A Guide To Moses Baskets & Accessories.

A Guide To Moses Baskets & Accessories.

Newborn babies sleep from 8-18 hours a day, so finding them a comfortable place to rest is an important task. For many new parents, baby Moses baskets are at the top of the buying list as many parents feel that their baby sleeps better in a basket in their early years, as opposed to a traditional cot bed. 

If you’re thinking about investing in a Moses basket, we’ve put together a guide answering the most frequently asked questions around baby sleeping baskets, as well as recommendations on how best to ensure your little one gets a comfortable sleep. Keep reading to find out more about the humble Moses basket for newborns at Direct4Baby.

Are moses baskets good for newborns?

Moses baskets have been used for centuries, traditionally to carry newborn babies. The design has since been evolving over the years to create an ultra-comfy place for little ones to sleep. While available in a variety of nursery-ready styles and colourways, the simplistic design of a moses basket creates a safe sleeping space, and makes it easy to move the baby around the house as needed. Moses baskets are suitable from birth up to 6 months of age, and many parents choose to use them due to their cosy and cocooning nature as opposed to the spacious area of a cot - particularly when a baby is in their very early stages of life. 

It should be noted, despite their traditional design, Moses baskets are created inline with safety standards, and should always come with their own fitted sheets and mattress pads. You should never add extra pillows or padding to your basket, as it makes the design less safe due to gaps being created between the edge of the basket and the added extras which may cause suffocation.

If you’re thinking of investing in a moses basket, at Direct4Baby, we highly recommend purchasing a bundle set to ensure that your baby will be comfortable and safe at all times while they rest. The Moses Basket 4 Piece Bundle priced at £123.99, comes with a beautiful wicker basket and safety mattress, as well as a stand and fitted sheets by reputable baby brand, Shnuggle.   

How long should a baby be in a Moses basket for? 

Many Moses baskets are suitable for use up until your child is around six months old. However, most parents tend to transition their baby into a cot bed at around 3-4 months, and some families choose to skip Moses baskets completely so that there is no transition to a cot bed needed. 

However, as It is recommended that your baby should sleep close to you for their first 3 months, a small and portable Moses basket is the ideal way to create a co-sleeping space to make feeding and comforting during the night much easier.

If you’re still unsure whether a baby Moses basket is right for you and your family, take a look at our full collection of newborn sleeping solutions available at Direct4Baby. From baby co-sleepers to keep your little one close to your bed without the risk of sleeping among parents, to self-soothing bassinets from 4moms - we have something suitable for all parenting needs. Our guide to co-sleeping should be able to answer any additional queries you may have about early sleeping stages. 

What age should a baby move from a Moses basket to a cot?

The age that your baby should move to a cot depends on their individual needs, as no two babies' routines and sleeping patterns are the same. When a child  starts to push up onto their hands and knees or can sit unaided for a period of time, it’s time to consider making the switch  to a baby cot bed. Though, if you’re uncertain your child is ready to make the transition to a cot bed, as a general rule, babies should never be in a basket longer than six months for their own safety.

You can introduce your baby to the cot a few weeks prior to the full transition by placing the moses basket into the cot. Putting your baby into the cot for daytime naps or playtime is also a good option to get them used to the feeling of being in the cot. 

The SnuzBaskit set is a great cot bed alternative,  as the open cot design allows your baby to experience more of their surroundings in a safe, yet comfortable environment. Complete with  mesh windows on either side of the cot bed, this particular style of cot makes it easier to keep an eye on your little one, as well as promoting healthy air circulation. 

Is it worth buying a Moses basket?

For many parents, choosing a cot bed from birth is the more cost effective and economical option, as this can be used for the first three years of life. Comparatively, a Moses basket may only be used for the first 6 months of life. For those who don’t plan to use the Moses basket for any other purpose, or for future children - a cot bed becomes the most cost effective option. On this basis, you may question whether a Moses basket is worth buying. However, Moses baskets offer benefits that cot beds may not, making them a worthwhile investment.

The first months of life are some of the most challenging, yet precious and using a Moses basket makes these challenges more manageable. For example, the night-time routine becomes much easier, as the baby can be placed next to you, meaning less trips to the nursery and checking in on the baby monitor through the night.

Additionally, Moses baskets are portable so your baby can easily be transported through the house and kept close to you. So that you are free to complete chores or move through rooms without the worry of leaving your little one in the nursery. Certain baskets such as the Shnuggle Dream can double as a stationary stand, or rocking stand when reversed, the innovative design means that it can also be easily folded away for storage, so is an excellent option for afternoon visits to your nearest and dearest. 

Moses Baskets are also more versatile than many parents may first realise! Once your little one has grown out of the basket, you don’t need to get rid of it as it can be used for several other purposes. You can use it to store toys or clothing, use it as a laundry basket, or keep it for the next new member of your family. And, though not its intended use, pets also seem to love sleeping in them when placed on the ground.

Create a comfortable sleeping space at Direct4Baby

A newborn Moses basket is certainly a worthwhile investment which will make the first few months of parenting an easier journey. With a range of colour and design options available, as well as fitted sheet designs, you can find a traditional baby Moses basket  to match the style of your nursery at Direct4Baby. 

Shop our full range of baby Moses baskets and Moses basket accessories to create a safe and comfortable resting space for your little one.