The Direct4Baby Guide to the Silver Cross Finchley Nursery Set

Internationally renowned thanks to their beautiful, well crafted nursery furniture sets, popular baby brand Silver Cross continue to meet expectations with their latest nursery room set, The Finchley Nursery Collection. An uber stylish, high-quality addition to existing Silver Cross nursery sets, the Finchley furniture range offers parents a sophisticated, high-quality nursery room set that isn’t lacking in practicality or style.

In this blog, we’ll be walking Direct4Baby readers through everything they could possibly need to know about the Finchley Nursery room set. Covering everything from style details, to innovative design features and considerations to make before buying. So, if you’re wondering whether or not the Silver Cross Finchley room set is the right decision to make for your growing family, keep reading as we highlight our favourite features and available bundles to help you make the most of your nursery budget.

An introduction to the Silver Cross Finchley Nursery Set

In terms of affordability, the Silver Cross Finchley room set is the most affordable set to date. The Finchley furniture range includes a stylish cot bed, a spacious baby wardrobe and an adaptable dresser with baby changing. Each piece in the Finchley furniture collection has been carefully designed to emanate both style and practicality - and we’ll cover each one separately so you can see the full scope of what this baby nursery set has to offer.

In terms of styling, the Finchley furniture set offers the very best of sleek, contemporary design, whilst staying true to the practical needs of a new parent. Straight white lines dominate the cot bed, which are further mirrored across the matching baby wardrobe and dresser set, and the entire collection is lightened and warmed with beautiful Nordic style elements. The end result is a Nordic oak and white colourway that offers a cosy, homely feeling that offers parents endless nursery interior opportunities. Sophisticated enough to fit seamlessly into muted colourways, as well as giving parents a subtle, blank canvas to inject colour and personality.

What are the best features of the Silver Cross Finchley Cot Bed?

Beyond the simply beautiful style features of the Finchley cot bed, Silver Cross have turned their minds to the task of creating a durable, adaptable baby and toddler cot that will likely last for years to come - and we’re happy to say they have succeeded. Take a look through some of the Finchley cot bed’s most impressive features below.

Extended age suitability: From the day you take your new baby home from the hospital, the Silver Cross Finchley cot bed provides a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep. Every day thereafter, for the first four years of their life, your little one will continue to have a comfortable, dedicated space for naps and overnight sleeping thanks to this clever baby cot bed’s adaptable nature.

Multi-stage and multi-height adaptable cot: Adapting the Silver Cross Finchley cot bed to the correct stage of development for your little one is both simple and easy. Not only does removing the railings when they grow up increase their comfort and freedom but, because they can be re-attached at your convenience, you’re also able to save money should you have another child once the first has outgrown it.

Silver Cross mattress compatibility: In order to provide the most comfortable sleeping environment possible for your little one, Silver Cross has ensured that the Finchley cot bed is fully compatible with all Silver Cross TrueFit™ mattresses. The Finchley cot bed is also compatible with other brand mattresses, such as the Snuz Surf adaptable mattress which fits the standard cot bed mattress measurements of 140cm x 70cm.

How much storage space is available in the Silver Cross Finchley Wardrobe?

One of the biggest concerns for busy new parents is keeping their baby’s nursery clean, tidy and organised in order to make daily dressing and natural routines of life easier. With the Silver Cross Finchley wardrobe, having enough storage space in your nursery is no longer an issue.

Featuring three distinct storage spaces, two of which are fitted with adjustable hanging rails, the Silver Cross Finchley wardrobe is a nursery organisation essential. With dedicated spaces for hanging your baby’s clothing and plenty of left over shelving space for bedding, blankets and other baby essentials, you’ll be able to find everything you need in a matter of moments. Since the hanging rails are adjustable, parents are also able to reshuffle and repurpose the wardrobe as little one’s grow - giving growing toddler clothes more space to hang freely.

At a height of 180cm, this full-sized stylish baby wardrobe also makes the most of floor space, making it the perfect storage solution for smaller sized nurseries and larger rooms styled in a minimalistic way. Depending on your ceiling height, there’s also a little extra room on top that’s perfect for sliding additional storage boxes onto, perfect for achieving that clean and tidy look.

Does the Silver Cross Finchley Dresser have a changing table top?

Yes, the Finchley dresser has been cleverly designed to have an integrated baby changing table top. Perfect for parents looking to maximise space in a small nursery, this changer top can be removed when out of use to free up space and to create a perfect, minimal look. This dresser is also a more hygienic alternative to solid changing tables, as the simple pop on and off design allows parents to clean the whole changing table - which is essential with a growing, messy baby. Creating a simple and stylish dresser, the Finchley changing table can be used as additional storage thanks to spacious drawers, or as a simple bedside table.

The dresser itself has three drawers and, like the rest of the beautiful Finchley nursery set, is finished in satin white with Nordic oak effect veneer detailing. The Finchley dresser also has brushed satin chrome handles, bringing an additional layer of simple, yet sophisticated luxury to the entire baby nursery room set.

Is the Silver Cross Finchley furniture set worth it?

Compared to other Silver Cross nursery sets, the Finchley furniture collection represents an affordable choice for many parents. Costing £650 for the entire 3-piece set, the Finchley furniture bundle available at Direct4Baby represents an investment buy that is not only adaptable to your child’s age, but can be handed down to future children thanks to the durable materials used to craft the set.

What’s more, the Silver Cross Finchley furniture set can be bought from Direct4Baby in a number of convenient additional bundles, perfect for parents with limited space. As well as the full 3-piece Finchley set, the Finchley Cot Bed and Dresser can be bought as a standalone bundle, or the Finchley Wardrobe and Cot Bed can also be purchased as a pair.

Additionally, the Finchley baby wardrobe and dresser can be also bought individually, providing parents the opportunity to order a mix of pieces to suit their exact needs, or to upgrade the Finchley set at a later date.

Buy the Silver Cross Finchley nursery set at Direct4Baby

Whether you’re in the process of finding the perfect complete baby nursery set for your growing family or are hoping to upgrade your current nursery room furniture to better suit your needs, the Silver Cross Finchley nursery set is a wonderful choice. Stylish and practical, this investment buy will last you for years to come and the timeless design will ensure your nursery stays on trend throughout the years.

Discover the full Silver Cross Finchley furniture set online at Direct4Baby or shop the stylish cot bed, wardrobe and baby dresser individually to design your dream nursery from scratch.