Direct4Baby's Guide to Baby Cots

When it comes to deciding on sleeping arrangements for your little one, there are a number of things to consider. Factors such as safety, size constraints and affordability will likely come into play, especially if you’re considering spending more on a crib that can be adjusted as your little one grows. However, the most important aspect that will likely influence your decision making process is your baby’s age.

While a moses basket is often the recommended sleeping preference for a newborn, due to the rate at which a baby grows when they’re so young, they will quickly grow out of their moses basket and it is then time to think about investing in a baby crib or cot. While there are pros and cons to both, below, we outline some of the key features to consider when making your decision, as well as providing our own baby cot and crib recommendations from SnuzKot, Silver Cross and more.

But first, we share our answers to frequently asked questions regarding baby sleeping preferences.

What age should a baby move from moses basket to cot?

While there isn’t a one size fits all approach to this question, the best time to make the swap from a moses basket to cot or crib is roughly between four to six months old. This is the time when your baby will start to sit unaided and their sleeping arrangements need additional security.

What are the differences between a cot and cot bed?

Depending on the age of your child, it’s imperative to know the differences between a cot and cot bed, particularly if you’re favouring one style over the other. A cot can be suitable from birth up to two years old and often doesn’t convert into a toddler bed. This type of cot, such as the oBaby Space Saver Cot and the Troll Lukas Cot, are often more compact and don’t require much room space - making them the preferred option for those with limited nursery space. Cots are typically designed with infants in mind, making them unsuitable for toddlers. However, if you’re at the stage where your toddler has started to outgrow their cot and you’re looking for alternative sleeping options, a cot bed is an excellent investment to consider.

Offering the ability to adapt as your little one grows, a cot bed is often a favoured choice among parents looking for longevity, as clever design features prolong the use of a cot bed. While they may be a more expensive investment, this upfront cost will likely be justified due to the additional usage. Inevitably though, your little one will likely grow curious as they get older and when they begin to peer or climb over the top of their cot bed, it’s time to consider converting to a bed.

While making the switch will likely prevent injury and stop your child from falling out of the crib, it also opens up your toddler to a whole range of other potential injuries. As your little one will be naturally inquisitive at this age, we also recommend ensuring your toddler’s nursery is baby proofed before you make the swap to a toddler bed.

At Direct4Baby, we have a whole collection dedicated to baby safety, providing everything from drawer locks, baby gates and more.

Top baby cots for 2022

The SnuzKot Skandi Cot Bed

For parents looking to make an upfront investment that will guarantee years of comfort for your newborn baby, the SnuzKot is an excellent cot bed to consider. Offering the ability to be used from birth, right up to the age of approximately 10 years old with the addition of a SnuzKot extension kit, your child can keep the bed they’ve grown to know and love for years to come. Lasting much longer than a traditional cot bed, the SnuzKot also features an array of impressive features, including three adjustable mattress height settings, for ease of access when taking your little one out of their cot.

This is also a handy feature for when your baby grows older, as the adjustable height settings can help your toddler when getting in and out of bed.



The Obaby Stamford Space Saver Cot

The ideal cot bed solution for parents with limited nursery space, the oBaby Stamford cot offers families the perfect combination of both style, quality and practicality. Combining all the qualities of a traditional cot bed in a compact, sleek style - the Stamford Space Saver doesn’t compromise on comfort or features. Boasting an elegant sleigh-style design complete with teething rails and a three-position adjustable base, the oBaby Stamford cot draws on innovative features and impressive design to tick all parenting boxes.

The top adjustable position allows your newborn to be put down with ease and as your little one grows, the mattress can then be lowered to provide extra safety and reassurance that your little one is sleeping soundly. Complete with a matching under drawer, perfect for storing all sleep essentials, this clever safe spacing design offers parent’s much more than a place for a baby to rest.

The Troll Torsten Cot

The Troll Torsten cot in grey and teak colourway fuses scandi-style and clever design components to give style conscious parents an eye-catching, yet completely practical sleeping solution for their little one’s nursery. Made of robust, solid birch wood with water-based, non-toxic paints, this uber-luxe baby cot draws on contrasting features to give your little one’s nursery a modern appearance.

Suitable from birth up to the age of four years, this innovative cot can also be expanded in a variety of ways to prolong use. Whether you choose to invest in the Troll Torsten junior cot rail to convert this stylish cot into a toddler day bed as your child grows, or you invest in the Torsten changing top that can be fitted to the cot to make a stylish, easy-to-use changing station - the possibilities are endless.


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