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  • Road Safety Week – Pram and Stroller Safety

    Today we will be discussing how to keep babies and children safe in their prams and strollers in aid of Road Safety Week (20th – 26th November).  All prams, strollers, buggies, and pushchairs must comply with British Standard 7409:1996 or BS EN 1888:2003. These standards lay out the requirements for all vehicles that are used to carry babies or children. Around 1,000 children in the UK are taken to hospital each year with injuries caused by falls, pinches and tipovers from strollers.

    From precious newborns in their carrycots to keeping wilful toddlers on a buggy board, we’ve got tips and products that can help you along the way for a slightly less stressful trip out!

    Newborn Days

    When you are choosing your pram for your newborn, you must ensure that it either has a carrycot included or a seat that lies completely flat. A baby’s lungs are the final thing to develop in the womb so this flat position enables them to develop properly and prevents any breathing difficulties. A lie-flat position is also essential for your baby’s spinal development because it will aid spine growth and in time strengthen muscle tone.

    Most prams offer the carrycot as an additional add-on. However popular brand Mima Kids has created an incredible integrated carrycot which is hidden inside the seat pod on their Xari pushchair. No bulky extras to store when your child is ready to sit up: simply zip the carrycot back in to the seat and it’s tidied away. 

    Mima Xari

    Older Babies

    Once your baby is sitting unaided (usually between 4-6 months), you will want to move your baby from the lie-flat mode to a seated position. If you have been using the carrycot until now you will not be used to buckling your child in with the 5 point harness. It is imperative that you start doing this right now to keep them safe.

    Pushchairs should have two locking devices to hold them securely when being used. Once the main lock has been released in order to collapse your pushchair, the secondary lock should be activated to stop the pushchair from collapsing straight away. There should be no areas where your child's fingers could get caught in the collapsing mechanism.


    Once your toddler is a little older you may want to move to a more lightweight travel system and a stroller is ideal. They are lightweight, easy to collapse and some are so small they can fit in an areoplane’s overhead locker (we’re looking at you Babyzen Yoyo).

    Babyzen yoyo

    Although it’s tempting to load the handles with your shopping bags, this can cause it to tip over backwards so choose a stroller with a large storage basket underneath instead. Buggy weights can help to counteract this imbalance, with reflective strips for night time visibility.


    Although most 3-4 year olds are capable of walking long distances, some are less willing so products as the Lascal Buggy Board or Lascal Saddle that can be attached to most prams are a lifesaver. These are also ideal if a new baby is in the pram and parents do not want to invest in a double buggy.

    buggy board

    The clever designers are iCandy have designed in in-built buggy board in their iCandy Orange. This nifty little ride on board holds an impressive 20KG and provides total ease of use. It eliminates the need and expense of a separate ride on board, whilst adding incredible flexibility to the use of the product.

    iCandy orange

  • Road Safety Week (20th – 26th November)

    Road Safety Week is coming up between the 20th-26th November. Over the next week we'll be giving you all our top tips for keeping all the family safe and sound whether it be in the car, walking along the road or as your little ones learn to ride or scoot themselves! Today we hope to clear up the mystery behind car seats.

    Baby car seat

    With such a huge variety of car seats and car seat safety regulations around it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the right one for your child. Whether you are choosing your first car seat for a newborn or a booster for an older child, we can be there to advise. After safety, comfort is key, the more comfortable your child is the more likely they are to travel well. With brands such as Maxi-Cosi, BeSafe, Kiddy, Recaro and Joie, Direct4Baby has plenty to choose from.

    maxi cosi    BeSafe

    Kiddy     Recaro

    Know the law, in the UK, all children require a car seat up until the age of 12 or until they are 135cm tall (whichever they reach first). The seat must meet EU standards and be the right category for their height and age. For a full and clear explanation, check out the government guidelines and the table below.

    i-size v R44/04 table

    Group 0+, are suitable from birth to 13kg or 12 months. This is the first car seat you will need to buy, they are rear facing and if you shop wisely they are compatible with your pram chassis so you can move seamlessly from car to pram without disturbing baby.

    Group 0+/1, are combined seats that can be used from birth until 18kg or 4 years. Many models offer extended rear facing which is the safest way for your child to travel. Unlike a 0+ only model, these remain in your vehicle at all times and don’t have the option to attach to your pram.

    Group 1, most of the car seats in this group are forward facing and are suitable for use once your child has grown out of their baby seat. Ideal for children who suffer from travel sickness when travelling backwards or who enjoy playing I-spy out the window!

    Group 2/3, high backed booster seats are best for older children, 4-12 years or 15-36kg. They are worn with the car’s seat belt and are lightweight, ideal for transferring between vehicles.

    There are also plenty of car seats on the market that combine all or many of these groups so you can buy one car seat that will last for many years, saving you both money and valuable time to spend with your family instead.

    Pimp up the car seat with holders keep drinks & snacks handy, seat protectors to prevent scuff marks and so they can mirrors see you and you can keep an eye on them during the journey.

    Make sure that you know how to fit the car seat properly before you drive off. At Direct4Baby we will take you through everything you need to know about fitting and adjusting your car seat, ensuring you are confident before you leave us.

    If you are expecting for the first time, make sure you practise how to use your car seat and ensure you are confident installing it in your car. There is nothing worse or more stressful than leaving hospital with your new arrival for their first journey out in the big wide world only to find you don’t know what to do with their car seat.


  • OutnAbout Nipper Sport Double Buggy Breaks Marathon Record!

    Dr Jessica Bruce from Bristol completed the Abingdon marathon in an astonishing 3 hours, 22 minutes and 5 seconds on Sunday. A brilliant feat in itself, but she was pushing an OutnAbout Nipper Sport Double Buggy with her young children Daniel and Emilia taken along for the ride!

    Jessica already holds the marathon record for pushing a single buggy, but since her second child Emilia arrived 6 months ago she decided to go for the double. The Nipper Sport is specially designed for active parents, it has huge wheels and excellent suspension which deals with every bump in the road with ease. At only 72cm wide, it is narrow enough to fit through most standard doorways, yet is roomy enough for 2 children to spend hours in there comfortably.

    ‘We loved the buggy from the first day we used it, it wasn't as wide as we had expected it to be and provided a really smooth ride for Daniel and Emilia. The inclination of each seat could be adjusted separately, which meant that Emilia could be laid flat and Daniel could sit up to see everything around him as we ran.’

    We must have covered thousands of miles in training and the buggy is still in a fantastic condition. I must admit on race day itself we were slightly concerned about fitting through some barriers on a cycle track and going up and down curbs in the section through Abingdon town however, the buggy handled really well and we were fine.’

    Despite the wind being against runners, the family managed to come in 272nd out of 751 runners finishing the course.

    A HUGE congratulations to Jessica on this phenomenal achievement! We cannot wait to hear what her next challenge will be. If you do want more information on the Nipper Sport Double or any of the Nipper range please contact us at Direct4Baby.

  • The world’s first car seat with built-in AIRBAGS

    As a parent, the safety of your child is your number one priority. With Maxi-Cosi’s newest offering, the AxissFix Air, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your child’s car seat has the newest level of protection that kicks in when you need it most thanks to the in-built airbags. This new technology makes the AxissFix Air up to 55% safer than any other forward facing car seat.

    If your car has a front-on collision, the powerful forces involved can throw your child’s head and neck forward. But with the AxissFix Air, the airbag activates immediately, inflating with cold air in fractions of a second and safely cushioning your child from harm. The integrated airbags give crucial protection to your child’s head and neck. Within 1 second of the collision the airbags have deflated again preventing any risk of suffocation.

    It is as streamlined and easy to use as other i-Size seats by Maxi-Cosi. The seat combines latest i-Size safety regulation (R129) with 360° swivelling to offer the best ease of use when you need to get a wriggly toddler into their seat!

    Available now in our Burscough store or online in Nomad Black, Nomad Blue  and Nomad Grey.

  • Celebrate National Babywearing Week

    Baby carrying is beneficial for both parent and child. During pregnancy, your baby enjoys the constant companionship of being close, they are comforted by the sound of their mother’s heat beat, breathing and body warmth. Recreate that closeness by using a sling both around the home and when out and about.

    The Omni 360 from ErgoBaby from birth to 36 months, the carrier offers 4 carry positions to keep things flexible. From birth, your newborn can be carried on your front, parent facing and from 5 months onwards, your baby can also outward face, allowing them to see the world. From 6 months, you can carry your little one on your hip, or even on your back, and the perfect fit offers great support for you too. The 360 Omni also features a hood for your baby with UPF 50+ protection as well as a detachable pouch for little essentials.

    The new Izmi Carrier means that, for the first time, parents and babies can enjoy the soft intimacy of a fabric sling, with the support and comfort of a buckled carrier. Designed by an expert babywearing consultant, and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the revolutionary Izmi carrier combines the best of slings and carriers, creating the perfect way for parents to keep baby comfy, safe, and close all day. Check out these videos to see the different ways the carrier can be used from newborn through to toddler back carries.

    Thule's Sapling Elite child carrier safely and comfortably carries your precious cargo while in the great outdoors and effortlessly transitions between parents with simple torso and hip belt adjustments. And with premium features like a child viewing mirror, removable backpack and roomy hip belt pockets, you and your child will never want to leave the trail.

    For safe babywearing we recommend the T.I.C.K.S guidelines:

    TIGHT – Slings or carriers should be tight enough so that baby doesn’t slump down.

    IN VIEW AT ALL TIME – You should always be able to see your baby’s face as you look down.

    CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS – Your baby’s head should be as close to your chin as is comfortable.

    KEEP THE CHIN OFF THE CHEST – There should always be a finger width of space under your baby’s chin.

    SUPPORTED BACK –The back should be supported in a natural position.

    All the carriers above and more can be shopped here.



  • Sarah Glynn Photography finds a new star model in our competition winner baby Thomas

    Baby Thomas arrived at his prize photo shootlast week, generously donated by Sarah Glynn Photography, fast asleep and snuggled up  in his Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat. So while he snoozed, we had a cuppa and chat, planning which shots we wanted to get and which products we wanted to showcase in the store. 

    He soon woke up, lucky for mummy Claire, he was in a delightful mood, full of smiles for the camera. Surprising considering he had 4 clucky ladies cooing in his face! We soon had him out of the pram and started to get a few shots of him in mum’s arms to get warmed up.


    We began upstairs where all our nursery furniture and high chairs are situated. With sets from Tutti Bambini, BabyStyle and East Coast there are plenty of styles and price ranges to choose. We pulled out some toys and got some lovely shots of Thomas and Claire playing together. Then we tried him in one of our Oribel high chairs (also available in slate), that can be used flat from birth. The cheeky chappy has just started weaning so we tried him out with one of the Make My Day soft rubber bibs. They are perfect for catching bits of dropped food, easy to wash and come in a variety of fun designs.

    Car safety is a big priority for parents. Luckily at Direct4baby Ltd, we have Nicky, a fully qualified car seat fitter with loads of experience. She can help you choose the best car seat for you and your vehicle and of course fitting comes as standard. We tried Thomas out in the Maxi-Cosi Axissfix Plus, the baby and toddler car seat that combines state-of-the-art performance with a 360 swivelling seat.


    We then decided as it was such a sunny day we would go for a stroll around a nearby pond in the gorgeous iCandy Orange pram in the Spring colourway. The Orange is the latest innovation from the designers at iCandy, combining a lightweight chassis, huge basket, fully interated ride on stand for older children and best of all its completely future proof as it converts easily into a double pushchair. With over 30 different configurations, you can find the version that works best for you and your family.



    We hope Claire and Thomas enjoyed their morning as much aswe loved meeting them. Huge thanks must go to Sarah at Sarah Glynn Photography for taking the time to come down, spend with us and the resulting beautifully edited photographs. Make sure you check out her website, Facebook page and book one of her mini shoots at one of the local beauty spots we are so lucky to have here in West Lancashire.

  • Egg Special Editon Pram in Hollywood and Sepent

    Have you seen the new Egg Limited Edition Pram in Hollywood or Serpent design?  They have to be the new ‘must have’ pushchair for any expecting parent!

    Due to land in October 2017 pre-orders are flying in as they are simply stunning.

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  • Kind and Jugend Baby Show

    So Direct 4 Baby have taken a trip out to the Kind and Jugend Baby show in Cologne Germany to see the hottest new products on offer and updated ranges for 2017/2018.


    All of the worlds leading brands are exhibiting and this year and it has been exceptionally busy.  There seem to be many more new products this year than any I have been to in the past and there has been a real buzz about the place, so I’m looking forward to sharing with you what I believe will be the must haves for this/next year!!

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  • Pram Fit and Park Run - Have you thought about a Jogging Pushchair yet?

    Lots of Mum’s find themselves on maternity leave, eager to devote at least some of their time to getting fit but without the childcare or inclination to do it without their baby. Enter the jogging stroller! Whether you’re a dipping that first tentative toe back into exercise or even training for more serious stuff, these purpose built running buggies, prams and pushchairs are designed specifically for active parents – minus the expensive gym membership. 

     So if you’re thinking of heading for the next Hesketh Park Run in Southport, Edge Hill Park Run in Ormskirk – if you’re a ‘Misfit Mama’ jogging round Sefton Park, Liverpool or about to partake in one of Sefton Councils ‘Active Buggies’ sessions, here at ‘Direct 4 Baby’ we can offer you expert advice from trained advisors on which active stroller best suits your needs. Currently in store we have the iCandy all Terrain, Thule Urban Glide, Baby Jogger and the Out N Nipper – a favourite of those busy Royals. And it’s worth noting that these joggers double up for urban use also, so there’s no need to choose between your everyday pram and jogging stroller.

     Direct 4 Baby is a family run Baby and Nursery shop, based in Burscough servicing Southport, Burscough, Liverpool and the surrounding areas. A warm welcome awaits you when you come in store to test out this fantastic range.

  • Thule Try Before You Buy

    Thule Try Before You Buy

    We might not know it, but when we go into a shop with intentions of purchasing an item; we go through 5 little steps:

    Step 1: Identify Your Goal

    Step 2: Gather Information for Weighing Your Options

    Step 3: Consider the Consequences

    Step 4: Make Your Decision

    Step 5: Evaluate Your Decision

    This is called the decision making process. This happens almost instantly on lots of products. If you were buying an item such as a Thule pram, the process is going to be a little bit longer. I mean, you’re going to be putting your little baby into it, we know it has to be “The Perfect Fit”.

    So back to the decision making process, don’t worry I won’t bore you with all the ins and outs of this process; we’ll jump to the important bit. We’ve decided to help you through this process by opting into a new “try before you buy” scheme with Thule starting in August.

    So now, Direct 4 Baby is a Thule test centre where you can come in and essentially try the Thule stroller out, before you are fully committed to it. We hope this makes your decision making much easier.

    So if you are after a Thule Urban Glide or the Thule Glide, please do come visit us this August at our brand new baby showroom. We are located at L40 8JS in Burscough, near Ormskirk and we are easily accessible from Southport.

    Direct4Baby – Helping you through those first little steps.


    Tel: 01704 332542

    Direct House, 8 Langley Place, Burscough,

    Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40 8JS

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