Hospital Bag Checklist

Yay! Your little one is almost here!

So, you’ve got the pushchair and carseat ready to go, the nursery is looking like a Pinterest dream and you’re counting down the days until your family's newest member arrives. You now have to deal with the task of packing your hospital bag, and the list just keeps on growing. The job of packing your hospital bag can feel overwhelming and you want to have everything ticked off. But don’t worry, we want to help you pack the essentials and clear the confusion. So let’s get going!

Here are all the important things you’re going to need.

Hospital Bag Essentials for Parents

  • Changing Bag

Due to the nature of what's about to happen, you'll likely need a reliable, large changing bag to hold all of your essentials. Changing bags, such as the Cybex Priam Changing Bag, are perfect, as they offer parents a range of different compartments and pockets to hold all necessary parenting bits and bobs you'll take to the hospital with you. 

  • Comfortable clothing

An absolute must! Here at Direct4Baby, we recommend taking a number of big, comfortable t-shirts or loose nightdresses to wear whilst you go into labour.

  • Slippers or Flip Flops

Utterly comfortable and convenient enough to simply pop into your hospital bag, you can slip a pair of slippers or flip flops on if your feet get cold in the hospital, or when you're looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wander around the hospital.

  • Pregnancy Pillow

Designed to offer support in the areas you need it most, pregnancy pillows are a staple hospital essential for parents to be. Similar to a traditional pregnancy pillow, the Ergobaby Curved Nursing Pillow provides comfort, and also allows you to nurse comfortably from the hospital. 

  • Clothes to venture home in

Often overlooked due to prepping for the arrival of your little one, clothes to venture home in comfortably are also imperative to your hospital checklist. Try to pack lightweight, baggy clothing such as a relaxed-fit dress or joggers, as you'll likely want to be comfortable for your first journey home as a family.

Remember it will take time for your tummy to settle, so it's also a good idea to bring some maternity clothing for added comfort.

  • Postnatal Support

Consider looking into postnatal support clothing, such as a pair of comfortable support leggings or vests which are purposely designed to offer parents added comfort and compression in areas that may need it most after birth. 

  • C-Section Recovery

For those going in for a planned c-section, or possibly those that had not planned to have one but ended up needing too, it's a good idea to always be best prepared. C section bands, underwear and leggings will help give you support and aid recovery.

  • Skin Care

Even in the hospital, you deserve a little TLC! Opt for parenting essentials such as soothing moisturisers and scented lotions. Pick those with invigorating scents, such as lavender or ambergrass - to help your skin feel nourished and to also help you unwind and relax as much as you possibly can. A lot of parents often complain about sore dry lips, which is a knock on side effect after using gas and air through birth - so we would always recommend packing a lip balm or vaseline in your hospital bag. 


  • Baby bonding top

Investing in a baby bonding top will allow you to reap the benefits of close, skin on skin contact with your newborn from the get go. An important part of the bonding process, a baby bonding top helps you stay close to your little one in the first few days at the hospital. 

Hospital Checklist Items for Baby

If you've not previously looked at our extensive guide to Newborn Baby Essentials, we go into depth about all of the baby essentials that are recommended to invest in for your home and nursery. However, below, we outline some of the recommended baby essentials to take to the hospital with you. 

  • Car Seat 

Arguably the most important! Midwives will simply not let parents leave the hospital without a safe car seat for your baby to travel home in. Thankfully, at Direct4Baby - we have an extensive range of baby car seats and travel accessories for you to choose from. Not sure which baby car seat is right for you? Take a look at our car seat buying guide online

  • Newborn Baby Clothing

As a benchmark, we often recommend parents pack at least three or four babygrows or sleepsuits for your little one to wear. Going home outfit – quite a few parents have a special going home outfit that they plan to bring their baby home in.

  • Scratch Mittens and Booties

Designed to help keep your little one warm, booties and scratch mittens are essential while in hospital. Scratch mittens also prevent your newborn baby from scratching themselves with their new, sharp nails. 


  • Swaddles 

The world is a brand new, unfamiliar place for your newborn, so give them a sense of security with a baby swaddle which helps to replicate the feeling of the womb. The Purflo Swaddle To Sleep is an excellent swaddle choice, as it doubles up as a healthier, safer bedding solution for newborns. Complete with breathable panels and the option to swaddle arms in or out, this uniquely designed swaddle helps your baby feel more protected and can be extended to grow as they grow. 

  • Reusable nappies

It's no surprise that your newborn will go through a lot of nappies, (as many as 12 a day in their very early days!). Here at Direct4Baby, we always recommend reusable nappies. They help save the planet, your pennies and they’re kinder to delicate skin!

  • Muslin squares

Designed to mop up any inevitable milk spills or messes easily. Muslins are a super soft way to clean up any happy accidents, as well as remaining kind to your little one's delicate skin. The Purflo 100% Bamboo Cotton Muslin Set is an ideal solution being beautifully soft, luxuriously large and, of course, completely breathable.

Feeding in hospital checklist

  • Nursing bra

if you plan to breastfeed after the birth of your little one, consider packing a number of nursing bras in your hospital bag. These bras are specially designed to help give your baby easier access to milk, as well as offering parents added support and comfort. 

  • Breast Pump

Some parents struggle to get the hang of breastfeeding straight away and that is absolutely normal as this is a completely brand new experience for both parent and baby. Packing a reliable breast pump, such as the Elvie Double Pump allows parents to pump whenever they feel like doing so and gives parents a safe milk storage solution, allowing you to feed through a bottle whenever you feel necessary. As well as this, we would also recommend bringing a number of baby feeding bottles with you, to help you feed as efficiently as possible in those vital early stages. 

  • Breast pads

Regardless of whether you opt to breast feed, or stick to formula, breast pads will allow you to stop any milk accidents. If you don't plan to breastfeed, your breasts will still produce and leak milk after labour. Whilst this is totally normal and expected as a new parent, breast pads offer a discreet solution to keep leaks at bay. 

  • Nipple balm

As your nipples will likely be sore due feeding, nipple balm is an absolute hero product. This will help to soothe any initial soreness you get from breastfeeding.

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