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  • It's time to grow up!

    It’s time to grow up!

    Now we have settled into 2017, we can reflect on 2016 - What a surprisingly crazy year that was! All the way from Donald Trump elected as president of the United States, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the craze of introducing Pokémon GO, all the way down the list to Leicester City winning the Premier League. Madness!

    So around the back end of 2016, we had thought to ourselves, “We have an online baby store; why don’t we start 2017 with a crazy idea of our own and open our first ever Baby store?” So after a couple of very difficult months, we are almost done. So now in the upcoming weeks at Direct House, Langley Place in Burscough, we will have our very own shop open to the public. We couldn’t be more excited and proud of how it’s looking and we thank our amazing team that helped the whole thing come together so successfully.

    In our brand new shop we will stock some fantastic baby products from our new range of prams to car seats all the way to bath toys! So whether you're already a happy parent or a mum-to-be, you'll love the ultimate baby shopping experience.

    We have worked very hard to gain some fantastic brands on board such as: Baby Jogger, 4Moms, Recaro, Kiddy, Mima and many more. These will all be on display on launch day at great prices!

    We are going to have a launch day event where you will all be given exclusive one day only discounts on our products to buy on the day, free beverages and cakes when you arrive. If you like our Facebook page and post the words ‘Liked’ on our facebook page we will give you a 10% off code that you can come visit us in store and use. If you share our company on Facebook and invite your friends, we will give you 20% off your first purchase. This will be valid for 6 Months and can only been redeemed in-store only.

    We do look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks! Please follow and like our Facebook page and I will keep you posted on all of the details!

    Direct4Baby – Helping you through those first little steps.


  • New Store

    Exciting times ahead for direct4baby as our new store is due to open in the next few weeks!  Our new high-end retail outlet is nearing completion and after 4 months of hard work, it's all coming together nicely (see below for images).

    Lots of new brands on board from some of the leading baby manufacturers in the UK and lots more to come. 

    Watch this space for our grand opening date and also lots of in store offers will be available on launch week.

    See you all soon....

  • Our New Website

    Dog Microchip Law April 2016

    As a reminder that you may be aware of, compulsory microchipping comes into force at the beginning of April 2016 for dogs.

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