Which strollers are best for travelling?

Which strollers are best for travelling?

If you’re planning a family holiday and travel with infants or toddlers, then chances are you’re probably sat trying to work out how you’re going to cram a stroller into your tight family luggage allowance. Getting through the airport with an infant or baby can be challenging in its own right, but having the right travel gear - such as a lightweight stroller - can take the stress away from the dreaded departure lounge almost instantly. Whilst there may not be a definitive solution for flying with a little one, fortunately, our range of strollers are designed with versatility in mind, to allow for a fuss-free flight. From strollers that you can fold up with just one hand to those that neatly fold into a wearable handbag - we've got an award-winning range of strollers at Direct4Baby. Not sure where to begin? Keep reading to discover our top three strollers designed with long-haul journeys in mind.

Things to consider before travelling with a stroller

Before we jump into our favourite strollers, you may be pondering the question - ‘what kind of stroller am I allowed to bring on a plane?’ - and if you are, then you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to flying, parents have a number of options to consider before making the ultimate decision to invest in the perfect compact stroller. The best strollers designed for aeroplane travel, are both light and compact and can fold up to fit standard carry-on dimensions. However, these dimensions may differ slightly from airline to airline, so it’s best to check which airline you’re more than likely going to fly with more regularly - and align your stroller size with their luggage policy. Alternatively, the easier option does not necessarily need to fit in an overhead holder - as parents always have the option of checking your travel stroller. This process involves parents picking up a gate-check tag for checking in and boarding, and whilst this may take some time, it offers parents peace of mind knowing that the stroller will be returned directly to you as you exit the plane.

Babyzen Yoyo (£389 for stroller)

d4b babyzen yoyo Whether it’s your first time navigating the airport with a newborn, or you’re tackling the long-haul journey once more with an infant, the Babyzen YOYO by Air France, is an essential travel item for parents. The Babyzen YOYO is expertly designed for air travel as the lightweight model was envisioned for an airline - so navigating the airport is built to be a breeze. Taking the title of the very first stroller accepted as cabin luggage, the Babyzen YOYO folds and unfolds easily and can be carried like a bag with one-hand, which is perfect for parents on the go. Whilst you can’t use the Babyzen YOYO during the flight, the minute you disembark, the YOYO easily pops back up in place, ready for use as soon as it touches the ground - meaning your child can be put in the stroller immediately whilst you tackle the hectic luggage retrieval with the full family accounted for. Though the Babyzen YOYO is functional and versatile, the stroller doesn’t compromise on other elements that make the stroller a popular option at Direct4Baby. The stroller is available in six colours, along with an exclusive patterned edition featuring the Air France emblem. Customers also have the option to upgrade their Babyzen YOYO strollers, with matching parasols, rolling bags and more. The Babyzen YOYO is designed to be suitable from birth up to 6 months plus.

GB Pockit (£150 for stroller)

folded gb pockit Aptly named, the GB Pockit features exceptional design innovation, even going as far as to claim the title of the world’s most compact stroller in 2014’s Guinness World Records. Currently, the smallest, most compact stroller available on the market - the GB Pockit allows families to navigate their way through departures - like a breeze. Folding up using a 2-step method, the stroller becomes a feather-light, handbag shaped package that weighs a mere 4.8kg in two easy-to-follow steps. Great for families on the move, the GB Pockit features the ability to switch from pushing to carrying, to folding into cabin holds within seconds. Another standout feature of the GB Pockit stroller is the double set of wheels. The ‘All-Terrain’ structure of the stroller increases comfort for your little one, and usability for parents. So whether your ideal family holiday destination consists of walking across sandy beach promenades or exploring rocky mountain walkways - parent’s can confidently manoeuvre their GB Pockit stroller across all types of terrain! Simply lock in the wheels on tricky uneven surfaces to stabilise the stroller. Another feature of the GB Pockit that sings in tune with the needs of modern parents, is the added bonus of a built-in extendable sun canopy which provides additional shade (and UPF50+ protection) for your little ones at no extra cost. Perfect for holiday hotspots. Offering a slightly lower price point compared to the Babyzen YOYO, the GB Pockit stroller at Direct4Baby is available in various shades including Silver Fox Grey, Satin Black and Dragon Fire Red. Suitable for babies of 6 months up to 4 years of age.

Ergobaby Metro (£269.90)

Ergobaby Metro The final stroller designed purposefully for families on the go is the Ergobaby Metro stroller, available at Direct4Baby in grey, red, or black. The only stroller currently on the market certified ‘back healthy’ for both parents and infants, the Ergobaby Metro is designed with comfort in mind. Self-titled as ‘comfort on wheels’, the Ergobaby Metro features plush, cushion padding, with multi-zone support and an adjustable leg rest to provide the best possible comfort for your little one. Whilst it passes on the comfort fronts to ensure a peaceful, fuss-free journey through the departure lounge, the Ergobaby Metro stroller is extremely compact and simple to use. Featuring a one-hand folding mechanism, this versatile stroller is built with families in mind - as we know parents hands are tied up more times than most. In terms of practicality for long-haul trips, the stroller folds up small enough to load onboard the plane as hand luggage, making it the perfect travel stroller to consider for long haul flights. The Ergobaby Metro is suitable for babies of 6 months, up to 18kg, which is approximately a 2-year-old age. Discover our complete range of lightweight strollers at Direct4Baby.