Direct4baby's Vacation to Venice – Exclusive Launch of the Inglesina Aptica Pushchair

Direct4Baby were lucky enough to be one of the few independent retailers who have been invited to travel to Venice to uncover a new product launch of the Italian pushchair brand, Inglesina. David, one of our directors, and Product Manager Jay travelled to Italy to find out more about the product and what Inglesina was all about.

All about Inglesina Founded in 1963, Inglesina are now very well known around Europe, America and Asia. They have 5 sites in total, 2 in Italy, 1 in San Diego, 1 in Russia and 1 in China, distributing to over 40 countries, which in all honesty, was a surprise to us as I had never really heard of them before. They are now trying to get back into the UK market after around 10 years of limited activity. Inglesina have a true goal, which is to reinforce baby safety awareness; they feel that lots of brands show off their fabrics and functionality of their prams, but forget about the most important thing, the baby! To reinforce this, Inglesina have a vision whereby they want to help raise baby alongside parents through, beauty, elegance and most importantly safety. Product Launch Our day started at 9am, where we were all taken to the Inglesina head office, where we were shown the product and given a little presentation regarding the history of the product and where they would like to take it. After the brief history lesson, we were presented with a luxury travel system, called “Aptica”, this is designed for your baby’s wellness and focuses mainly on baby sleeping. Inglesina came up with this idea, as from their research they found that sleep is extremely important for babies as it directly impacts mental and physical development. From first glance, the Aptica looked very impressive as it was presented as a full, complete travel system, with all the components you need to get your baby from birth all the way up to 4 years old. The Aptica comes along with a 100% bamboo, fully breathable, special mattress which keeps your baby in a constant flat, natural position. This is something that we have not seen before and what we found so unique about this product. The full travel system comes with a Chassis, Seat unit (including hood and apron), Carrycot, Stand, Group 0+ i-Size car seat, Group 0/1+ Isofix base and finally, as they we live in the UK, a rain cover! Supposedly they don’t provide the rain cover in Italy, as it doesn’t rain enough! Weighing around 8.3kg, the Aptica chassis looks very elegant in all colours that are available. It has a one hand folding mechanism and you can do this with the seat unit on the chassis, in both parent facing and world facing positions! The seat unit is simple to clip on and off the chassis and put in both parent and world facing positions. The seat unit can be placed in a lie-flat position, so you can use it from birth, all the way up to 22kg, which is approximately 5 years old if required. The Aptica Carrycot is, first of all, very soft to touch as all the fabrics are 100% bamboo fibres which allows your baby to rest comfortably. The base of the carrycot features a ventilation control so this regulates the flow of air and temperature. The mesh inserts also have a part in this as it keeps the environment ventilated for your baby.

The travel system comes with another unique feature, the stand. The stand can be used with most components of your travel system. With no adaptors needed, you are able to place the carrycot on the stand to act as a Moses basket; this can be used for overnight sleeping, thanks to the mattress. You can also attach your seat unit or your car seat, so this can then act as a highchair too! The Aptica matching i-Size car seat scored a very high score with ADAC for comfort within a car seat. With this being an i-Size car seat, it has been tested to a very high standard, so it is extremely safe and gives parents confidence to use with no issues. Finally, the Isofix base that is included with this bundle is not only used for the first stage, but the 2nd stage car seat (available to purchase separately) too, so you can get up to 4 years out of the base alone which increasing savings in the long run! Factory Visit With all of this looking quite amazing, we asked about the price… Inglesina didn’t tell us at that point, we were taken to the factory where all the magic happened, the suspense was building. Once at the factory, we felt we were back in school on a school trip, on our best behaviour. We were shown all materials from start to finish, the handmade parts and designs, the testing of each function on the pram... All processes we had never seen before so it was quite an eye opener for us. Once the tour had ended, we headed back to their head office to find out the price of the luxury travel system.

Overall, for the Chassis, Seat unit (including hood and apron), Carrycot (Including special lie-flat mattress), Adjustable Stand, Group 0+ i-Size car seat, Group 0/1+ Isofix Base and Raincover, it will be £999.00! This comes in three different colours at the moment: Mineral Grey, Mystic Black and Niagara Blue.

We were all quite amazed at the price point for such a luxury travel system. We will be stocking Inglesina very soon. Our first delivery will be arriving at the end of July. We will be taking pre-orders within the next week once everything is set up. We will have accessories, such as footmuffs and changing bags available. More information will be released very soon! Inglesina did take us on a little bit of a journey that day, we dived into their past, raced back through to their present and finally made us a part of their future.