A Guide to the Best Gift's for Baby's Siblings

A Guide to the Best Gift's for Baby's Siblings

Whether you’re expecting or have recently brought a little one home, the arrival of a baby is an exciting time for everyone involved. And, although older siblings will likely share this excitement, it's common for them to need some time to adjust to this big change. After all, they may be used to receiving more attention from you, and, therefore, could end up feeling a little left out when you’re spending a large portion of your time looking after their new younger sibling.

While there are other ways to help your older child feel included, buying them a gift from their new younger brother or sister can help to show them that they haven’t been forgotten about and are still loved by everyone in the family. Although this doesn’t need to be a large investment, and isn’t an essential step, our parenting experts at Direct4Baby feel that giving your older child a gift once your new little one arrives is a great way to ensure that they don’t feel left out and will help to involve them in this brand new way of life.

To help you choose the right gift, our gift guide for siblings highlights a wide range of suitable gift ideas for older brothers and sisters, in order to help them feel special and, as a bonus, can keep them occupied while you’re busy looking after your new little one.

What do you give a toddler when a new baby comes?

If the age gap between your new little one and their older sibling is relatively small, it’s likely that your child will still be in the early stages of development and may still be very reliant on you. Because of this, there’s a number of suitable gifts for smaller children that will help to occupy and entertain them after your baby is born. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best sibling gifts for those still in the early stages of toddlerhood.

Childhome Sitting Plush Teddy Bear - £129.99

Childhome Teddy Bear

Providing something for a sibling to cuddle while you’re pre-occupied looking after your new infant, the Childhome Teddy Bear has been crafted from soft and high-quality materials. Acting as the perfect decorative addition to a toddler’s nursery, this toy will help your older child express positive emotions while encouraging them to develop their imagination through playtime. If you feel they’d prefer another animal, the Childhome Elephant Cuddly Toy and Standing Giraffe also provide a great companion to an older sibling and still offer that soft, comforting feel.

Micro Scooter (Multiple Colours) - £84.95

Micro Scooter

When you’re heading out with your new baby in a pram, you can now let your toddler ride closely alongside you. Featuring an assortment of different colourways, our range of micro scooters for toddlers, which include 3-in-1 push along options for young riders still building their confidence, can last until your infant is around 5 years old. Great for developing balance and coordination skills, these can be purchased alongside our micro scooter accessories, which feature everything your child needs to stay safe while riding, including helmets, bells and straps.

However, if you would prefer your toddler to stay closer to you, you can also choose from our selection of toddler pushchair ride-ons. Compatible with over 99% of pushchairs and strollers, our Lascal Maxi Plus BuggyBoard with Saddle is a universal product exclusive to Direct4Baby . Made to be easily attached to a stroller chassis, this can conveniently be used when needed if your older child grows tired on a walk with your baby, and can be removed and stored away easily when not in use.

What do you buy a big brother when baby is born?

Although many of our sibling gifts are suitable for both boys and girls, whether they’re a toddler, or child, they’re a number of gifts that our experts feel will act as the perfect present for a big brother when the baby arrives. Browse through our big brother gift ideas for some inspiration.

Presents for big brother

Blue Tonie Starter Bundle - £104.99

Tonies Starter Bundle

Whether you choose to listen to this with both children, or need something to keep your infant's older sibling occupied while you’re busy settling the newborn to sleep, this Blue Tonie Box Set, including Tonie headphones and matching carrier, provides the ideal addition to their bedroom - or toy basket.

There are also many interactive characters to go with it, and although there’s a large selection to choose from, we feel a great choice for a big brother would be our Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Minions Bundle, or our Mr Bean, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and How to Train Your Dragon Bundle, and these can also be purchased as individual products. If you’re looking to learn more about the benefits of these interactive musical toys, take a look at our helpful Tonie Box guide.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a gift for a big sister, our Tonie Boxes come in a variety of colourways to co-ordinate with a little girl’s nursery room, such as pink and purple - but they’re also free to choose their favourite out of all the colours and characters available at Direct4Baby.

From a Tonies Ballerina reciting the enchanting tale of Swan Lake, to Tonies Barbie, giving your little ones the opportunity to sing along in an all-new musical Barbie Princess Adventure, there’s plenty of fun songs and melodies to keep your little one’s entertained.

What do you buy a big sister when baby is born?

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a present suitable for a big sister when your new baby arrives, our collection of gifts for siblings at Direct4Baby has a large selection of thoughtful gifts available. Browse our gifting inspiration and find the perfect gift for their older sibling below.

Presents for big sister

ABC Design Migno Doll's Pram - Asphalt - £125.00

Doll pram



This doll pushchair from ABC Design is the perfect way to make little one’s older siblings feel included in the process. Whether they’re looking to walk alongside you while you’re taking the baby on their first outing, or they want to play with this at home while you’re looking after your new infant, this interactive doll pram is great for encouraging them to engage in imaginative play.

#The pushchair also includes a convenient folding mechanism for easy storage, and can be converted into a carrycot, which can present endless playtime opportunities. However, if you’d prefer to gift little one’s older sibling with a smaller, or more affordable accessory, we advise choosing the Ergobaby doll carrier, which is also great for helping them feel included in the new arrival - particularly if you also use a baby carrier to conveniently keep your newborn close by.

Gifts for Older Siblings at Direct4Baby

Whether you're looking for a gift for an older brother or sister, ready for when the baby arrives, we have the perfect selection of toys and gifts for older siblings. From Tonie Boxes to Micro Scooters and more, browse the full range of suitable gifts for siblings at Direct4Baby.