The Direct4Baby Guide to Joolz

The Direct4Baby Guide to Joolz

One of the biggest early decisions parents and parents-to-be need to make in the run up to their baby’s birth is which brand to choose to use. Many parents prefer to use one brand to buy all of their necessities from, finding it easier and cheaper to buy full travel systems, individual prams, nursery furniture and more from a single brand instead of many.

Knowing this, our team at Direct4Baby consider it our personal mission to provide parents and parents-to-be with all the information they need to make an informed decision on what baby brands to use. As part of this mission, we have written a number of brand guides to help parents understand the particular benefits of each brand we sell, helping them to identify which brand products best suit their needs and lifestyle. This month, our brand spotlight is shining on Joolz so, if you’re looking for a reputable baby brand and are wondering whether or not Joolz is right for you, read the Direct4Baby guide to Joolz to find out more.

An introduction to Joolz

There is a belief at the core of every Joolz design, and that belief is that parenting is a journey to be enjoyed. The day-to-day tasks and challenges should be a source of joy and happiness for all parents and everything they design and create is made with this belief and its heart. Prams are made to make journeys safer and more comfortable, accessories are designed to make daily baby and toddler care an organised breeze and, with the simple, stylish designs that Joolz are known for only adding to the joy of parenting, it’s easy to see why Joolz have grown to be one of the biggest baby brands on the market.

Sustainability and a love for the planet are also hugely important to Joolz, with a number of procedures and measures put in place to ensure that everything they produce is made with as few negative effects on the environment as possible. These measures include the planting of a tree in the Joolz birth garden for every pushchair sold, the use of sustainably sourced, organic materials for their wide range of Joolz accessories and the promise of lifelong durability in all their designs.

Is Joolz a good pram?

Unfortunately for those looking for a quick, simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, ‘good’ is a relative concept and the answer will vary from person to person. If you’re asking if Joolz prams are well made? The answer is yes. If you want to know if Joolz prams provide a safe, comfortable environment for your baby on the go, the answer is also yes. But, if your definition of ‘good’ is reserved for prams that you can take on a jog with you then, Joolz will likely not fit your preferences - as Joolz prams focus mainly on innovative features and comfort for your little one.

How much does the Joolz Day 3 weigh?

A question asked by lots of parents hoping to find the perfect lightweight pram to suit their busy lives, the Joolz Day 3 weighs 13.3kg for the pushchair and seat, and 14.2kg for the pushchair and carrycot. Usually, lightweight prams are classed as around 7kg or less, so the Joolz Day 3 is definitely a lot heavier than a typical run-of-the-mill pram. (Though, If you’re on the hunt for a super light baby buggy, we suggest looking into the Joolz Aer buggy, which weighs an unbelievably light 6kg.)

The heavier weight of the Joolz Day is well compensated for in it’s long list of impressive features. Designed to give you and your baby the most comfortable ride possible, the Joolz Day benefits from a long list of clever design features and convenient tweaks to traditional pram designs that make this stroller one of their best. Read about just some of the innovative Joolz Day 3 buggy features below:

  • The Joolz Day pram is designed to have the most comfortable seat of any Joolz design. Featuring an ergonomic design with padding around the neck and head areas, your baby will be held in the most comfortable position the whole time they’re in the pram
  • Integrated LED, battery powered lights make traveling at night safe and easy
  • Convenient design features to make daily tasks like removing your baby from the pram include a rotatable bumper bar
  • Comfort is ensured as your baby grows with the adjustable foot rest adapting to the length of your baby
  • See through cot ventilation simultaneously lets your newborn explore the world while keeping them cool in hot weather.

What is the difference between Joolz Day and Geo?

While the Joolz Day is designed to be clever, convenient and super comfortable for you and your baby, the Joolz Geo 2 switches the focus from everyday convenience to complete travel. Designed to confidently tackle all off-road adventures, the Joolz Geo 2 brings you everything you need for wherever you’re going. Just take a look through the list of features on the Joolz Geo 2 that make travelling with your little one easier:

  • All terrain capabilities, including forest trails, sandy beaches and concrete paths, making it one of the best off-road pushchairs on the market

  • As part of the Joolz Geo 2’s all terrain abilities, it is fitted with four wheel suspension and large, durable wheels which make for supreme comfort and manoeuvrability

  • For big family trips out, the Joolz Geo 2 is fitted with an extra large shopping basket, making carrying your baby essentials, picnic basket and anything else super simple

  • Perfect for families that keep growing, the Joolz Geo 2 can also be adapted from a single occupancy pushchair to a double pram with ease. This makes the Joolz Geo 2 a great option for parents of twins and those hoping to give their little one a sibling in the future.

  • At Direct4Baby, we have a number of colourways, accessories and bundles to choose from in order to help you find your perfect Joolz Geo pram. If you’re expecting one child, take a look at the Joolz Geo Mono, available in a number of striking colourways or, if you need to accommodate twins, we also sell the Joolz Geo Duo.

The D4B verdict on Joolz baby strollers and pushchairs


The values, in-built quality and clever design of every single Joolz pram has earned the respect and love of parents all over the world, and at Direct4Baby, we can’t help but be impressed. Their innovativeness and sustainable approach to prams, accessories and baby essentials make them a unique company well worth considering for your own baby needs.

Overall, if you’re excited to get started on your parenting journey and are looking for a sustainably minded brand to help you on your way, Joolz is a great fit for you. Visit our dedicated Joolz baby prams and accessories collection to find all your Joolz essentials today.