How to Organise a Baby Wardrobe

Welcoming your new baby takes months of planning and preparation that is vital to a smooth start at parenting. Of course, the majority of this preparation is personal, readying yourself for the trials of parenthood through pregnancy, birthing classes and adoption, but it’s important not to overlook the physical preparation you must make in your home.

While the entire home should be baby-proofed and made safe ahead of the arrival of your little one, most of your focus will be on their nursery. Choosing the colours, patterns and furniture that your baby will use for the first few years of their life is an exciting process and at Direct4Baby, we have everything you need to decorate your baby’s nursery. Unfortunately, one essential item that is often overlooked in soon-to-be parents’ preparations is the baby wardrobe.

In this post, we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about baby wardrobes, including why you need them, what our top recommendations are and how best to organise them for quick, stress-free mornings.

Do you need a wardrobe for a baby?

As mentioned above, a baby wardrobe is a necessity for a nursery and is a worthwhile investment for any parent. Not only does the baby wardrobe provide an easily accessible space to organise your baby’s clothes, accessories, shoes and outerwear, but our signature collection of baby wardrobes available at Direct4Baby are as stylish as they are practical, turning your nursery into a functional, uncluttered and beautifully styled room for you and your baby to enjoy.

What is the best baby wardrobe?

When it comes to furniture, clothes, accessories or anything else for your baby, it’s never a question of best, but best for you. Find a wardrobe that matches your nursery’s decor and fulfils the specific needs of you and your baby, and if you aren’t sure, take a look at our top recommendations below.

Tutti Bambini Moderna Wardrobe - White & Oak, £219.00

If you prefer a more contemporary look for your nursery and are looking for a reliable, sturdy and reasonably priced baby wardrobe, we suggest taking a look at the Tutti Bambini Moderna Wardrobe. Made from solid wood that is compliant with British safety and performance standards, this wardrobe has two full-length doors, brushed metal handles and features an oak finish with modern white detailing.

Perfect for any nursery, this wardrobe contains one hanging rail and two adjustable shelves with space for all of your little one’s essentials and, with a slow closing mechanism installed in the doors, you can access your wardrobe silently through the night without the risk of unhappy wake-ups.

Tutti Bambini Lucas (Katie) Wardrobe - Cool Grey, £449.00

For a more vintage style nursery, there isn’t a better choice than the Tutti Bambini Lucas (Katie) Wardrobe. This wardrobe, which is part of Tutti Bambini’s multi-piece Lucas and/or Katie nursery furniture set, has a vintage sleigh shape that is perfect for a more traditional styled room. Just like the Moderna Wardrobe, this furniture piece is also approved by British standards of safety and performance and has soft close doors and drawers so your baby is left sleeping soundly through the night.

An elegant baby wardrobe with clever storage space, this piece features three open shelving spaces, two small drawers, a high cupboard space with one hanging rail and an interior shelf, and one full length drawer. The storage spaces are also adaptable to your needs, with the bottom open shelf able to be adjusted or removed entirely to accommodate bigger items.

How to organise a baby wardrobe

Getting the right baby wardrobe is a big step in creating your perfect nursery, but it is only the first step. Next, you need to organise your wardrobe in a way that best suits you and your baby. To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips and tricks for organising a functional, tidy baby wardrobe.

Prioritise hanging up your daily essentials. The purpose of the wardrobe is not only to keep your baby’s clothes in perfect condition but also to make dressing your baby a breeze. If you have a double layer wardrobe with two rails, make the most of the space by hanging your essentials at eye height, such as day-to-day clothes, coats and pyjamas, and keep your lower space free for special occasion clothes.

Don’t overfill your wardrobe! A huge benefit of having a well organised wardrobe is being able to see all of your baby’s clothes when you open it. There should be no searching through crowded rails for the outfit you want, only an easy glance and grab so you can get on with dressing your little one.

Swap out your baby’s clothes regularly. Baby clothes are an exceptionally common gift given to parents and parents-to-be and it can be hard to get through everything before your little one grows out of them. Don’t let the presents go to waste by swapping out worn clothes with these every few weeks, your friends and family are sure to appreciate seeing your baby in the clothes they lovingly picked out for them.

Organisation is key. Dressing your baby in the morning, through the day or before bed can often be a stressful process, especially if they’re distressed. To smoothen out this dressing and undressing routine as much as possible, make sure your baby wardrobe, shelves or drawers are well organised. To do this, you could consider organising according to colour, style, occasion or whatever else suits your daily routine, but however you choose to do it, we suggest separating your space with convenient dividers. For large spaces, such as shelves in wardrobes, you can purchase convenient canvas boxes that can be pulled out and for smaller spaces, such as underwear and nappy drawers, similar dividers are available. This speeds up the time it takes to find what you need and, most importantly, encourages you to maintain your organised space in the long term.

Baby Wardrobes at Direct4Baby

Looking to organise your nursery with a baby wardrobe? Shop the collection at Direct4Baby to find the perfect space and time saving nursery essential for you and your baby.