babyproof products for 2021

Game-changing Baby Proof Products for 2021

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home lately, which means it’s more important than ever to ensure our houses are safe for our littles ones. Every parent wants peace of mind that their baby can play, eat and toddle around the house without causing harm to themselves or damage to our belongings. At Direct4Baby, we offer a whole range of innovative solutions to ensure your home works for you and your family. Read on to discover six game-changing baby proofing products for 2020.

Clippasafe anti-tip TV strap, £5.99

tv straps

We’ve all heard horror stories about babies pulling over the TV. Not only potentially harmful to your child, but to your bank balance too should you end up having to replace a broken TV. Our Clippasafe anti-tip TV strap helps to prevent your baby from pulling a flat-screen TV over and onto themselves or the floor. Made from sturdy plastic and nylon, these black TV straps are a discreet and secure way to keep your TV where it should be. socket protector

Clippasafe Socket Protector, £6.95

No parent wants to hover over their baby during playtime in case they stick a toy or crayon into one of the sockets. A socket protector is a simple solution, providing a protective cover to stop little hands from pulling out plugs and playing with cables.

Purflo Starlight Room Colour Changing Thermometer, £24.99

A thermometer can be really useful for making sure your baby’s room isn’t too hot or too cold. It’s important to keep your nursery at the right temperature to allow your baby to sleep comfortably and safely. This colour changing thermometer allows you to check room temperature at a glance, letting you know whether it’s too cold, too hot, just right or getting too warm, with four different colours to represent each scenario. The star design is really cute and won’t look out of place in your nursery.

Clippasafe Self-Adhesive Locks, £2.89

Children can be inquisitive and with that comes a love to open drawers, but this can lead to trapped fingers. These self-adhesive locks can easily be attached to cupboards and drawers to stop small children from having access. Use in any room in the house, to make sure your little ones don’t get their hands on sharp objects, hazardous chemicals or valuables. These can be easily fixed onto your cupboard doors and drawers without the need to screw holes in your furniture.

BabyDan Corner Cushions (Pack of 4), £1.99

Sometimes the smallest things are the most effective, and that might just be the case for these corner cushions. Stick onto the corners of your table to eliminate sharp edges and absorb impact should your little one bump into the furniture. These clear corner cushions will also blend in with your home’s decor.

Lascal KiddyGuard Accent Retractable Safety Gate White, £94.95

Baby gates have been around for a long time and are really handy for blocking entry to certain areas, as well as preventing any accidents on the stairs. This retractable safety gate functions in a similar way to a roller blind, meaning it disappears into its casing when not in use for a discreet look. Perfect for doorways and entrances of up to 100cm, this white safety gate doesn’t feature any bars or beams unlike metal baby gates, which means you don’t have to worry about tripping. If your child happens to run into it, the soft fabric won't cause as much harm as standard gates. This product has been designed for one handed opening so you can easily move around your home whilst carrying your baby.

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Whether you’re expecting and want to get a head start or your baby is already finding their feet, you can pick up all of the very best baby proofing products in one place at Direct4Baby. From safety gates to thermometers, we’ve got you covered so you can enjoy your home a little more and worry a little less.