Phil&Teds and Mountain Buggy celebrate 10 years of the the 'Buggies for Good' charity

This month Phil&Ted and Mountain Buggy are delighted to celebrate the 10th birthday of their global charitable initiative, ‘Buggies for Good'!

What is 'Buggies for Good'?

Launched in 2009, the ‘Buggies for good’ programme is all about giving back. The charity is helping families in need, communities & organisations by rehoming preloved buggies. So far, over 500 Phil&Teds & Mountain Buggies have been donated to those in need. Along with sample products & seconds stock, they collect second hand Phil&Teds & Mountain Buggies from around the world. There are dedicated staff in all of their warehouses worldwide to make sure all the donated buggies are working smoothly before they are given away!

Who does the charity help?

Families in need & organisations such as Australian children’s hospice, Bear Cottage, a South African orphanage, and New Zealand's Ronald McDonald House. The benefit is enormous for both a parents' & child's well-being and their capacity to attend medical appointments or just play dates in their community. All of this has become possible thanks to buggies for good! So every time you use your Mountain Buggy or Phil&Teds stroller you can rest assured that you are using an ethical product that gives back to the community. Please contact us if you have an old Mountain Buggy or Phil&Teds pushchair that your family has finished with but that still has a little life left in it. We can forward it to head office on your behalf. Please e-mail, call 01704 332542 or pop into our Burscough showroom.