How to Keep a Toddler’s Nursery Tidy

Hectic, crazy and utterly wondrous, those all-too-brief toddler years are some of the most joyous times you’ll spend with your growing little ones and, while it’s undeniable that you’ll be tired, dazed and incredibly busy though most of it, you’ll love every second.

Unfortunately, despite the importance of these early years, many parents are resigned to the fact they’ll have to miss out on too much of their toddler’s time simply because they’re juggling all the responsibilities of parenthood and work, not to mention all the household chores that are needed to ensure a safe and clean environment for a child.

Make the most of the precious time you have with your messy little monster by creating effective storage solutions in their nursery. Investing a little time and money into storage spaces such as nursery storage boxes, toy storage spaces and wall shelving units can reduce the amount of time you need to spend tidying and, more importantly, will lead to a safer, more enjoyable space for you and your toddler to spend time in.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the three most popular and useful storage solutions that will make keeping your toddler’s nursery tidy much easier, with our top recommendations for each category included to ensure you’re investing in the best organisation essentials for your nursery.

Nursery storage

A basic piece of nursery storage, a dresser is the perfect piece of nursery furniture that can be used for all of your toddler’s essentials. A convenient space to store your toddler’s clothing, toys, nappies and other everyday necessities, a toddler dresser is a multifunctional piece of nursery furniture that will last for years to come.

Babystyle Bordeaux Ash Tall Boy, £169.00

Perfect for small nurseries, this tall boy dresser makes the most of vertical space, giving you five spacious and deep drawers whilst limiting the amount of floor space needed. This stylish Babystyle dresser, which is available in two sleek colourways, is part of the larger Babystyle Bordeaux nursery furniture collection which consists of a beautiful baby wardrobe, dresser, cot, toy box and wall shelf so, if you’re looking for a whole nursery set that offers clever storage spaces, this is certainly a collection to consider.

SnuzKot Skandi Changing Unit, £449.10

Another nursery dresser that functions as a convenient and clever storage space for your toddler’s essentials, the SnuzKot Skandi Changing Unit has three spacious drawers and a changing table top. When your baby reaches their toddler years, however, the changing frame can be removed and the space used for anything you need, whether that be another surface for displaying cute nursery decorations or simply somewhere to keep your toddler’s favourite toys. Similar to the Babystyle tall boy, the SnuzKot changing unit is part of a wider SnuzKot Skandi collection that is made up of stylish, understated furniture for your toddler’s nursery.

Storage for toys

Pulled out and played with every single day, it's no wonder that the majority of mess in a toddler’s nursery is made up of piles and piles of toys. Whether your toddler loves building with lego, is always doing arts and crafts or can’t get enough of toddler books, make sure their space is as organised as it can be with some helpful storage for baby toys.

Babystyle Bordeaux Ash Toy Chest, £99.00

A classic essential for any toddler nursery, the Babystyle Bordeaux Toy Chest is the perfect place to keep your little one’s bits and bobs and, with the clever stay-up lid feature, there’s no danger of caught little fingers! Toy boxes also provide the perfect opportunity for teaching toddlers how to tidy up after themselves and, by showing them their toy box and encouraging them to remove and return their toys, they’ll begin to gain a new independence to their playtimes.

Childhome Canvas Storage, £24.99

For parents looking to introduce organisation to their toddler’s nursery without spending lots of money on big pieces of furniture, we recommend the handy storage solution that is the Childhome Canvas Storage. Multifunctional, foldable and made of a sturdy polyester that is easily hand-washable, this canvas storage bag is suitable for keeping clothes, toys and other toddler essentials neatly folded away. Available in a metallic gold dot colourway, or in an equally eye catching leopard print, these canvas storage units are sure to add a trendy feel to any modern nursery.

Nursery wall shelves

If your toddler’s nursery is on the smaller side and you’re struggling for floor space, consider utilising nursery wall shelves to organise and save space. Perfect for everything from hanging outdoor clothing, dressing gowns and towels to displaying your child’s favourite books and toys, nursery wall shelves aren’t just a convenient space saver - they can also be a stylish addition to your nursery.

Silver Cross Westport / Brighton Wall Shelf, £60.00

The beautiful, space-saving finishing touch to any toddler’s nursery, Silver Cross’s Nursery Wall Shelf features six pegs perfect for hanging your favourite outdoor clothing and a single shelf for displaying your other toddler essentials. Designed to match both the Silver Cross Westport and Brighton furniture collections, this nursery wall shelf can be styled alongside their matching pieces if you have them but, with its pure white and a warm oak effect colourway, it also fits easily into any stylish, neutral toned nursery.

Childhome Rattan Shelf, £49.99

For nurseries that embrace a more relaxed, bohemian style, we recommend taking a look at the Childhome Rattan Shelf. Made from sustainably sourced materials and available in a natural wood colourway that perfectly complements neutral colour schemes, this nursery wall shelf is 53cm wide, leaving you with plenty of space to display your toddler’s favourite items or to keep breakables out of their reach - whatever you need!

Nursery organisational essentials

Say goodbye to those days of your toddler’s nursery being a hazardous space full of scattered toys, stray clothes and, if your little one has a penchant for art supplies, a dangerous amount of glitter as a permanent installment in the room.

At Direct4Baby, we have a vast range of clever storage solutions that will leave your nursery, if not spotless, then at the very least a clean room you can walk through safely. Take a look at our collections of nursery storage online today and never stand on lego again.