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Ewan the Dream Sheep Original - Purple

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A peaceful night's sleep is not only important for the whole family, but also for baby's development. Help your baby settle down to a peaceful sleep with Ewan the Dream Sheep in a calming Purple colour.

Ewan calms your little one by replicating the soothing sounds of a pregnant mum's womb and heartbeat. These natural heartbeat sounds have been combined with household, musical and natural sounds at low bass frequencies of 125hz to produce ‘pink noise’. This is the type of noise that babies predominantly hear when in the womb, which is why it is so effective to aid sleep for your baby.

Ewan also emits a soothing pink glow - research has shown that babies are comforted by certain aspects of the womb including colour, so a pink ambient glow is the natural choice for the dream sheep’s tummy.
Price: £29.99

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Ewan the Dream Sheep is one of the UK’s best-selling newborn interactive plush toys, simply because it is designed to be the perfect comforter for your baby. The product is so popular as a sleep aid for babies that it has received thousands of five star reviews from new mums and dads across the country, who all swear by this cute little sheep’s ability to soothe your little one to sleep night after night.

- Emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink glow, which when combined, helps to settle babies or toddlers into a peaceful sleep.
- Vacuum cleaner, rain and harp recordings together with the womb sequence provide four different, calming soundtracks to choose from.
- All sound sequences are combined with the resting heartbeat recording in the background.
- Suitable from Birth and attaches securely to cot bars with Velcro tail or place beside Moses basket.
- Take Ewan ‘on the go by attaching’ him to buggy or car seat
- Pink light is optional so can be switched off during the day time or when not needed.
- Requires 3 AAA batteries.
- Surface wash only, do not put in washing machine

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big is Ewan the Dream Sheep? 

Ewan the Dream Sheep original / classic measures 18 x 15 x 10 cm

Is Ewan the Dream Sheep washable?

Ewan the Dream Sheep Classic is not washable, and should be surface washed only to avoid damage. Ewan the Dream Sheep Deluxe however is machine washable.

Does Ewan the Dream Sheep require batteries? 

Yes, Ewan the Dream Sheep requires 3 x AA batteries, which are not included.


How long do batteries last with Ewan the Dream Sheep? 

It’s difficult to say, as this varies depending on the brand of batteries bought and how often Ewan is used. It may also vary between using the classic and deluxe dream sheep. We recommend using rechargeable batteries with Ewan the Dream Sheep for best value and as a more environmentally-friendly option. 

How long does Ewan the Dream Sheep play for?

Ewan the Dream Sheep will play constantly for 20 minutes once activated. If you find Ewan is only playing for one minute, then make sure you switch Ewan from ‘try me’ mode to ‘normal’.


How do I turn off Ewan the Dream Sheep?

Ewan the Dream Sheep will automatically stop playing after 20 minutes, but if you want to manually turn him off early to conserve some battery power, then this can be done using the control pod. 


What’s the difference between Ewan the Dream Sheep Classic / Original and Deluxe?

There are two key differences between the classic and deluxe versions of Ewan the Dream Sheep. The first is that the deluxe version features a Cry Sensor, which means Ewan will automatically turn on to soothe your baby when it begins to stir. The second is that with the deluxe version, Ewan’s body is machine washable, unlike the classic version. 

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Name Ewan the Dream Sheep Original - Purple
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