The Best Baby Monitors of 2021

Along with all the usual essentials - nappies, prams and car seats, purchasing a reliable baby monitor is one of the smartest decisions a parent can make. Not only do baby monitors offer parents the freedom to move around and relax whilst your little one is asleep, but the majority of baby monitors in 2020 also come with innovative features including night-vision, app features, built-in night lights and realtime recording. All designed with the intention of providing peace of mind that your little one is safe and sleeping soundly, freeing up valuable time to complete your day-to-day errands. Whilst you may be reading this article as an expectant new parent, it’s useful to know that smart baby monitors aren’t necessarily just for babies, as some smart monitor models offer the unique ability to grow with your child and come in handy for listening to older children as they play in their rooms, when you’re busy elsewhere in the house. For many, the peace of mind alone is a luxury worth paying for. Keep reading as we talk you through why parents should consider investing in a smart baby monitor for their little one, as well as showcasing our top smart baby monitors for 2021, available online at Direct4Baby.

Do I really need a baby monitor?

One of the most popular parenting questions we are asked is - do I really need to invest in a baby monitor? Whilst the decision is ultimately down to preference, a baby monitor offers the reassurance that your child is okay and allows you to get things done around the house in brief free periods, without worrying you’ll miss your baby’s cry for attention. If your baby is currently in the co-sleeping phase and sleeps in the same room as you, then you probably don’t need to consider buying a monitor for the first few months. As, depending on how deeply you sleep, you’re likely to hear your baby’s every cry and shuffle throughout the night, if the crib is positioned right beside you. However, the misconception that baby monitors are only useful for nighttime and naps is simply not true. Your baby needs constant attention, but due to the nature of being a busy new parent, you may need to move away from the baby periodically to get tasks done, which is when a baby monitor comes in handy. From offering a live video feed you can sync with smart devices to have real-time footage of your baby, to baby monitors with a built-in audio system that allows you to soothe your child from a different room, these innovative features are designed to make your life as a parent easier, and stress-free parents ultimately equates to a happier home life.

Are video baby monitors worth it?

First-time parents are often likely to want to invest in every safety feature available, whilst parents who have been around the block once before may find that features they once thought would be useful, turned out to not be all that important. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to different types of baby monitors and you should opt for the model that will make you feel most at ease. Audio-led monitors were the only baby monitors on the market for quite some time and whilst these monitors allow you to listen out for your baby throughout the night, a video monitor can help you differentiate the necessary trips to the nursery, from the unneeded. As babies stir and make noises throughout the night, listening in through an audio baby monitor will likely prompt you to get up and check your little one is okay each time you hear a noise. However, a live video feed of your baby gives you the option to take a glance at the screen instead and see that your little one is murmuring their way back to sleep and those noises aren’t anything to worry about, helping you squeeze in extra valuable sleeping hours for yourself too. Whilst the better quality of sleep is enough to sway parents to consider investing in a video baby monitor, new video and digital baby monitors are likely to include even more innovative features, including temperature display and two-way audio, so you’re able to soothe your little one back to sleep from the comfort of your own bed.

Top Ten Baby Monitors for 2021

best baby monitors of 2021

Owlet Baby Monitor & Smart Sock

£379 online at Direct4Baby The Owlet digital baby monitor, smart sock and temperature sensor allows parents to see, hear and know your baby is okay from anywhere, providing a full 360°-picture of your baby while keeping an eye on their wellbeing via the sock monitor. The first-ever digital baby monitor on the market to offer the unique ability to track your little one’s heart rate and oxygen levels, all whilst being able to stream live video and audio to your phone, this top-rated baby monitor is a must-have purchase for anxious parents. Stay informed of your baby’s needs with real-time heart rate and oxygen level notifications, each measured by a comfortable, wrap-around sock that is easy for your baby to wear. This sensor then provides parents with live readings, through the Owlet app, where parents can also check in with their baby to understand their overall wellness, with a live-stream video and audio feed. The Owlet app is also designed to push notifications to your smart devices, to alert you if the sensor detects anything out of the ordinary or if the temperature sensor detects a fall, or increase in room temperature. In terms of display, this video baby monitor streams 1080p HD video, with adaptable night-vision and an innovative two-way audio system that is encrypted with WiFi, meaning you’re able to chat to your little one through your smartphone. Whilst you may think this digital baby monitor would be difficult to set-up, the Owlet monitor duo comes with an adjustable magnetic base and wall-mounting kit, making it easy for parents to set-up in the nursery, well ahead of your little one’s arrival. If you’re a parent-to-be looking for a video baby monitor that provides all the bells and whistles for complete peace of mind, the Owlet Baby monitor package available online at Direct4Baby is an excellent option to consider.

Babymoov Yoo Moov Baby Monitor

£174.95 online at Direct4Baby Awarded the Made for Mum’s Gold award in 2019, this innovative motorised baby monitor enables parents to carry out tasks while still monitoring baby’s wellbeing. Aimed at parents looking for a baby monitor that offers both simplicity and performance, the Yoo Moov baby monitor helps parents enjoy every moment of their baby’s life. Built with a silent motor, the Yoo Moov has the unique ability to tilt front to back and left to right - giving a full 360° view of your little one. Controlled remotely by a receiver, the Yoo Moov lets parents see the bigger picture, without disturbing your little one’s slumber. Easily hung on the wall of your nursery with a wall-mounting kit included, the Babymoov Yoo Moov monitor has been designed with your baby’s wellbeing at the forefront of inspiration, creating a reassuring, calming nursery environment. As well as offering full, HD video across a large, adaptable 11cm screen, the base of the camera houses a multi-coloured night light, with a choice of up to 7 different soft diffusing colours, designed to help your baby drift off to sleep. Teamed with a number of lullabies and a temperature sensor to help you control the temperature of your baby’s nursery, the Yoo Moov monitor is a simple, efficient and intuitive baby monitor to consider.

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

£104.95 online at Direct4Baby If you’re not in the market for a video baby monitor with all the bells and whistles, the affordable Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is a practical, reliable monitor to consider investing in. The Angelcare Movement and Sound monitor works by placing an undetectable sensor pad beneath your little one’s mattress. This adjustable sensor pad works to monitor all of your baby’s wriggles throughout the night across the entire surface of the mattress, without your baby ever knowing it’s there. If no movement is detected, parents are quickly alerted, using the Angelcare audio system. This baby monitor also comes equipped with talk-back functionality, so if you’re alerted by the sensor, or if you’re woken up by your baby, you can use the parent unit to soothe your baby from afar. Coming in at a lower price point than most other models, this audio-only baby monitor and sensor also comes equipped with a number of other useful features, including a room-temperature sensor and light system to indicate low battery levels.

Motorola 161 Timer Audio Baby Monitor

£49.59 online at Direct4Baby The Motorola 161 Timer Baby Monitor, is a simple baby monitor with very little in the way of added extras, but it does what it does best, at a great price point for parents on a budget. Instead of paying a premium for extra baby monitor features you may have decided you don’t need, or are not likely to use, this audio monitor keeps things to a minimum, with one monitor and a portable parent unit. The audio monitor, whilst simplistic, comes with an integrated night light system which will work to calm your little one, as the integrated polyphonic lullabies help soothe your little one to sleep. The night light also adds a great subtle ambience to the room, so your child isn’t left in complete darkness. The audio monitor also features a two-way communication system with the portable parent unit, built with a high sensitivity microphone, meaning parents can clearly hear every sound coming from your baby’s nursery, and parents can talk to their children through the system and have peace of mind that they can hear you. Room temperature is also intelligently detected and displayed on the parental unit, thanks to the audio monitors integrated thermometer, which helps to keep you informed of real-time temperatures so that your baby’s room is always regulated.

Smart Baby Monitors at Direct4Baby

Whether you’re looking for the top-rated baby monitor in 2021, or you’re simply looking to weigh up your options and decide which smart baby monitor is right for you and your family, our collection of audio and video baby monitors at Direct4Baby has something to suit all needs. Whether it’s a simple audio monitor to detect any sounds through the night, or you’re wanting a digital video display that can integrate with your smart devices so you can keep an eye on your little one at all times - we have something to cater to all parents' needs. From Motorola, to Babymoov and more, discover our full collection of the best baby monitors for 2021 online at Direct4Baby.