Which Joie Travel System is right for me?

Which Joie Travel System is right for me?

At Direct4Baby, we understand that when it comes to taking your little one out and about, remembering everything you need to keep them safe and content can be a challenge, which is why we’re dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of tried-and-tested infant travel systems. 

From functional travel bundles to solutions suitable for venturing across a wide variety of terrains, our innovative collection of Joie Travel Systems offers parents all they need to safely transport their little one from A to B, making travelling a breeze. Curated by experts, our Joie bundles are purpose-built to take the worries out of your trip, so you can enjoy quality time with your little one. 

Known for their high functionality and incredible versatility, our Joie travel solutions include a variety of game-changing features that will make for a stress-free trip. So whether you’re a new parent or have a baby on the way, these convenient bundles will help you navigate through the early stages of your infant’s life, without the need to buy a separate carrycot, pram or car seat. 

However, deciding which Joie Travel System is right for both you and your little one can be daunting when there are a variety of models to consider. In this blog, we’ll highlight some frequently asked questions surrounding Joie Travel Systems, as well as suggesting some individual bundles from the range, to ultimately help you decide on a travel system that best reflects your growing family’s needs. 

Which Joie Travel System is the best? 

As a popular infant travel brand, Joie offer an impressive selection of travel systems. All solutions that are included in the award-winning range contain premium features guaranteed to see you through even the longest day trips and holidays. However, with such a wide range, it can be difficult to choose which bundle will be the most appropriate for you and your little one. Therefore, we’ve compiled an overview of the main features you can expect from each model.

Joie Versatrax Stroller & iSnug Car Seat Travel System - £530.00 

Joie Versatrax Stroller

Designed in a contemporary lagoon colourway and featuring an elegant black aluminum chassis, this innovative Joie travel system is as stylish as it is practical. Currently available to pre-order at Direct4Baby, the stroller is suitable for taking across all kinds of terrains, containing all-wheel suspension and durable foam-filled tyres with a convenient front swivel system. While the removable grab bar and adjustable parent handle, crafted from luxurious leatherette materials, make the journey more comfortable for both you and your infant. 

Containing three different reclining positions including lie-flat, this durable pushchair will see your little one from birth to beyond. And, the innovative safety features include a harness, calf support and a shaded canopy to keep your infant fully protected. Ideal for taking on family adventures just about anywhere, the pushchair can be folded into a free-standing position and can easily be lifted with the attached carry strap. 

iSnug Car Seat

The Joie iSnug Car Seat, also featured in this bundle, is lightweight and includes a convenient handle, making it easy to transport your little one when away from the car, while the detachable sun canopy helps to protect your infant from the sun’s harmful rays in outdoor settings. And when you’re travelling in the car, the stroller includes a range of exclusive safety features such as memory foam that provides protection from side impact and a secure three point harness. 

This convenient Joie travel system is also available in a stylish Laurel hue.

Joie Versatrax i-Snug Car Seat & Isofix Base Complete Travel System - £630.00


This Joie Versatrax & i-Snug Car Seat bundle features the same products as the previous travel system, but includes a convenient ISOFIX base featuring an i-Size certified safeguard pairing with the i-Snug seat, providing parents with the reassurance that their infant will stay safe and secure during car journeys. Easy to install in your car, the ISOFIX base features connectors that securely lock the base to the inside of the vehicle, complete with convenient colour indicators that confirm the base, support leg and child seat have all been installed safely and correctly.

Joie Signature Aeria Pushchair, Carrycot and i-Level Car Seat - £845.00

Joie Signature Aeria Pushchair

Keep your little one close by while travelling with this convenient, height-adjustable Joie Pushchair, allowing you to make the most of adventures together. Able to hold up to 22kg, this durable stroller will last through the earlier years of your infant’s life, from their very first ride out to their journey through toddlerhood and into childhood. Featuring a world-facing view with an overhead water-repellent canopy that will protect them from the elements, these clever features allow your child to take in the world as you go about your day to day. Plus, to make travelling a breeze, the Joie Signatura Aeria also benefits from a portable chassis that allows it to be folded with ease, making it ideal for storing in compact areas such as overhead storage on trains and planes or even on buses. 

Car Seat & Carrycot 

Featuring an i-Level Car Seat and carrycot, this carefully curated Joie travel system provides the ideal solution for on-the-go parents. Truly one of its kind, the innovative i-Level Car Seat contains a 157 degree angle lie-flat design, allowing your baby to nap in even the busiest of places. And, with a covered lie-flat mattress, the carrycot will keep them snug at all times.

Joie Chrome DLX Pushchair and i-Gemm 2 Travel System - £500.00

Joie Chrome DLX Pushchair 

Available in signature pavement colourway, the Joie Chrome i-Gemm travel system is the perfect option for style-conscious parents looking for a sophisticated travel system that ticks both style and safety boxes. Featuring a contemporary-style chassis complete with sleek accents, the Joie Chrome DLX pushchair creates a sophisticated ride that’s bound to impress. Built purposely to provide your infant with a comfortable ride at all times, this smooth stroller from Joie features a lie-flat recline, adjustable leg rest and cocooned, cushioned seat, which will allow them to feel relaxed and snug from almost anywhere. 

Joie i-Gemm 2 i-Size Car Seat 

The Joie i-Gemm 2 i-Size car seat included in this bundle provides the perfect travelling solution for adventurous families. Complete with added safety features, the i-Gemm Car Seat includes a 5 point safety harness, which helps to secure your little one in place, while the side impact protection included in the seat will keep them safe and secure at all times. Plus, as with most Joie products, this baby car seat can be attached to all Joie strollers without an adaptor and includes a variety of practical supplies, including a comfortable carry handle, newborn pillow, padded harness and buckle cover, and a UPF50+ sun canopy. 

Is Joie Litetrax Compact?

Although not available as a travel system, at Direct4Baby, the Litetrax is one of our bestsellers in the Joie range, meaning we simply couldn’t miss it out. We stock two models that are popular among parents, including the Joie Litetrax 4 Stroller and Joie 3 Wheel Stroller, with both featuring stylish coal colourways. Compatible with the Joie Gemm and i-Gemm Car Seats (sold separately), these strollers provide the ideal alternative for parents who prefer to create their own travel system or haven’t yet found a bundle from the Joie range suitable for their lifestyle. 

Both prams from the Joie Litetrax collection are similar. For instance, both are suitable from birth due to their lie-flat reclining position, as well as featuring a convenient sun hood to protect your little one from the elements. Along with the ability to each hold up to 15kg comfortably, these Joie strollers will see your infant through their travels as they grow, with the multi-position recline and footrest, featured in both, providing optimum comfort at all stages of growth. However, both models benefit from different features, and to help you make the best decision on which stroller is right for you, we’ve highlighted the main selling points of each below. 

Joie Litetrax 3 Wheel Stroller - £170.00 

Highly maneuverable due to the large single front wheel, the Litetrax 3 is designed in a streamlined, sporty style featuring a dark coal hue. Able to be pushed across a range of surfaces, turning corners with ease and avoiding obstacles along the way, no matter how rough the terrain, this Joie pushchair will keep your little one secure. Convenient safety features included in the Litetrax 3, also featured in the 4, include a 5-point adjustable safety harness and a secure bumper bar.

Complete with a one-handed folding system, the stroller can be stored on almost any form of public transport, from buses to trains, boats and more, providing the perfect travelling solution. Ideal for parents on-the-go, this durable Joie stroller features an automatic lock for additional security when left in a hold. 

Joie Litetrax 4 Stroller - £169.99

The Joie Litetrax 4 Stroller has been carefully crafted from SoftTouch modern fabrics, featuring a stylish design in a lighter coal shade. Similar to the Litetrax 3, the 4 Stroller contains all-wheel suspension and a streamlined chassis, allowing a smooth ride across a variety of terrains, with the main difference being that the stroller contains 4 wheels rather than 3, which can sometimes make it less maneuverable for those looking for a stroller to suit all types of terrain.

Discover all Joie Travel Systems at Direct4Baby

Whether you’re a style-conscious parent on the lookout for an elegant travel system to meet your daily travelling needs, are a parent constantly on the go searching for a stroller with a one-hand folding system, or are on the lookout for a Joie travel bundle that includes a convenient ISOFIX base, discover our full range of Joie Travel Systems online at Direct4Baby.