Direct4Baby’s Guide to Baby Bath Safety & Accessories

Direct4Baby’s Guide to Baby Bath Safety & Accessories

For new parents, bath time may be a difficult task. It is completely natural to want to keep your little one safe and protected at all times whilst in the water, and, as a parent, we may worry about the bath temperature, keeping your little one warm enough, or how to avoid soapy water getting into their eyes and mouth. With so many different bath safety aspects to think about, it can be tricky to navigate, especially with a newborn. 

Here at Direct4Baby, our guide to baby bath safety will aim to take you through some of these different safety pointers, as well as other tips to consider to help you make easy work of bath time and to allow bath time to become a bonding experience for you and your little one. From organisational tips to the best baby bath toys on the market right now, join us as we guide you through bathing your little one.

The basics of baby bath safety

To first understand how to keep your little one safe while bathing, there are a few basic tips that need to be adhered to. Following these simple tips will help to wash away any anxieties about bathing your baby, and make the experience more enjoyable for both parties.

1. Never leave older children to supervise

It might seem perfectly reasonable to leave an older child to watch your baby whilst you run to get a towel from the other room or answer the door. However, this isn’t the case, as older siblings may not have the ability to respond correctly to an emergency situation. Therefore we recommend that it’s best to stay with the baby at all times whilst bathing.

2. Check the water temperature

If you’re wondering how hot a baby bath should be, the ideal range is between 37-38 degrees celsius. Check the water temperature before slowly lowering your baby into the water. You can do this with your elbow, but it is best to use a bath thermometer for a more accurate reading.

3. Prepare everything you will need in advance

This may seem trivial, but the idea is to have everything ready for bath time in advance so that you can stay with your baby, and supervise at all times. Preparing for baby bath time before your little one goes in the water ensures you don’t have to leave your little one unoccupied, where accidents may happen. 

4. Let out the water immediately

Whilst, as adults, we tend to enjoy long, hot baths, the same can’t be said for babies. Some babies love the water, but 5-10 minutes is enough time to bathe your little one and is the recommended guideline that keeps the water at the correct temperature throughout. Once you’ve bathed your baby, let out the water from the tub. This reduces the risk of an accident and keeps the tub clean.

5. Keep one hand on your baby at all times

Always keep one hand on your baby, especially when they’re upright and have no other support. Babies are top-heavy, and can easily fall forward which could be dangerous.

6. Keep their head clear of the water

This might seem obvious, but this also refers to washing their head. Make sure that you use a gentle trickle of water and avoid the stream running into their face. 

There are many other useful hints and tips to consider, though trying to remember them all whilst bathing your newborn will be difficult. The above six tips are some of the most important that you should try to remember in order to practise correct baby bath safety.

Bath time checklist

With those tips in mind, there are also products on the market designed to help make baby bath time much less stressful. To start, as a rough guideline, we recommend parents consider investing in a hooded baby bath towel, baby shampoo and soap, soft washcloths, and a set of clean clothes. But there are also several other items that you should consider adding to your checklist so that you can have a successful bath time, every time.

Bath tubs

infant bath bundle

Bath tubs are essential for keeping your baby safe. There are plenty of different products on the market, but to help relieve any worries you have about bathing, our Ultimate Bath Bundle contains exactly what you need to get started. For £159.99, the bundle comes with the Next Generation Aquascale complete with bath stand, a built-in thermometer and non-slip supports. Additionally, the set comes with extra accessories such as Shnuggle washcloths, a soft Shnuggle bath towel, a Wishy Star bath toy for entertainment and a Tommy Tippee healthcare kit.

For smaller spaces, we recommend using the Shnuggle baby bath designed to keep your baby in an upright position. We highly recommend adding a baby bath to your checklist, as this is a much safer way to clean your little one than using a sink or shallow adult bathtub. 

In really tight spaces, opt for a foldable baby bath such as the ClevaMama Clevabath, as this provides extra support if you need to use the sink instead of a bath tub - just ensure that the sink is thoroughly cleaned before and after bath time.


Bath accessories

A baby bath thermometer is an excellent investment, relieving you of any worry that the water is too hot or too cold. The Shnuggle pebbly bath thermometer for £17.95 features an easy-to-read heart light to tell you when the temperature is perfect. It can also be used to measure nursery room temperature to ensure your baby is kept comfortable at all times.

shnuggle pebbly bath thermometer

Secondly, a baby brush is an item that should also be added to your checklist. The Shnuggle Bath Baby Brush for £7.95 is designed to help soothe and calm your baby, as well as gently brush away cradle cap or dry skin. Additionally, the brush helps reduce the chance of soapy water getting into the eyes or mouth. 

Bath toys

Bath time can be a fun experience for you and your baby. Adding bath toys can help keep them calm whilst you wash them and promote sensory stimulation and development. The ideal time to introduce bath toys is around 6 months of age, as this is when your baby has better head control and can support themselves easier. 

It is important to keep your bath toys clean to avoid any mould from forming. Ensure you dry the toys thoroughly after use and wash them at least once a week with dish soap to keep germs away.

The Wishy Star Bath Toy from Shnuggle is a fantastic option. The 3-in-1 design makes it one of the best bath toys on the market with sensory lights and textures - the Wishy Star can pour, drizzle, and scoop water to make bathing exciting. Add the Wishy Star Bath Toy to your collection for £8.95.

Wishy star bath toy

Finally, a bath toy bag will make bath time much more manageable. Having all your little one’s favourite toys right there when they need them will help them look forward to bath time. Keeping them in one place will help to avoid any trip hazards and separate bath toys from everyday toys. The Clippasafe Bath Toy Bag features two suction cups which stick to wall tiles and is made of mesh to allow any wet toys to dry easily.

clippasafe bath toy bag

Make a splash with Direct4Baby

With our simple guide bath time will soon become a breeze. Try to bathe your baby 2-3 times a week, and if your little one is a water baby, you can try to introduce a few minutes of bath time or water play each day. If you need further inspiration, browse our collection of bathing and changing essentials to ensure you have everything you need for bath time.