Baby Carrier Guide

Using a baby carrier for beginners

As a parent, it can be difficult to find a lightweight option to take you and your baby from A to B. Traditional travel options, such as pushchairs and prams are sometimes not the most convenient choice for parents and can be quite bulky and difficult to travel with, particularly if you don’t have access to a vehicle. However, with a baby carrier, navigating life with a little one can be made a whole lot easier! 

Investing in a quality baby carrier allows you to go about your day to day life with ease - whether you’re looking for a hands free way to complete your household chores or you’re searching for a simple, yet safe, way to transport your baby, a baby carrier will ensure a comfortable, secure and adaptable way to carry your little one.

Not only do baby carriers offer parents a great, hands-free way to ensure your baby is comfortable whilst going about your daily life, they allow you to keep your baby close at all times, meaning you’re attune to their needs throughout the day. This closeness that baby slings provide can also encourage a strong bond to form between parent and baby, meaning they are less likely to become distressed in unfamiliar environments, as your touch will make them feel secure. Keep reading as we walk you through the benefits of using a baby carrier and how best to attach them to your body, particularly important if you’re new to baby slings and carriers. 

How to use baby sling carriers

Using a baby sling carrier for the first time can be daunting and figuring out how to fasten it to ensure both you and your baby are properly supported is tricky to do for the first time. However, fear not! As there are a few different ways to wear baby carriers which all depend on how you feel most comfortable wearing them and what will be the most suitable for your baby. These are as follows: 

The Wrap baby carrier 

This is the most traditional baby carrier style but can also be the most difficult to get right - it’s essentially one long piece of fabric which can be tied in many different ways to suit your needs. With a lot of practice, a wrap baby sling can be the most versatile way to carry your little one as the long piece of fabric offers infinite adjustability and is a great solution for baby-wearing beginners and perfect for keeping newborns super close.

Shop the Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap to find a style to suit you.

The Soft Structured carrier (SSC)

Arguably the most popular baby carrier, the soft structured carrier refers to the baby carriers that come with thick, padded shoulder straps and waistband with a structured panel for the baby to sit in. These are easily adjustable to allow you to find the most ergonomic fit for you and your baby and can be worn either on your front, back or side, whatever both you and baby find most comfortable to manoeuvre.

Discover our wide range of Soft Structured Carriers on the Direct4Baby website.

The Meh Dai baby carrier

A classic hybrid of both the baby wrap carrier and the soft structured carrier, the Meh Dai baby carrier combines the structured shoulder and waist straps with the flexibility of the wrap ties in place of buckles. It’s highly adjustable and easier to tie than a traditional wrap due to it’s ready-made structure and is perfect for sharing between caregivers, as it can be easily adjusted to be worn, however is most comfortable for you and your baby. Particularly beneficial for parents who differ in size, as a Meh Dai offers great adaptability and doesn’t require many adjustments to fit a range of body sizes comfortably. 

The Backpack baby carrier

For children who can sit up unassisted and have good neck control, the backpack baby carrier is a great choice. It allows for babies to have more freedom when being carried as they can face away from the parents body, allowing them to see more and have more use of their arms and legs. Backpack baby carriers have strong, shoulder and waist straps to allow for more even weight distribution to keep you and your baby comfortable and secure. Most often used for toddlers, these backpack baby carriers are great to wear for long periods of time, especially if you’re going on an outdoor adventure and don’t want the hassle of taking a pushchair.

Fitting a baby carrier

Whichever style of carrier you choose be sure to follow the TICKS guideline, a set of helpful rules set out by the UK Sling Consortium: 

T - Tight

I - In view at all times 

C - Close enough to kiss 

K - Keep chin off the chest 

S - Supported back. 

Ensure that your baby’s head, hips and neck are supported at all times whilst still being able to move their arms and legs freely. The best position for your baby can change with age, parent-facing is recommended from newborn to 6 months as it is known to support their cognitive development, however once they are able to support their own head, outward facing is recommended - allowing your child more interaction with the outside world.

By following these rules and ensuring your baby is always in an ergonomic position - wide leg spread squat with the knees higher than the bum, like that of a frog leg shape - then your baby should be happy and comfortable for as long as you wish to use a carrier.

What baby carriers are best?

The best baby carriers all depend on what exactly you as a caregiver need - whether you’re looking for a useful daily carrier to wear around the house and running errands or you’re looking for a sturdy, supportive carrier to wear outdoors for extended periods of time, we have a wide variety of baby carriers to suit your needs at Direct4Baby.

Ergobaby Aura Wrap Baby Carrier (£42.42)


The Ergobaby Aura Wrap is ideal for beginners - lightweight, easy to use and allows for your baby to be close to its caregiver to help calm and soothe them. Made from supersoft materials derived from eucalyptus to be delicate on your baby’s skin, the Ergobaby Aura ensures your baby is kept comfortable and supported in a comfortable C position. 

Perfect for multi-tasking, the Aura allows you to be hands free to complete your house chores or go about your daily tasks whilst also caring for your baby and can be a great solution for those with other children, as you have the freedom to cater to their needs whilst ensuring your baby is also happy. Available in a range of colours and patterns to suit your personal style, shop the Ergobaby Aura Wrap on the Direct4Baby website today and watch how to correctly tie the Ergobaby Aura Wrap baby carrier here.

Tula Free To Grow baby carrier (£107.91)


The Tula free-to-grow carrier is a no fuss carrier designed to be used from newborn and beyond, offering two ergonomic positions - back carry and parent-facing front carry to support healthy hip and spine development. Inspired by natural elements, this carrier is made from breathable, flax linen and combed cotton to offer both strength and softness with its hypoallergenic, lightweight fabrics.

Ideal for parents who want a baby carrier that will last them from newborn through to toddler, the Tula free-to-grow features adjustable height and width to accommodate your growing baby, ensuring they are always in the most comfortable position, regardless of how big they grow. With a removable hood and a large pocket, this baby carrier is perfect for on-the-go parents and is designed to comfortably support your child as they grow.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh baby carrier (£140.16)


Providing you with a versatile yet simple way to carry your baby, the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh baby carrier gives you the flexibility to carry your little one to your preference, ensuring both you and your baby are supported all day long. 

Ready to use from birth to toddler, the Ergobaby Omni can be easily adjusted to grow with your baby - with additional features of a privacy hood for feeding or snoozing and a detachable pouch to keep your essentials in, this baby carrier is ideal for on-the-go parents.

Available in a variety of colours to suit your style, find your perfect Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier online at Direct4Baby.

What age are baby carriers for?

Most baby carriers can be used from newborn to toddler, roughly up to 4 years of age, depending on the weight limit of the baby carrier you choose. It’s advised that newborn babies should weigh at least seven pounds when being placed in a carrier and their neck and head should be correctly supported. 

A lot of new parents choose to wear wrap baby carriers throughout the day, as it allows for more skin-to-skin contact which can help form strong bonds between baby and caregiver. However, if you do not feel comfortable using a baby carrier until your child is a little older then that is completely fine too, regardless of preference, it’s important to make sure that when choosing a carrier you are looking at the age range they are suitable for so you’re making the correct choice for your baby.

How long can a baby be in a carrier?

As long as you are using the correct baby carrier for your child’s age and weight and they are positioned safely and securely in a way that is comfortable for both you and your baby, then you can leave your baby in a carrier for any length of time. 

It’s important that your baby is content and happy in the carrier - if they begin to show any signs of discomfort then you should give them a break from the carrier for a while. Frequent breaks - every two to three hours are usually needed for feeding and changing and this time can be used to let your baby lie down or lie in your arms in a different position.

Ready to use your new baby carrier?

Now that you’re aware of your baby carrier options and the best and safest ways to wear them, you can choose the right baby carrier or sling for you! Browse our full range of baby carriers to find the perfect carrier tailored to you and your baby’s needs online at Direct4Baby.