfort, newer models tend to offer much more to parents and our list of the best nursery furniture sets for 2022 showcases exactly why. Take a look at our top three recommendations for the best nursery room sets for 2022 below.

Silver Cross Finchley 3 PC Nursery Set, £650

The newest nursery set collection by Silver Cross, the Finchley furniture collection offers parents a simple, stylish nursery set consisting of an adaptable cot bed, a three-drawer dresser with removable changing table top and a full sized two-door baby wardrobe.

Featuring a beautiful mix of contemporary and traditional Nordic design, the brand new Silver Cross Finchley furniture set fits perfectly into neutral toned nurseries. The warm tones from the oak effect veneers bring a cosy, homey feel to the white nursery furniture that is perfect for creating a relaxing, calm environment for little ones to grow up in.

The Silver Cross Finchley nursery set is certainly not lacking in useful features either. The Finchley cot bed, for example, has multi-stage adaptability, allowing it to grow with your baby from the first day they’re brought home from the hospital till they outgrow the toddler stage at around four years old. The Finchley dresser is also as versatile as the baby cot bed, as the Finchley change table top can be removed as your little one moves from nappies to potty training. Recommended over traditional changing tables, the removable changing top also allows for easy cleaning, giving parents a hygienic, easy-to-use changing space within their nursery.

Looking for further information on the Silver Cross Finchley? Take a look at our complete guide to the beautiful Silver Cross Finchley baby nursery set to discover a definitive list of innovative design features and stylish details, as well further information on our exclusive range of affordable bundles available at Direct4Baby.

Silver Cross Nostalgia Sleigh 3 PC Room Set, £1800

The Nostalgia Sleigh nursery furniture set by Silver Cross represents everything the brand is known for. Luxurious, traditional design accented by classic style details, this white nursery furniture set is perfect for parents dreaming of a beautiful, timeless nursery and have a larger budget to work with.

Not unlike the highly practical Finchley nursery set, the Silver Cross Nostalgia Sleigh set includes a beautiful three-stage cot bed, a matching dresser with adaptable changing table top and a tall baby wardrobe. Unlike the Finchley set, however, the Nostalgia Sleigh features additional drawer space in the wardrobe and underneath the cot bed, giving you extra storage space for all your baby essentials.

As useful and important as the practical features of the Nostalgia Sleigh furniture set are, the true appeal of this beautiful white nursery set is the innate style and class that comes with it. Crafted with a hard wearing acacia wood finish in a pure white colourway that is utterly dreamy, this vintage style nursery set will last for years to come, and can be passed down and treasured from generation to generation.

SnuzKot Skandi 2 Piece Nursery Furniture Set, £718.20

Perfect for parents looking for a smaller 2-piece nursery set, the SnuzKot Skandi provides a stylish, practical nursery solution for parents with a mid-range furnishing budget. The SnuzKot Skandi set is available at Direct4Baby in five stunning colourways including slate, white, mono, grey and natural.

As the name suggests, the SnuzKot Skandi nursery set draws its styling inspiration from traditional Scandinavian interior design. Together the adaptable cot bed and matching three drawer dresser offer a completely unique and bold style that is perfect for parents looking for a nursery furniture set that’s a little different.

Practical as well as stylish, the Snuzkot Scandi is designed to last for years to come. Made from natural beech wood without the use of MDF or veneer, the frames are durable and strong. On top of this, the cot bed’s adaptability adds years to the suitability of the baby nursery set, turning easily from a newborn cot (0 - 18 months) to a toddler bed (18 months - 4 years) to a full junior bed with an additional extension kit (4 - 10 years).

Find nursery furniture sets at Direct4Baby

Whether you’re looking for a small two piece nursery furniture set perfect for modern families, such as the SnuzKot Skandi or, you’re hoping to get a little more for your money with the Silver Cross Finchley nursery set, find everything you need to prepare your home for your little one’s arrival online at Direct4Baby.