Introducing the Silver Cross Reef and Dune Strollers

Introducing the Silver Cross Reef and Dune Strollers

Built for the next generation, the latest, highly-anticipated releases from baby brand Silver Cross are synonymous with both style and sustainability.

But, what features set these two new travel systems apart? Keep reading as we provide an in-depth overview of both the Silver Cross Reef and Dune Pushchairs and walk you through the reasons why we believe these two innovative strollers are set to become some of the best travel systems of 2022.

Silver Cross’ core commitment to a greener future

From first inventing the baby carriage in 1877, it’s safe to say that Silver Cross has since built an incredible reputation among parents and industry experts alike, with countless accolades under their belt for award-winning models such as the classic Wayfarer and Avia.

With such a reputation, comes an unparalleled commitment to ensuring Silver Cross continues to adapt and evolve with societal shifts and influences. Now more than ever, it’s paramount for brands to consider their impact on the environment, and Silver Cross are one of many dedicated to creating a greener future for the next generation. This focus on sustainability is evident with the latest Silver Cross Travel Systems, as both the Reef and Dune are inspired by the beauty of our environment. Drawing on natural elements to create sophisticated colourways such as Glacier, Space and Stone.


Aesthetics aside, each of these strollers are also crafted with a unique fabric blend that repurposes plastic bottles. With an estimated 1 million plastic bottles thrown away globally per minute, the team at Silver Cross have created a fabric blend that is woven exclusively with yarn fused from plastic bottles. 35 of these bottles are incorporated into the Silver Cross Dune & Reef seat units, and additional bottles are weaved into both the carrycot and first-bed carrycot.

While the brand has found a unique way to put plastic bottles to good use, this isn’t where Silver Cross’ sustainability agenda ends, as each of the new Silver Cross travel systems align comfort, practicality and style with a more considered, sustainable approach. This includes vegan-friendly leather accents for a buttery-soft feel and bamboo seat liners for a naturally anti-bacterial and eco-conscious alternative to manufactured fabrics.

The Silver Cross Dune Stroller

First of the latest Silver Cross Travel Systems for 2022, the Silver Cross Dune is the intelligent, contemporary urban stroller built for city living. Designed for city-dwelling parents who are often on the go; whether you’re looking for a space saving stroller for easy transportation, or a compact folding carrycot to make naps on-the-go a breeze - the Silver Cross Dune is built to complement a busy lifestyle.

Available at Direct4Baby in three striking colourways, each modern in its own approach, the Silver Cross Dune draws on the uninterrupted beauty of our surrounding environment to create three signature colourways that blend seamlessly into everyday life.

The Silver Cross Dune Pushchair in Space

A true, vivid black - the Silver Cross Dune Pushchair in space is a classic muted colourway inspired by the inky vibrancy of space. Sculptured and strong, and unapologetic in character, the Silver Cross Space stroller featured all black accents and a striking matte black chassis.

The Silver Cross Dune Pushchair in Glacier

Infused contemporary grey, the Silver Cross Dune stroller in Glacier is inspired by the milky grey, teal colours of ice glaciers. Structural and sculptured, this colourway features dark grey/green elements, with a chrome chassis.

The Silver Cross Dune Pushchair in Stone

The modern approach to sophisticated travel, the Silver Cross Dune Pushchair in Stone is a blended colourway of blush pink, brown and beige accents. Crafted purposely to offer a calming, minimalist palette, the Dune Stone Stroller is made up of a blush chrome chassis and beige recycled fabrics.

What features can I expect from the Silver Cross Dune Pushchair?

In true Silver Cross fashion, the Dune pushchair is not only visually striking, but also offers plenty of innovative features designed to provide parents with solutions to modern parenting. Here at Direct4Baby, we particularly love Silver Cross’ enhanced suspension, which is guaranteed to provide a smooth comfortable ride for both parent and baby.

Complete with Silver Cross’ Never Wear tyres, the new Dune suspension system is a reinvented version of the classic Silver Cross bounce, meaning that this stroller can take tight corners and manoeuvre around busy city streets with ease. The Silver Cross Dune also benefits from lockable swivel wheels, which are great for getting on and off public transport and tackling busy city commutes. Though this may seem very feature-specific, Silver Cross rarely ever compromise on aesthetics and no corners have been skimmed when it comes to design elements, as the Silver Cross Dune wheels include highly polished wheel trims - allowing you to stroll smoothly and in style.

Other key features include:

  • Compact, freestanding fold

Silver Cross’ most compact travel system to date, the Dune stroller benefits from a revolutionary new fold you won’t find in any other travel system.

Free-standing on its wheels, the Dune chassis folds in a quick and efficient manner and can be released in one, one-handed movement that allows the chassis to spring back up in seconds. While many modern strollers benefit from this folding system, the Silver Cross fold is unique in the sense that the fold is designed in such a way that means it will never rest on its handlebar, so there’s no need to touch the floor. A hygienic, one-handed system that is both quick and efficient, the Silver Cross Dune stroller is perfect for making light work of travelling from A to B.

  • Folding carrycot

The Silver Cross Dune also benefits from a compact, folding carrycot that saves both time and space while on-the-go. With a one-handed release designed to detach from the chassis as effortlessly as possible, the carrycot can be removed with one simple movement in seconds. Paired with the zip-off apron and adjustable bumper bar that makes getting baby in and out a breeze, these design elements are perfect for parents who are often on the go.

And, if you’re limited on storage space, this super-soft bamboo fabric carrycot folds flat onto its base, which can slot easily into a confined space.

We particularly love the latest, Silver Cross patented Genius™ harness system. Available across both the Silver Cross Dune and Reef strollers, the Genius harness is designed to save parents time and offer a safe and secure solution to give parents the reassurance that their child is comfortable and secure.

The Silver Cross Dune Stroller Features:

  • Revolutionary one-handed fold allows for free-standing on wheels
  • Compact, folding carrycot for easy portability
  • Enhanced suspension thanks to Silver Cross’ Never Wear tyres and rear-wheel suspension
  • Genius™ harness system complete with patented magnetic buckle to keep baby comfortable and secure at all times
  • Suitable from birth up to 22kg

The Silver Cross Reef Travel System

The second of two new Silver Cross’ travel systems for 2022, the Silver Cross Reef is a multi-terrain pushchair offering unparalleled baby comfort and practicality. Newborn ready straight out of the box, the Silver Cross Reef Stroller is visually striking and jam-packed with purpose-built features to see families through all types of adventures.

Similar to the Silver Cross Dune, Reef is also inspired by the beauty of the environment and draws on natural elements to create a subtle, yet visually-striking array of colourways portrayed through recycled materials. Made with sustainability in mind for the future generations to come, the Reef colourways combine metallic surfaces with Silver Cross unique recycled fabric that refracts light and heightens luxury.

The Silver Cross Reef Stroller in Orbit

Sophisticated from our world to next, the Orbit stroller is tailored to true perfection. Weaving deep blocks of colour with warm earth tones, the Orbit stroller is made up of black and off-grey tinted hues, with contrasting tan, vegan-leatherette details.

The Silver Cross Reef Stroller in Earth

The epitome of rich warmth, the Silver Cross Orbit pushchair in Earth draws on the organic colour references of different natural landscapes. Combining intricate tactile tones with a brass chassis and chrome details, this relaxing colour palette blends seamlessly into modern life.

The Silver Cross Reef Stroller in Neptune

Inspired by our vast natural seascapes, the elegant Reef stroller in Neptune blends deep-rich navy colourways with silver, shimmering hues. With a black chrome chassis that refracts light similarly to sunlight across an ocean, the Silver Cross Neptune stroller is the epitome of classical elegance and is perfect for a style-conscious parent.

What features can I expect from the Silver Cross Reef Pushchair?

While the Silver Cross Reef benefits from a number of the same standout features as Dune, such as the new and improved Genius™ Harness System and the First-Bed Folding Carrycot, the Silver Cross Reef has a number of complex features unique to this particular model. One of our favourite standout features is Reef’s independent 4-wheel suspension system.

Built with large, puncture-proof tyres, the Reef Stroller differs from Dune in the sense that it is built purposely to allow parents to tackle all types of terrain with ease. Whether you’re an expectant parent looking for a stroller perfect for upcoming family adventures, or you’re on the market for a stroller upgrade that is a pleasure to push across grass, paths and beyond - Reef’s tyres and world-class 4-wheel suspension system work harmoniously to offer a smooth ride for both parent and baby.

Complete with the Genius™ Harness System, parents have peace of mind that their little one is completely comfortable across all different positions. And, if you’re looking for a travel system with longevity, the first-of-its-kind harness system allows parents to switch between harness and headrest heights one-handed, so you can continue to adjust your child’s harness with ease as they grow.

Other standout Reef Stroller features include:

  • Reversible and Reclinable Seat

Reef’s simple, side-button release allows parents to benefit from both parent and world facing positions one-handed, while the adjustable calf support and multi-recline seat positions allow your child additional comfort, with peace of mind that the Genius™ harness will keep your child secure in all positions. This seat can also be swapped out with one of Silver Cross’ First-Bed Folding Carrycots or Newborn Pods, that make for an effortless overnight-approved sleeping solution.

  • Generous storage solutions

Thanks to the large, puncture-proof tyres - the Reef Stroller benefits from a generous shopping basket, with plenty of room to hold all parenting essentials.

  • Silver Cross Reef Specifications:
  • Compact one-handed folding mechanism
  • 22kg weight limit
  • 3-in-1 travel system for convenience
  • Reef seat suitable from birth
  • Independent, award-winning 4-wheel suspension
  • Air flow backrest for added breathability
  • Reversible and reclining seat for parent and world-facing modes
  • Large easy-to-access storage basket for all parenting essentials
  • Self-standing when folded with one-hand fold

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