Must-have Items for Expectant Parents in 2021

Navigating your way through the infinite list of new baby products can be a difficult task for an expectant new parent - which often comes hand in hand with a hefty price tag. Here at Direct4Baby, we know all too well how difficult it can be preparing for the arrival of your little one, so it pays to know exactly where you should spend, and the not-so essential areas where you can save a few pennies. Whether you’re due this year or you’re expecting a new arrival in 2021, keep reading as we run through some of our most popular, must-have baby products for expectant parents.

Purflo Breathable Nest

Purflo Purair Breathable Sleep Nest - Marl Grey Available online at Direct4Baby in a beautiful array of muted colours, patterns and prints fit for any nursery interior, the Purflo Breathable Sleeping Nest provides an anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic space for your little one to rest and sleep. Suitable for use from birth, Purflo’s unique mesh design features air-permeable sides, compatible with industry standards to offer complete breathability. The addition of the Amicor Pure fabric on Purflo’s range of breathable sleeping nests also works to reduce exposure to dust mites, which can aggravate allergies such as Asthma or Eczema. Particularly useful for your little one’s delicate skin barriers, the Purflo Nest provides an excellent, fully-portable, safe and secure sleeping option for your baby. Shop our full collection of Purflo breathable nests online at Direct4Baby and find adorable animal prints, such as the Elephant Purflo nest, to minimal motifs and more, creating the ideal sleeping environment for your baby in a stylish, convenient way.

Ewan The Dream Sheep Deluxe

Whilst the joy a new child can bring is incomparable, the early days of parenting aren’t always a walk in the park - particularly when it comes to getting your baby into a proper night-time routine. Ewan the Dream sheep is uniquely designed to help parents alleviate the stress of settling a little one, using innovative features to mimic the comforts of the womb. With a soft pink glow and a selection of soothing sounds, including white noise and a recording that replicates the sound of a heartbeat in the womb, this adorable baby sleeping aid lulls newborns into a good night’s sleep. Built with a smartCRY sensor, Ewan the Dream Sheep listens for your little one’s cries through the night for up to four hours from after you put your baby to sleep. If your baby doesn’t wake up restless within that time frame, the sheep automatically switches off to help conserve battery life. Shop our full collection of Ewan the Dream Sheep sleeping aids, comforters and more online at Direct4Baby.

Baby Grobag

Designed by like-minded parents who struggled to get their little one to sleep at night, the Grobag collection of sleeping bags are 100% cotton, breathable bags designed to provide comfort to newborns through day and night. Available in a variety of beautiful colours, each featuring cute motifs of animals and patterns, the Grobags online at Direct4Baby each come in a variety of different togs, making it effortless to swap out a summer Grobag for a warmer, winter style. The unique, hourglass shape of the Grobag helps you keep your little one at just the right temperature and encourages babies to stay in a natural ‘froggy-legged’ position, which is important for correct hip development in early life. Suitable for use straight from birth, these clever sleeping bags eliminate the need for loose covers and have under-the-arm poppers designed for fuss-free changing.

Tutti Bambini Bedside Crib

Suitable from birth, the Tutti Bambini Cozee bedside crib is designed specifically to help parents develop a lasting bond with their baby from a young age. Offering parents the unique ability to allow their baby to sleep close by in their own, safe, designated space, the Tutti Bambini bedside crib is a reassuring sleeping option for new parents. Built purposely to offer convenience for breastfeeding and cuddling, the Tutti Bambini bedside crib attaches to the side of your own bed, with an innovative six-step height adjustment, so you can set the crib to fit your exact preferences. This uniquely designed bedside crib also allows parents to tilt the crib slightly, which is proven to help aid your little one’s congestion and reflux. Whilst the bedside crib may not be viable for those with limited living space, this crib can also standalone anywhere in your home and is easily moved and adjusted with a 30-second open and fold mechanism, which makes the Tutti Bambini an ideal, lightweight sleeping option for nights away from home. Available at Direct4Baby in an array of sophisticated colourways, this innovative bedside crib is the perfect, safe sleep option for new parents.

Egg Anthracite Stroller with Kiddy Evoluna Travel System

The award-winning Egg Stroller, is a travel system designed with parents in mind. Functional, fashionable and completely compatible with a whole host of add-ons and accessories that are designed to help you transform your stroller as your little one grows, this popular stroller remains a firm favourite among parents. Suitable for use from birth, the Egg stroller’s curved lines are intentionally built to provide a safe and stylish buggy for you and your baby. Built with Tru-Ride Technology tyres that have been engineered specifically to provide comfort, superior handling and added durability, this innovative stroller is perfect for parents on the move. Complete with a one-hand fold chassis making it easy to pop up and down whilst travelling, this stroller can be adapted to a three-position recline and parent and forward-facing seat positions, all whilst creating a calm and cosy environment for your baby that is both spacious and comfortable. If you’re planning on travelling with your baby, then the Egg Anthracite Stroller package at Direct4Baby is the recommended bundle of choice. This package is complete with the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size car seat, the award-winning travel system offering maximum protection for babies whilst travelling. Built with the world’s first lie-flat technology for both inside and outside of the car, this stroller promotes easy breathing for your little tot, all whilst providing a convenient alternative to a carrycot.

Must-have Baby Products at Direct4Baby

From innovative sleeping aids to breathable baby nests and more, at Direct4Baby, we’re one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of baby care products. Supplying expectant parents with everything they need in one convenient, online shop - Direct4Baby’s extensive collection of products has something to suit all parent’s needs. Whether you’re looking for food steamers, portable potties or the best new baby travel system for 2021, shop our full collection of baby products online.