Best Baby Sleeping Bags for 2022

Best Baby Sleeping Bags for 2022

Designed to help make your little one’s nightly routine a whole lot easier, baby sleeping bags offer up a safer sleeping alternative to blankets, as they work to minimise the risk of overheating and disturbed sleeping patterns. With over 95% of parents in the UK now favouring baby sleeping bags over traditional blankets and top sheets, it comes as no surprise that sleeping bags are widely available in 2022, in a variety of innovative styles, sizes and colourways.

To help you determine which bag is best suited to your parenting needs, we’ve put together a guide to the best baby sleeping bags on the market in 2022. Keep reading as our Direct4Baby specialists walk you through our favourite baby sleeping bags, advice on TOGs and guidance on how best to find a sleeping bag to see your baby (or growing toddler) through all seasons.

Are sleeping bags safe for babies?

As with most new products on the market, baby sleeping bags were first met with scepticism, likely due to the unique restriction of movement a baby sleeping bag places on your little one throughout the night. However, it's this restriction of movement that actually makes a baby sleeping bag considerably safer than traditional sleeping aids.

Placing your baby in a sleeping bag and putting them in their crib on their back allows your little one to stay in the recommended feet-to-foot position as they sleep, which is listed as an official NHS recommendation for minimising the risk of SIDS. And, whilst your little one is completely free to move and kick their legs throughout the night with a baby sleeping bag, they can do so without any additional risks - as there’s no danger of blankets or duvets getting tangled up in their wriggly little arms or legs.

In fact, according to the official NHS website, ‘lightweight, well-fitting baby sleeping bags are an excellent choice’ as the unique, wearable design of a baby sleeping bag allows babies the freedom to move as they please, whilst keeping them at a constant, comfortable temperature throughout the night.

How do I shop for a safe baby sleeping bag?

For additional peace of mind, we would advise keeping an eye out for the British Safety Standards manufacturing mark whilst on the market for a baby sleeping bag.

This is often presented in the form of a code on a safety label, such as: BS 8510:2009, or EN 15781:2018. This code essentially means that the product has passed rigorous safety checks to ensure that the baby sleeping bag is made by a reputable manufacturer who has adhered to the highest quality of safety standards.

Here at Direct4Baby, we work with the very best of brands to bring our customers an exceptional range of high-quality, reliable baby sleeping bags. Though, should you have any reservations about a particular product, our online chat service will allow you to talk to one of our Direct4Baby specialists, to give you impartial, expert advice to provide the reassurance you need.

Choosing the right baby sleeping bags

Choosing the right baby sleeping bag for your growing little one should be determined by size foremost, as a sleeping bag that is too big or too small can cause complications. While there are plenty of baby sleeping bags designed to be used from birth, such as the Ergobaby Sheep Sleeping Bag, we would recommend waiting until your little one is at least a few weeks old. This is due to the fact that newborn babies are often swaddled and prefer to be tucked up, so blankets are often preferred until they grow a little older (which is often why most widely available sleeping bag sizes start from three months and upwards).

Once you’ve figured out your preferred size sleeping bag for your baby, there are a number of other influencing factors that could ultimately affect your final decision - including the time of year.

What TOG sleeping bag for baby?

While there’s no definitive answer to this question, it's recommended that parents invest in a number of baby sleeping bags with a variety of TOGS, so your little one can be placed in a comfortable baby sleeping bag all-year-round, particularly with the unpredictable British temperatures. There are three togs of sleeping bags, with 2.5 tog the warmest, 1 tog in the middle, and 0.5 tog the coolest. Read our guide below to find out more.

What tog sleeping bag for baby in Summer?

  • 0.5 TOG: The most lightweight baby sleeping bag on the market. 0.5 tog lightweight baby sleeping bags are designed for hotter nights in the UK - suitable for use in nightly temperatures from anywhere between 18C to 27C
  • 1 TOG: The ideal solution for spring and summer months in the UK, 1 TOG helps to keep your baby cool at night through warmer temperatures. Suitable for temperatures anywhere between 21C to 23C
  • 2.5 TOG: Mostly favoured for all-year-round baby sleeping bags (with extra supervision in the summertime) a 2.5 TOG is suitable for a standard room temperature of 16C to 20C.

Here at Direct4Baby, we would also advise investing in a room thermometer to keep in your little one’s nursery, as babies bodies are unable to self regulate. That way, when it comes to bedtime, you can review the room temperature to help determine which TOG sleeping bag would be best through warmer, or colder months, which is particularly helpful when British weather is at its most unpredictable, and will give you peace of mind.

 The best baby summer sleeping bags

The Purflo Sleeping Bag - Lightweight 0.5 TOG


Let your little one drift off safely, with the Purflo 0.5 TOG baby sleeping bag.

Designed for hotter nights, the Purflo lightweight sleeping bag in minimal grey benefits from additional breathing panels for ventilation, to help keep babies as comfortable as possible while they sleep. Designed to offer a simple sleeping solution for parents, this minimal baby sleeping bag isn’t limited to just the nursery.

Whether you’re on a summer adventure and would like to transport your baby from car to crib peacefully, or you’re simply looking for a versatile baby sleeping bag that can be used in the car seat, pram and beyond - the integrated travel features of the Purflo baby bag make this sleeping bag a perfect choice for those looking to improve their baby’s sleep quality. Made with parents and ease of use in mind, the Purflo Sleeping Bag also benefits from a two-way zipper, to make for fuss-free nappy changes on-the-go.

Available in a variety of sizes at Direct4Baby; from 3-9 months and 9-18 months, the Purflo minimal sleeping bag also complies with British Safety Standards, so parents can sleep soundly knowing their baby is resting in safe hands.

Ergobaby Classic Sleeping Bag in Daisy Print - 1.0 TOG

Featuring an adorable pink daisy motif pattern, the Ergobaby Classic Sleeping Bag allows for plenty of wiggles and kicks, all whilst keeping your baby safe and secure.

Cocooned in an ultra-soft, 100% cotton shell, the Ergobaby Classic Sleeping bag helps your little one stay completely cool and comfortable through summer months. Acting as an inbetween design to help transition your baby from a swaddle to sleeping bag, this innovative bag eliminates the need for traditional baby blankets - so both parents and babies alike can rest easily.

Here at Direct4Baby, we particularly love the Ergobaby’s adjustable shoulders that are designed to provide additional comfort as your baby grows. Perfect for parents on slightly stricter budgets, shoulders can be adjusted to help babies get more wear from a bag before it needs to be replaced.

The best winter baby sleeping bags

SnuzPouch Sleeping Bag - White Spot - 2.5 TOG

SnuzPouch White Spot Sleeping Bag


Made with comfort in mind, the SnuzPouch Sleeping Bag features modern designs and innovative features to help your baby sleep easy and remain at the right temperature through colder months, regardless of how much they kick and wriggle at night. Safe and secure, this safety-tested and approved SnuzPouch sleeping bag allows babies to remain reassuringly snug, with double shoulder poppers for security and under arm poppers for correct sizing, which will create a safe and secure sleeping environment for your little one.

Featuring a range of different designs and colourways, the SnuzPouch sleeping bag is both stylish and convenient. With the Snuzpouch including a clever Nappy change zip, these sleeping bags provide a quick and easy solution for nappy changing during the night.

Ergobaby On The Move Sleeping Bag - 2.5 TOG

Designed to be suitable from the age of 6 months onwards, the Ergobaby On The Move is the recommended baby sleeping bag for curious little explorers.

Bridging the gap between playtime and night time, the adjustable foot holes allow parents to switch the sleeping bag to a walking bag with ease, perfect for keeping little one’s cosy as they lounge, play or toddle around. As well as innovative features to get more wear out of the Ergobaby, the On The Move sleeping bag is crafted from a skin-soft cotton and features adjustable snap-button shoulder straps, to make for easy transportation. Simply secure your little one using the added seat belt slot for use in both a car or pushchair to comfortably transport your family from A to B.

Versatile, stylish and completely practical, the Ergobaby On The Move range is an ideal sleeping bag solution for slightly older children who are just finding their feet.

What should my baby wear with a 2.5 tog sleeping bag?

During the winter months, you will want to keep your baby as warm as possible, without overheating them. As in the guide, for temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees C, the 2.5 TOG sleeping bag is the most appropriate. Ideally, experts recommend that at 20 degrees, a baby should wear a long-sleeved bodysuit when in the sleeping bag. However, some houses are cooler than others, so experts advise that if the room is cooler than 18 degrees celsius, the baby should wear a long-sleeved bodysuit and pyjama top when in the sleeping bag, keeping them warm and cosy.

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From simple 100% cotton sleeping bags, to more innovative bags that can be adjusted for wear throughout the day and night, our range of baby sleeping bags for 2022 features the very best designs on the market. Perfect for ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for both parent and baby, shop our full range of baby sleeping bags and uncover sleeping solutions from leading brands such as Ergobaby, Purflo, The Little Green Sheep and more.