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The best Travel Systems of 2020

What’s the best Travel System for my baby? Do I need a Travel System? What in the heck is a Travel System anyway?

Let's starts with the basics. A Travel System is a pushchair frame or chassis which you can easily fit parts to – usually a car seat, a carrycot or seat unit.

Reasons to go for a whole Travel System rather than just a pram or stroller?

Plain and simple, by getting a 3 in 1 bundle you’re getting a better deal.

David at Direct4Baby explains it like this:

“If you’re buying a 3 in 1 travel system it will include a car seat which have a much lower VAT rate (5%) set by the UK government.  If the car seat is purchased with the pram then part of the pram (chassis/frame) will also be charged at 5% as opposed to 20%. So in a nutshell you’re paying approximately 15% less for your pram chassis which can be a huge saving passed on to YOU the customer!”

  • You’re getting the whole kit and caboodle from the same supplier. All your needs and any future services, loyalty rewards and warranty claims are at a one stop shop. Bliss when it comes to baby brain.
  • Ooooo yeah, need we say more? Check out these beauties below …
  1. Egg:

  1. iCandy Peach:

  1. Oyster 3:

  1. Cybex Priam:









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