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Recent research shows, the most common reason that parents grow to regret their choice of baby name, is down to the name becoming too popular. If you’re expecting a beautiful baby boy, avoid becoming a regretful parent by opting for a more unique choice of name. If you’re looking for ways to relieve the pressure of picking out an uncommon name for your baby boy, we’re here to offer a little help and guidance. Keep reading this post as we round up twenty of the most uncommon baby boy names, some accompanied with their thoughtful origins and meanings - so you can be sure you’re picking a special name for your equally special bundle of joy. unusual baby boy names


Anders is a name of Scandinavian descent and translates to ‘Strong and Manly’. If you’re looking for a strong-willed, powerful name for your newborn baby boy, Anders is a perfect choice of name. This uncommon name is a classic Scandinavian name that is rarely used in the UK.


Asaiah, aes-ai-ah is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord hath made”. This name is an alternative spelling to the popular ‘Isaiah’, yet this alternative spelling still appears several times in the Old Testament, if you’re looking for biblical-inspired names for your little one.


A slightly more unusual, masculine alternative to the popular boy’s name ‘Bailey’, Baxley is a boy’s name of English origin meaning ‘Baker’s Meadow’.


The name Boden, is a boy’s name of both German and English origins, meaning ‘hill shaped like a bow or floor’. Although there aren’t any meaningful sentiments behind Boden, the stylish, two-syllable name is a pleasant-sounding alternative to more popular names such as Mason, or Logan.


Though slightly less sophisticated than other names in this blog post, the name Dodge has interesting German origins, as it’s the diminutive of Roger and translates to “famous warrior”. Give your little one the gift of a fearless, unique name with Dodge. names for a baby boy


Elian, eh-lai-an is of Hebrew origin and means “the Lord is my God; God is family”. Literally translating to God, Elian is a thoughtful, uncommon name alternative to popular similar names Elijah and Eli.


Jaron is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin and means “to sing out”. If your family has deep musical roots, Jaron is a melodic, yet-masculine, rare name with a suitable, hidden meaning to consider naming your baby boy.


Mostly recognised as a surname, Sayer, is a pleasant, less popular alternative to common boy’s name Sawyer. The English name translates to “woodcutter, or reciter”.


Give your newborn baby boy the gift of a powerful, unique name with Wilder. Wilder has German origins and is proven to be a fearless, masculine option for your baby boy, as Wilder means “ferocious hunter”.


Raiden is an alluring boy’s name of Japanese descent, translating to ‘the God of Thunder’. Give your baby boy a powerful, Mythological name such as Raiden, as this name is both unique and uncommon. baby boy


Though popular as a female name, Cassidy is a delightful, pleasant-sounding name for a happy baby boy. Cassidy has Irish origins and means “curly-headed”, which would be an especially relevant name if your child is expected to have a luscious head of hair.


Wynn, as a boys' name, is pronounced like win. This one-syllable, short and snappy boy’s name is of Old English origin and has a sweet translation of “friend”.


Perfect for a free spirit, Huxley, the unusual free-flowing boys’ name, is of Old English descent, and a unique, rare name to consider. The meaning of ‘Huxley’ is “Hugh’s Meadow”.


Laird, leuhd has both Scottish and Middle English Origins and the meaning of Laird is “lord”. This name remains relatively rare amongst baby boys and would be a great, unusual choice to consider.


Paxon is a rare inclusion in the ‘x’ name trend that has recently come into popularity amongst more popular boys’ names - Max, Jaxon, Alex, Maddox. Being a variation of the common name Paxton, Paxon looks and feels very modern, which makes for a pretty cool, yet unique name for your little one.


Remi, the alternative spelling of popular girls’ name, Remy, feels more masculine than its counterpart. Short and punchy, this uncommon name for a baby boy is a fun, snappy contender.

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If you envision your new-born baby boy as a gifted, natural ruler, Ronin, is a boy’s name of Germanic origin, that means “well-advised ruler”.


Stellan, is a variation of the girl’s name Stella, which has both Latin and Swedish origin and translates to ‘Star’. This unique, modern twist on the feminine name is a wonderful, thoughtful name to consider for your little star.


Is August a month that holds dear for you as expecting parents? Consider naming your baby boy August. Whilst April, May and June don’t work for a boy, August initially got its name from Emperor Augustus, whose ruling name in Latin means “magnificent”. Despite sharing a name with one of the twelve months, August remains an uncommon name choice for a boy.


Tanner is an uncommon alternative to the midst of boy’s names starting with ‘t’ and ending in ‘er’, (Tyler, Tayler, Turner). Tanner, from Old English origins, translates as “tannere”, which was the name given to a traditional leather maker. Though this backstory has no special considerations, it’s a lovely yet equally rare two-syllable name to consider for a special little boy. If you’re expecting a girl, take a look at our ‘unusual names for baby girls’ post at Direct4Baby, for further inspiration and guidance on unique baby names for girls. If you’re reading this post as a parent-to-be, Direct4Baby would recommend investing in popular products for baby boys ahead of their arrival, such as the iCandy Peach pushchair. The royal blue, stylish pram is carefully considered with parents peace of mind at the forefront of their inspiration. The pram provides all the components of a typical newborn baby travel system, meaning that parents who invest in this pushchair, will also receive a stroller, carrycot, seat unit and car-seat all in one. Be sure to also invest in a product that will keep your beautiful baby boy both cosy and comfortable whilst travelling - such as the highly commended Swaddle Up blanket. Be sure to take a look at our essential products for newborns, for further inspiration and guidance ahead of your baby boy’s arrival.