The Best Baby Rockers of 2022

The Best Baby Rockers of 2022

Perfect for soothing little ones right from birth, a baby rocker mimics the gentle movements of the womb and offers babies a cocooned, comfortable place to rest, all while giving the busy arms of parents a well deserved break. Whether you’re looking for a little extra help soothing or entertaining your baby - a baby rocker is an excellent product to invest in. Take a look at our guide to the best baby rockers of 2022 below, as we share key features to look out for, the differences between rockers and bouncers and how and when you should consider introducing a baby rocker into your little one’s routine.

First things first, what’s the difference between a baby rocker and bouncer?

Put simply, a baby rocker is designed to settle your child and act as a safe spot to nap or rest in. Often coming in the form of a reclining chair or small cradle design, a rocker can be powered mechanically or by hand to provide your little one with gentle soothing movements. As babies are no strangers to constant motion, the gentle movements of a baby rocker are a great way to transition a baby to the outside world and to provide them with a comfortable spot to rest peacefully. While a bouncer also provides motion and helps to settle fussy babies, a bouncer is often used for entertaining your little one, as, unlike a rocker, a bouncer allows babies to power themselves with small bouncing leg motions. Bouncers are also often smaller in size in comparison to a rocker and are often more portable as there aren’t any plugs or cables involved.

While slightly different, both a baby rocker and bouncer are popular among new parents for two main reasons; one being their ability to entertain a baby easily, and two, they offer a safe, enjoyable place for babies to rest whenever parents need a spare moment to themselves.

 At what age can a baby use a rocker?

Designed specifically for babies, a baby rocker can be used right from birth. However, due to their unique design, a lot of baby rockers aren’t necessarily designed to grow with your little one and can only be usable up to around the age of six months. As your baby grows and becomes more familiar with a baby rocker, it may be a good idea to transition your little one from a rocker to a baby bouncer or swing, as these are often designed specifically for babies who are beginning to sit upright.

Is it ok for babies to sleep in a rocker?

Rockers are often designed to hold a baby on an incline to help your little one soothe and unwind, however, it’s because of this design that rockers are not recommended for sleeping. As a baby’s head is likely to be higher than their feet, official CPSC advice states that a rocker should not be used as a sleeping substitute. While a brief catnap under adult supervision is fine, parents should take precautions to not let their baby sleep in a rocker for prolonged periods of time, instead, rockers should be used to gently soothe and relax your child - ready to then transfer them to a safer sleeping spot, such as a lie-flat crib.

How to choose the best baby rocker

Baby rockers come in all different shapes and sizes, each with their own plethora of innovative features - from built-in vibrations, to unique rocking movements and more, there’s plenty of baby rockers to choose from. To help you make the best decision for you and your baby, below we’ve listed some of the key features to look out for, as well as a number of Direct4Baby’s top baby rocker recommendations for 2022.

1. Frame: Arguably one of the most important, yet overlooked features of a baby rocker - the sturdiness of a rocker frame is imperative. While more affordable baby rockers may have a frame made of plastic, those baby rockers at a higher price point, such as the Nuna Leaf, are made from sturdy metal and are built to last. Of course, while more reliable, sturdy materials are likely to be associated with a higher cost - these baby rockers are also more likely to see your little one through their rocker phase and can be passed on to other children later down the line, which may save parents money in the long run.

2. Padded Seat: While most baby rockers will come with adequate padding as standard, premium rocker padding will likely go a long way - for both comfort and longevity. Over time and frequent use, cheaper padding may start to wear and sink and the rocker may not be as comfortable as it once was. When researching baby rockers, be sure to look at the different types of padding and fabric included, to ensure your little one will remain as comfortable and snug as possible in their rocker.

3. Entertainment: While many budget-friendly baby rockers don’t offer parents much more than simple rocking motions, if budget allows, there are a number of high-end baby rockers that offer an extensive range of movements, sound features, entertainment types and more. Below, we’ll walk you through our recommended baby rockers - from budget-friendly to luxury. Each tried and tested for performance, quality and value for money, our extensive list of baby rockers for 2022 are the best on the market for keeping your little one occupied.

Best budget-friendly rockers of 2022

Tiny Love Boho Chic Rocker

Minimal, sleek and uber-lightweight, the Tiny Love Boho Chic 2-in-1 rocker is both a stationary seat and rocking seat, with three different reclining positions for complete comfort. Complete with a cosy inlay for new-borns to offer additional comfort and support, this simple rocker allows parents to move children around the house with ease, ensuring parents always have a safe spot to put a little one to rest.

While basic in terms of design and features, the Tiny Love Boho Chair features a removable toy arch featuring a plush koala teddy and wooden rattle with crinkly leaves, designed to help entice your little one’s cognition, emotions and senses as they grow. Suitable from birth up until 20lbs (approximately 10-12 months), the Tiny Love Rocker is an affordable, budget-friendly rocker designed to support your little one right from birth.

Bababing Rockout Rocker 2

Taking home the Mother & Baby award for best budget-friendly rocker, the BabaBing Rockout Rocker in Ellie The Elephant print is an affordable rocker solution complete with a number of impressive features. With 3 easily adjustable positions to ensure your baby is comfortable kicking back, feeding or resting, the BabaBing Rockout is easy to manoeuvre and can also collapse easily for both transportation and storage. Weighing just 3kg, this fully portable baby rocker is the ideal solution for parents looking for a place for their little one to rest whether at home or with the grandparents.

Complete with additional safety components, including added stability and a 5-point safety harness to ensure your little one is completely comfortable and safe, the BabaBing Rockout Rocker is a great, affordable rocker for expectant parents and can be used up to 9KGS (approximately six months of age).

Best luxury baby bouncers of 2022

The Nuna Leaf Baby Rocker

Inspired by the gentle, carefree movements of a floating leaf, the Nuna Leaf Baby Rocker treats your little one to a mesmerising ride. Eliminating the need for a motor and unnecessary cords, the Nuna Leaf’s distinctive frame design needs only a gentle push to activate the smooth swinging motion that will last unassisted. Complete with a 3-point, plush padded harness, adjustable straps, and a luxurious 100% organic cotton insert for added breathability, the Nuna Leaf creates a plush, gentle nest for your baby to unwind peacefully as they grow.

With the added ability to be locked in a stationary position for either feeding or playtime, the Nuna Leaf Baby Rocker is also suitable up to an impressive 60KG, meaning that babies can continue to rock peacefully for years to come. Perfect for those looking to spend a little more for the added promise of longevity, the Nuna Leaf is an innovative, reliable rocker that will see your little one through years of relaxation.

4moms mamaRoo Rocker

With the trademark ‘it moves like you do’, the innovative mamaRoo Rocker combines the best elements of a rocker and bouncer to create an immersive experience for your little one. Designed to bounce up and down and sway side to side as parents often do when soothing a child, the mamaRoo Rocker is designed to mimic real-life movements, creating a comfortable, familiar environment for growing babies.

Complete with 5 unique swaying motions (from car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, wave and beyond) - the mamaRoo Rocker benefits from a variety of soothing movements, sounds and speeds, so parents are able to adapt their rocker to their baby’s favourite relaxing preferences. While this rocker is marketed at a higher price point, the sheer amount of innovative features alone justify the initial investment.

With overhead toy mobiles to keep baby stimulated, cool 3D mesh fabrics to enhance airflow and keep baby comfortable and adjustable seat reclines (including lie-flat) for resting or relaxing, this sleek, well-designed baby rocker offers parents the ability to carry out regular household tasks with peace of mind their little one is completely comfortable. Better yet, the mamaRoo Rocker is Bluetooth compatible, so parents are able to control motion, sound, speed and volume from their smart device without disturbing their little one.

The MamaRoo is suitable from birth and up to 9KG (approximately 5-6 months) or when a baby can sit up unassisted. 

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