Top accessories to keep babies warm and comfortable

While the days may be getting longer and brighter, there’s no doubt that those early spring months can carry winds and rain cold enough to bring a chill to us all but, when it comes to your baby, just sticking out the cold weather simply isn’t an option.

Unlike adults and older children, newborns and babies cannot regulate their own body temperature effectively, leaving them at risk of becoming too hot or cold significantly faster than us. This lack of temperature control is caused by a combination of factors, with a high body weight-to-surface area ratio and lack of insulating body fat being two of the main contributors, and the dangers of allowing them to dip even slightly below the optimum body temperature are considerable. Beyond simply causing discomfort for the baby, being too hot or cold can also disrupt sleeping patterns and may lengthen the time it takes to fight off any illnesses they may have. Heating themselves up also takes a greater expenditure of energy which can be dangerous to a baby, especially if they have been ill or were born prematurely.

To avoid unnecessary health risks to your little one, help regulate their temperature manually with our cosy and comfortable baby accessories that will keep them comfortable throughout the day and night.

Best warm and cosy baby accessories

Whether you’re at home or out on an adventure with your little one, the Direct4Baby list of warm baby accessories will help keep them safe and snug on chilly days. Featuring home essentials that will ensure the safety and comfort of your baby in their crib and travelling accessories that keep them cosy on the go, we have everything covered in our list below.

Room Thermometer

While the most obvious threat to your little one’s warmth and comfort comes from the outside world, it's important to remember that they can just as easily suffer from chills at home. The safest, and easiest way to mitigate these dangers is by investing in a portable room thermometer such as the Purflo Starlight Room Colour Changing Thermometer.

Incredibly easy to use, the Purflo baby room thermometer has two operating functions to ensure you always know the exact temperature of your baby’s nursery - or any other room for that matter! With a numerical display to show the exact temperature and a colour changing light to display, at a glance, whether the room is either too hot (red), warm (amber), cold (blue) or just right (green), it's impossible to forget to check the suitability and safety of your baby’s room.


Another in-home necessity, a swaddle, is the best way to ensure your newborn or young baby achieves a fully restorative, comfortable sleep and is kept cosy the whole night through. More than just an accessory for warmth, swaddles serve the safety function of keeping babies in a comfortable, face-up position with the arms carefully folded over the chest. With plenty of room for their hips and little legs to wriggle around, swaddles are the recommended sleeping aid for newborns and young babies alike.

At Direct4Baby, we have swaddles from a range of baby brands to suit every age. For newborns, the Ergobaby Single Swaddle is the perfect option. Crafted from 100% breathable cotton, which is smooth against the sensitive skin of newborns, this swaddle helps to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Available in an adorable white and grey colourway with a little elephant pattern, the Ergobaby swaddle is suitable from birth up to 6.8kg.

After this age, we recommend graduating onto the Purflo Sleeping Bag which is suitable from babies ages 3 to 9 months. Featuring detachable sleeves and breathable mesh panels that make this 2.5tog baby swaddle usable through all the seasons, your baby will never feel too hot or cold.

Seat liners and footmuffs

When out and about, it's more important than ever to keep a close eye on the temperature of your little one. Facing the elements of the outdoors such as cold weather, chilling winds and freezing rain can be made easy with stroller accessories such as a cosy seat liner or footmuff. Usually, it’s best to buy these winter stroller accessories to match the model of your current pushchair as you can be confident they’ll fit the measurements and style of your pram. Alternatively, if you’re still in the process of searching for the right pram for you, purchasing a pushchair bundle is a great way to ensure you save a little money when getting all the winter accessories for your baby.

The Egg seat liner is an excellent example of what to look for in a comfortable and cosy seat liner. Fully reversible with one fleece-lined side for winter and one diamond quilted side for the warmer months, this stroller seat liner has year round suitability. An even cosier alternative to seat liners for those with compatible strollers is a footmuff. With a wide range of super cosy footmuffs that are available in complementary colourways to your stroller, finding the right snuggly footmuff is a simple process. If you have a Babyzen YOYO stroller, for example, we stock an array of coordinating, comfortable footmuffs designed to fit the Babyzen seamlessly. Featuring soft sherpa fleece lining to shield your little one from harsh winter temperatures, the Babyzen YOYO footmuff can be easily attached to the 5-point safety harness and doesn’t need to be removed before collapsing, making it a convenient cold-weather accessory.

Keep your baby warm and cosy with accessories from Direct4Baby

Ensure your little ones are snuggly warm both indoors and out with the Direct4Baby range of cosy and comfortable accessories. Discover winter accessories that suit your pram in our pushchair accessories category or take a look at our baby travel systems and pram bundles to get everything you need to keep your little one cosy and comfortable, all at once.