Sterilising your baby's bottles is one of the most important jobs you are tasked with as a new parent. Whether you're feeding with formula, breastfeeding, or currently figuring out a combination of the two, all new parents will need to invest in a good, reliable steriliser. As your little one has an underdeveloped immune system in the early stages of their life, it’s extremely important to invest in a reliable sterilising unit that can keep your baby feeding, or breastfeeding equipment safe and clean from any harmful bacteria. Keep your little one away from nasty germs with our range of sterilisers at Direct4Baby. Whether you're looking for a simple, fuss-free microwave steriliser, a standard steriliser, or a dishwasher basket compartment that cleverly keeps your baby bottles, collars and teats all in one place whilst going through a cycle - we have a vast range of sterilising products for budding new parents at Direct4Baby.