Our Favourite Gender Neutral Baby Names

Our Favourite Gender Neutral Baby Names

Finding out you’re going to have a baby is like no other feeling - it’s all dizzy excitement and from that point on, life is different. There’s so much to do! So much to prepare for and so many decisions to make, and among that list of exciting choices for soon-to-be parents is picking the perfect baby name.

Typically, such a big decision prompts people to take inspiration from every aspect of their lives, with everything from traditional family names to currently trending names and inspirational figures to favourite characters from literature being thrown into the mix. More recently, we’ve also seen a growing number of parents specifically looking for gender neutral baby names.

There are many reasons for parents to consider choosing to give their baby a unisex name, with the most obvious being because they don’t want to discover the biological sex of their baby before they are born. Opting out of knowing the baby’s birth gender not only brings a measure of anticipation and excitement to the pregnancy, but it is also a great way to avoid impressing gender stereotypes and harmful norms onto the baby in their formative years. This is an increasingly popular trend that helps to break down the binary understanding of gender our own generations have been raised in, giving our children the support they need to become who they wish to be.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a gender neutral baby name for your little one, we at Direct4Baby have collated a list of our top 40 unisex names to help get the inspiration flowing!

Popular gender neutral baby names and meanings

  • Addison: An Old English name meaning ‘child of Adam’. While this name has traditionally been seen as a boys name, increasing popularity for girls during the 2000s has earned it a reputation as a unisex baby name.
  • Ainsley: Scottish in origin, Ainsley means ‘one’s own meadow’ and, while historically a name for girls, is now considered a unisex name.
  • Alex: Of English and Greek origins, Alex means ‘defender’ or ‘protector’, typically of all mankind. The inspirational name is used frequently and is widely considered to be one of the most popular gender neutral names.
  • Amory: Of Old Germanic origin, Amory is a variant of the classic name Emory and holds connotations of ‘bravery’ and ‘power’.
  • Andy: Despite its meaning of ‘strong and manly’ from its Greek origin of Andreas, Andy has been a popular gender neutral name for years now, and remains a favourite of ours.
  • August: A name of Latin origin, August is a shortening of the name Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. The name’s meaning is linked through him to ‘revered’, ‘distinguished’ or ‘majestic’ and is still used today as a unisex name.
  • Avery: A name of epic proportions, Avery is of French origins and means ‘ruler of elves’. An incredibly popular unisex name, Avery also makes frequent appearences on the most popular name lists each year for any sex.
  • Blair: With strong Scottish origins, Blair has the Celtic meaning of ‘child of the plains’ or, in some cases, ‘child of the field’ or ‘battlefield’. An unusual name to come across, even in Scotland, Blair is a rare unisex name that we can’t help but love.
  • Blake: A name of English origins, Blake means ‘dark’ and ‘attractive’. Perhaps more often considered as a boys name, more and more girls have been named Blake over recent years, making it a firm inclusion for our list of interesting gender neutral names.
  • Cameron: Another Scottish or Celtic name, Cameron remains a popular gender neutral choice despite the slightly less inspiring meaning of ‘having a crooked nose’.
  • Cassidy: An Irish name that means ‘having curly hair’ or ‘clever’, Cassidy is a name that, while perhaps more popular for girls, remains an unusual and interesting unisex name.
  • Charlie: Used frequently as a nickname for the boy’s name Charles and the girl’s name Charlotte, Charlie has long since been considered a name in its own right and is popular for any gender. Charlie also finds its origins in Germany and means ‘strong’ or ‘free man’.
  • Dakota: Of Native American origin, Dakota has connotations to ‘friends’ and ‘allies’. Peaking in popularity as a boy’s name in the mid 1990s, and later as a girl’s name in the mid 2000s, Dakota remains a rare unisex name worthy of our list.
  • Devon: English in origin, Devon means ‘a poet’ and, while still more commonly found as a name for boys, remains a great unisex name.
  • Finley: A gender neutral name that has become increasingly trendy over recent years, Finley has Celtic and Gaelic origins and means ‘a battle warrior/hero with fair skin’.
  • Greer: A classic Scottish name that remains so rare that it hasn’t hit the top names lists for boys or girls, Greer means ‘watchful’ or ‘valiant guardian’.
  • Jackie: An incredibly popular name for any gender, Jackie makes an excellent gender neutral option for parents. Meaning ‘God is gracious’ or ‘son of God’, Jackie is of Hebrew origins.
  • Jesse: Another Hebrew name, Jesse means ‘wealthy’ or ‘God’s gift’ and is a popular unisex name, though is more often used as a boy’s name.
  • Jordan: A popular Hebrew name meaning ‘flowing down’ or ‘descending’, Jordan has long since been a popular name for baby boys but, with an increase in popularity for girls, it is an exciting addition to our list of unisex names.
  • Kennedy: With a popularity that is largely thanks to the famous political family the Kennedys, Kennedy is a unisex name meaning ‘helmet-wearing chief’ in Celtic and Gaelic.
  • Lane: An English name literally meaning ‘one who takes the narrow path’, Lane is particularly popular in America where it is often used as a gender neutral name.
  • Lennon: Made famous by none other that John Lennon, Lennon is the perfect example of a last name that has gained popularity as a unisex first name. Traditionally, however, the name has the Irish meaning of ‘dear one’ or ‘child of love’, making it a beautiful choice for any parent.
  • Leslie: From Scottish origins and meaning ‘garden of holly’, Leslie is a unisex name that has been dropping in popularity over the last few years, perhaps it’s time this nature inspired name made a comeback?
  • Logan: Another name of Scottish origin, Logan means ‘little hollow’ or ‘small hollow’. It is traditionally a girl’s name but, with increasing popularity for boys, it is now considered a very trendy gender neutral name.
  • Marin: A Latin name meaning ‘of the sea’, Marin is a beautiful and rare gender neutral name, perfect for parents that want something a little different for their little one.
  • Morgan: Another sea-inspired name, Morgan has Welsh origins and means ‘sea-born’ or ‘circling the sea’. While it’s a more commonly found name than its Latin counterpart, Morgan is still a beautiful option for those born loving the water.
  • Noel: A name with French and Latin origins, Noel has long been a name associated with Christmas, making it an excellent option for parents expecting to deliver during the Winter season.
  • Quinn: Of Irish and English origins, the name Quinn is associated with ‘chief’, ‘leader’ and ‘intelligence’ - impressive terms for any little one, regardless of gender.
  • Rain: A little more unusual, Rain is a gender neutral name whose origins are based in America, where it means ‘abundant blessings from above’.
  • Reed: Of English origins, Reed can mean either ‘red haired’ or ‘a reed’. While more commonly known as a boy’s name, Reed can actually be used for any gender and is a unique name to come across.
  • Riley: Hailing from Britain, Riley has roots in Ireland, Scotland and England and means ‘courageous and brave’ or, more literally, ‘from the rye field. Riley has also remained a consistently popular unisex name for decades.
  • River: Literally meaning ‘stream of water that flows to the sea’, River is a unique and tranquil name of English origins and can be used for any gender.
  • Robin: A name for parents who have hopes their little baby will turn into quite the social butterfly, Robin means ‘bright with fame’ or ‘social’.
  • Rory: A name that means ‘red ruler’ or ‘chief’ in Irish or ‘famous brilliance’ in Gaelic, Rory is a name of epic proportions that is suited to any gender.
  • Rowan: A unique unisex name that has its roots in nature, Rowan is Celtic and Gaelic for ‘little red one’, ‘tree with red berries’ and ‘mountain ash’.
  • Sasha: Another epic gender neutral name, Sasha has Russian origins and means ‘defender of humankind’, a rather inspiring name for any baby to grow up with.
  • Sawyer: A very traditional English name that has been growing in popularity as a gender neutral name, Sawyer literally means ‘a woodcutter’.
  • Sloan: With Celtic origins, Sloan can mean either ‘strong protector’ or ‘warrior’ and ‘invader’ and has proved to be an increasingly popular name for any sex.
  • Tanner: In the same way as Sawyer has become a popular unisex name with origins in English craftsmanship, so too has Tanner. Originally meaning ‘a maker of hide or leather’, Tanner is a strong name for any gender.
  • Taylor: Yet another profession-turned-name, Taylor has English origins and means ‘cloth maker’ and ‘tailor’ and is a very popular unisex name that we love.

Prepare to welcome your baby with Direct4Baby

Deciding on the right gender neutral name for your little one often takes time and plenty of debating, but the best advice we can offer expectant parents is to always trust yourself. You already know your baby better than anyone else and sometimes that’s all that matters when it comes to the right decision for you and your family.

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